Does Ann Brown suffer from a menopause infection?

     At first I could not believe what I was reading. The Arizona Daily Star actually describe college students as “in the throes of testosterone poisoning.” This from the establishment that recommended a boycott of the Jon Justice Show, claiming it was “anti-immigrant.” It is now clear that Ann Brown and the editorial staff at the Stat are anti-male and sexist. It is bad enough that Brown is the editor of the local paper but she also gets a taxpayer subsidized chance to spew her brand of liberalism on the Arizona Illustrated Friday Roundtable. Perhaps people should boycott KUAT for allowing an agent of intolerance to appear every Friday.

Credit to Espresso Pundit for catching the hateful editorial.


  1. I read it this morning and thought the same thing. What a bigoted remark that is. “Testosterone poisoning”? So it’s poison? I don’t know which one of the “brain trust” wrote that or whether she was in on it but she signed off on that piece of bigoted hate speech.

    Where is Al Sharpton to call her out on the carpet and demand a boycott?

    Well, Ann, this testosterone poisoned person has one thing to say to you: it takes one to know one.

    By the way, my understanding of the guns on campus bill would have put guns in the hands of only teachers (male and female teststerone poisoned teachers, so you insulted them) who have conceal carry permits and students OVER 21, male and female, who have conceal carry permits because

    you have to BE 21 to get the permit

    and a citizen or a legal resident (how come the poor illegal aliens can’t get a CCW permit oooohhh). So Anne and the Star slurred those males and females who would have been legally packing in schools. Maybe she meant that the female could be trusted to do the right thing but males are out of control. What did she mean?

    Ahh, the castration of America. Nice try Ann. Put the knife away for another day.

    But I digress, what a bigot she is. Maybe John Humenik will ask her what the hell she means by that unless he’s too busy trying on dresses. Maybe Nintzel or Buckmaster will. Portillo? Nah, he got de-poisoned.

  2. One name – Galareka Harrison:

    Ann should be demanding the Governor ban all knives on campus.

    And they wonder why people continue to cancel their subscriptions.

  3. So, did they give Ann a smackdown on AZ Illustrated? Or did they all wear dresses?

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