Doctored photo of Governor Brewer inappropriate

Our jaw dropped when we saw this doctored photo of Governor Brewer posted on Blog for Arizona two days ago (at the bottom of this post). We’re not accusing that blogger of modifying it, but somebody obviously did. You can tell just by looking at the hair, which has been tinted an awful greenish color completely unlike her other pictures. Her skin color has been adjusted to exaggerate coloration differences in order to emphasize her wrinkles more. There’s a neat little feature in image editing programs known as “sharpen” which helpfully augments lines and dark colors.  It’s sad that someone has stooped to a level that low to doctor an official’s picture to make them look older and less attractive. To show you what they did to her photo (we could not find the original on the web so we’ve posted it next to a picture taken yesterday at the Obama visit), we did some doctoring to one of Barack Obama’s photos. We aren’t as talented as distorting it as the Brewer graphic artist is, but you get the picture, it’s the photo with rainbow background on the right.

Doctored photo of Governor Brewer

Editors’s Note: Perhaps this photo of Obamessiah would be more appropriate.


  1. ” It’s sad that someone has stooped to a level that low to doctor an official’s picture to make them look older and less attractive.”

    It is sad. Hillary Clinton comes to mind.

  2. WTF

    Is this what you folks here at SA are worried about? Who cares? I guess you do. Petty, petty little people.

  3. Chewie, I know you love to see your name in the top there. This is one of many super lame postings that make you look crazy and cheapen SA as a blog.

    While you lost almost all credibility with your posting on the City of Phoenix and All-Star Weekend, this pretty much puts you over the edge.

  4. BUT, IMAGE is EVERYTHING today. I’ll bet that the economy hasn’t dropped much for the beauty business. ALSO, if image wasn’t EVERYTHING, there would have been no chance of Obama winning the election! He knew it and played it to the hilt. Notice that his popularity is already dropping. It will continue the slide as reality overtakes smooth fork-tongued rhetoric.

    She is still a good looking woman.

  5. Show the original photo and your credibility won’t be in question. Until then, I will question posts of yours that say the sky is blue.

  6. To paraphase your commenters, its OK when Democrats take cheap shots!

  7. I was wondering about that picture…because I thought she looked much better than as seen in that picture.

  8. Kenny Jacobs says

    I don’t blame you for writing about the picture. The article at Blog for Arizona is long. Picture ugly, reading hard.

  9. This is more like it!

    What a great humor site Sonoran Alliance is. This is actually pretty funny.

    As I’ve said before, conservative Republicans have found their niche: as the 21st century equivalent of court jesters.

    Nice going, guys, in recognizing your true talents. Leave intelligent policy posts to smart Democrats on Blog for Arizona, which is almost never able to raise a chuckle with its policy-wonkiness.

  10. AzBlueMeanie says

    It has been brought to my attention that you took offense to the photo of Jan Brewer I used in a blog post. You did not contact me regarding the source of the photo, and I will assume that you did not do any independent research into the photo.

    The photo in question is a news photo which appeared in a side bar to an online news article in the Tucson Citizen several weeks ago. When I copied the photo the photo caption did not also copy (and I did not catch this at the time, my bad).

    In any event, the photo was taken directly from a published news source. It was not “doctored,” “altered,” or “photo shopped” in any way by me. The images I post in blog posts are copied directly from other sources, and where germain to the post I will note a “hat tip.”

    I do not now nor have I ever owned Photo Shop, nor do I have any idea how to use it.

    If you are unhappy with this photo, you can spend your own time researching the Tucson Citizen archives and tracking down the photographer who took this news photo to complain.

    Your false accusation that the photo was altered without ever having contacted me or done any research into the photo exhibits your reckless disregard for the truth. But I guess that is to be expected on this blog site.

  11. It’s hard to take you seriously when you add in the pic of “Obamessiah” at the bottom. Really? You guys need to get over yourselves.

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