Dobson Says “No” To McCain

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In what may be a huge loss to the McCain for President campaign, evangelical Christian leader, James Dobson, announced he would not support a McCain candidacy. (Read article)

In a recent radio interview on the Jerry Johnson show, America’s most prominent evangelical culture warrior stated, “Speaking as a private individual, I would not vote for John McCain under any circumstances.” This should worry the McCain camp given Dobson’s nationwide influence among Christian conservatives.

Much of Dobson’s personal rejection of McCain and even Giuliani stems from statements and votes on marriage, abortion and restrictions on grassroots organizations. James Dobson heads the highly visible and effective Focus on the Family based in Colorado Springs.

How does Dobson’s recent comments affect the prominent Center for Arizona Policy and recent President and Republican candidate for governor, Len Munsil? Considering McCain’s endorsement of both Munsil and the Protect Marriage Amendment, Christian conservatives may be trying to reconcile John McCain with the pro-family, pro-life agenda.

Perhaps an indication may come as early as January 27th when the Arizona State Republican Party elects a new party chairman.

Regardless, this still does not answer the question who will consolidate Christian conservative voters heading into 2008. Senator Sam Brownback and Congressman Duncan Hunter may look great on paper but do not hold the same fundraising advantage as a Governor Mitt Romney. Ultimately, Primaries are won through fundraising but grassroots are equally important and the final question of who can beat the Democrat nominee will affect Republicans as they choose their nominee.


  1. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    And Brownback bailed on conservatives on the border and now on Iraq… It won’t be Brownback!

  2. Nightcrawler says

    Dobson is entitled to his position. He has but one vote. Christian conservatives must be very careful not burn too many bridges. There aren’t many alternative candidates that have a legitimate shot at getting into the White House. DSW is right, we have to choose a candidate who can WIN, even if that person is not exactly our cup of tea. Either that or concede the race to the Democratics. I think Dr. Dobson would prefer McCain to Clinton or Obama, as would most of your readers.

    Forming a separate Conservative Party that will garner a 20 point protest vote just to stick it to the GOP is counterproductive.

    It is not easy being a Conservative in this day. Flexibility, without the abandonment of principle is the only way to truly survive. Demographics are changing. 1980 was great, but will not happen again, the world is a different place now. Stop living in the past.

  3. Snart Voter says

    Has anyone read the fascinating article,titled: The War Within Sen. McCain, in the 1/13/07 issue of the Washington Post? John McCain describes his feelings regarding the decision of the Bush administration to increase troop strength in Iraq.

    Although Bush has embraced McCain’s long-standing insistence to send more troops to Iraq, McCain believes the way the war has been handled, “will go down as one of the worst” mistakes in the history of the American military. “One of the most frustrating things that’s ever happened in my political life,” he said, “is watching this train wreck.”

    Since the old war-horse has consistently advocated this action, one wonders if this “train wreck” would be so egregious if McCain himself had authorized it—from a seat in the Oval Office.

    How do you spell hypocrite?

  4. Snart, McCain said the execution of the war will go down as one of the worst mistakes. How can you argue with that? If we had used overwhelming force, suppressed the enemy, and locked down the border instead of doing the racetrack to Baghdad approach, I think you would see a much more secure situation there. In order to do those things we would have had to use more troops. Nothing hypocritical about that.

  5. If you guys want to win in 2008, you’ll need to put aside the fact that McCain is not the exact right guy for religious conservatives. Brownback won’t be able to win in the general (I don’t even think Romney, Guiliani, or Gingrich will be close to locking up the nomination) because he’ll lose GOP votes over the war and have trouble winning over moderates.

    I think your best bet would be with Mike Huckabee. He’ll get the religious vote and he’ll have tremendous sway over moderates and Independents.

    I saw him on the Daily Show the other day and as a Democrat, I was scared. So, take this advice from a Democrat, you want to win, get behind this guy.

    Why would I, a Democrat, give such advice to you guys? Because as much as I wouldn’t want a Huckabee Presidency, I know a Huckabee candidacy will open up a lot of good dialogue and debate in this country that is badly needed.

  6. Smart Voter says

    Sure thing, Tim!
    Nothing Republicans wwould rather do than take political advice from Democrats!
    Of course we know you have our best interests at heart.

  7. Heard Huckabee on Imus touting his book — he was great and held his own with the I-man. I’m fine with a legitimate alternative to McCain. The Guv. needs to get to work lining up support and $ to become legit.

  8. Smart Voter, that’s cool and then I’ll tell ya “I told you so!” when your other guy loses in 08. 😛


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