Do You Know The Whereabouts of This Man?

The search for Chris Simcox has taken on a whole new dimension.  KFYI has posted this:

KFYI is the radio station that previously employed JD Hayworth.  Simcox is the founder of The Minutemen and most recently paid senior advisor to JD Hayworth, his third wife has hired bounty hunters to find her allegedly violent husband in order to have a Court Order of Protection served after she alleges he held her at gunpoint for hours during an incident in November 2009.  Simcox, described by Hayworth at his kick-off rallies in March 2010 as a close friend, has reportedly been hiding out from the law with another woman. 

 Run-ins with the law and alleged acts of violence are not new to Simcox.  His first wife accused him of trying to molest their daughter but no formal charges were ever filed or was he ever found guilty of such, his second wife filed an emergency motion for full custody of their son after Simcox displayed bizarre and threatening behavior following the 9-11 attacks, and in 2004 a federal judge found him guilty of a firearms violation.

Speculation as to why JD Hayworth has not called for his “good friend” to make himself available to the authorities remains ongoing.

The Arizona Republic publised this release from Fugitive Recovery Services AZ/DC:

The OOP (Order of Protection) demands that Chris Simcox shall not contact Plantiff Alena Simcox or their children except through attorneys or the court, must stay away from their home and must surrender all firearms to the Scottsdale Police Department. Chris Simcox may still be in possession of a firearm, and should be considered Armed & Dangerous. Mr. Simcox is aware of the OOP and is currently evading any form of proper service, and is now considered in-hiding.

FRS of AZ has been retained by Alena Simcox for the purpose of tracking down and locating Chris Simcox and to report that information to local law enforcement so that the OOP can be served upon him without delay.

FRS of AZ is seeking information that would lead to Chris Simcox’s whereabouts so that local law enforcement may properly serve the Order Of Protection. There are no current active Warrants on this subject, apprehension is not required. FRS of AZ asks all concerned citizens to contact us with any detailed information they may have on his exact location, or contact their local law enforcement agency with those details. All contact will remain strictly confidential. A cash reward of $500 is being offered for any information that leads to Chris Simcox being properly served.


Fugitive Recovery Services of Arizona /               602.705.7947         602.705.7947





  1. McCain’s paid staffer Molly Pitcher is resorting to attacking a former volunteer for JD Hayworth, because the McCain team isn’t having any traction attacking JD on the issues. What’s the real story here? An ex-associate of Chris Simcox has created that Wanted poster. Not even law enforcement. Nice try Molly, even the Phoenix New Times figured that out.

    I’ve heard that Simcox is no longer volunteering for the campaign. Nonstory. Yawn.

  2. Jane 001 says

    McCain’s treatment of Cindy

    “F*** YOU! F***, F***, f***, f***, f***, f***, f***, f***, f***, f***, f***!!!”McCain let out the stream of sharp epithets, both middle fingers raised and extended, barking in his wife’s face. He was angry; she had interrupted him. Cindy burst into tears, but, really, she should have been used to it by now.

    People who live in glass houses really shouldn’t throw stones!

  3. Michael Holliday says

    So what, Chris Simcox is an evil genius!

    St. Paul used to murder Christians before his Damascus road experience and subsequent conversion.

    Are you trying to insinuate that JD is tainted by Chris Simcox’s personal issues?

    Chris is a very bright, intense, but unstable guy. A lot of creative, strategic thinkers are.

    Chris needs to get his act together at home and personally and seek forgiveness for his transgressions. Perhaps some counseling is in line.

    But come on people…

    McCain’s people are really stretching the limits of credibility by making JD culpable for the domestic catastrophes of poor Chris.

    I wish Chris the best. My suggestion is Prozac, a good confession for his transgressions, working out his issues with his wife and a good bowl of Chili and Cornbread from Marie Callendars.

    Now go do something with your life…

    There but for the grace of God go you!

  4. Two posts on McCain staffers and their legal troubles followed with a ‘riposte’ on a JD campaign volunteer? paid staffer? Which is it?

    Still, the balance is uneven. McCain IS the senator while JD aspires to be; McCain’s budget and access to Senate resources should mean he can afford extensive background checks, while JD is not in a position at this point to vet everyone who offers to help.
    Everyone’s golden in the job interviews.
    So, not equivalent at all.

  5. Wanted McCain to debate JD – no where to be found. Hey Molly where is McCain’s convicted bundler’s $1.1 million that he rec’d? Mummms the word. Your little game is not working.

  6. Jacklyn M. says

    It’s a story when a paid Senior Adviser to any campaign is on the lam.

    If the shoe were on the other foot, you know DSW and the rest would be POUNDING out posts about it on this blog.

    I just hope it all gets resolved peacefully.

  7. SuzanneC says

    Oh ghee. A McCain cronie as usual. But this way McSlime can say he ahd nothing to do with it.

    Jacklyn, Chris left JD’s campaign a while back. Get your facts straight.

  8. Bears not Nears, corrected.

  9. Michael Holliday says

    Maybe the Maobama administration can give Simcox a pardon.

    Go McDang!

    Go Obamao!

  10. Carl Hay says


    Each post from you is even more pathetic the the previous post!

    Go back to the Democrat Underground, where they share your delusions.

  11. No McCain says

    Desperation is not pretty! The more McCain fundraisers that face indictment, the more frenzied the McCainiacs become! Chris Simcox would be a nobody if the federal govt, and MCCAIN, had enforced the borders years ago. I am grateful that he had the guts to stand up to both parties and bring attention to the border.

  12. Simcox was no ‘volunteer’ for the JD Campaign, I have his last paycheck to prove it. He appears to have been a paid consultant under “Secured Borders Consulting”. No crime in that of course. But I do have the photographs of his wifes battered, bruised face, along wtih the broken doors and walls of their home.

    Simcox still evades service. $500 cash reward that leads to his location for prompt service by LEO.

  13. Ashen #9,
    He was convicted for giving false information (lying) to a Federal officer when questioned if he carried a sidearm and he said no.
    This guy is a loose canon.

  14. Tom Dodson says

    I hope Mr. Simcox can work out his personal issues and if guilty of anything maybe “Charges Would be filed” this time. Somebody is watching too much Hollywood gossip TV and obviously is not aware that spouses in disputes often say things that are a stretch. While unfortunate, people in the public eye have all of their laundry drug out into the open whether true or not. For example, if Senator McCain is found completely innocent of accepting the 1.1 Million in campaign contributions from the Convicted corrupt sham artist Rothstein then I will most certainly apologize for running with the story all over the internet. I will apologize because “Character Matters.” I am somewhat intelligent and will not blame Sarah Palin ( who did campaign appearances with our “Senior Senator” ) for the Rothstein Contributions to McCain. I will not blame Mitt Romney who came here and endorsed Senator McSham and did a scripted townhall appearance with him will not blame. I say we have us a knockdown dragout debate and see who we want to represent us. No I will place the blame for this sick action squarely on Senator McCain. Mr. Simcox, ended his campaign and is no longer running and last I checked, did not contribute 1.1 million in corrupt dollars to the Hayworth campaign. Help me if I missed anything. Sorry Mr. Simcox is having trouble with his marriage and hope everything works out well for the entire family soon.

  15. The problem with Molly P’s post is it’s broadly insinuating guilt by association, smearing JD with Simcox’s actions, which at this point are still alleged and the eye-catching WANTED is a bit misleading. They WANT to serve him a restraining order. This is not an arrest, but it sure is pushed as such.

    How JD handles this is important to evaluating JD’s judgment, not what Simcox does or doesn’t do. The problem is his relationship with his own wife, not with outsiders. As I said above, everyone is golden in the job interview, so who can know until they get on the job? It’s afterwards when behaviors come to light that an organization or a boss are judged – how correctly they managed the problem.

    If JD regretfully severs all ties with Simocx, then what? McCain wants to be forgiven for association with all his prison-bound staff, ie not punished at the polls, but his campaign wants JD to be punished for less.

    Campaign season!

  16. Mark Wiess says

    Both sides are trying to deal with “guilt by association”, which I believe is unfair to both candidates and unwise.

    Judge each candidate on their own merits and you will make a better choice for yourself and for Arizona.

    The only reason JD should be tarnished is if he knew all this was going on and he still stood by Simcox, but I doubt that is true. But then, at the same time, I doubt McCain knew about the problems his contributer was having either.

    Let the significant voting records of both McCain and Hayworth speak for themselves, and we will realize that neither of these candidates is really that conservative. Unfortunately, I find myself trying to decide which is worse, 6 more years of McShame or potentially 18 years of Hayworth???

  17. No one is claiming guilt by association here but the Hayworth crowd. (A little taste of your own medicine?)

    Molly simply asked if Hayworth was going to call Simcox out to make himself available to the authorities who are searching for him.

    The Hayworth supporters are looking like hypocrites if they are willing to overlook the rule of law like this. Is Hayworth a law and order guy or not? We’ll see.


    Thanks for the link Anne. I don’t like going to NewTimes sites, but that was worth the trip. Molly, what a load.

  19. Oh for goodness sakes, it’s clear that the charge against McCain isn’t that he knows Rothstein! His campaign lied emphatically about his association with Scott Rothstein and wife. The charge is nearly three decades of voting for donations, three decades of lying about his record, and three decades of calling other candidates out on deeds he is guilty of himself…i.e. hypocrisy.

  20. Jane, Can you actually make a sentence without using McCain’s name?

    The question is: Will JD Hayworth demand that his “good friend”, Chris Simcox, come forward to present himself to the authorities who are searching for him?

    Simcox was not simply a supporter or a donor to the Hayworth campaign. Hayworth used Simcox to further his campaign. Hayworth sought out and used this man and now we hear silence.

    If Hayworth thinks Simcox is innocent, then he should say that. He should defend his friend. If Hayworth thinks Simcox is guilty, he should stand up and say so. If Hayworth doesn’t know, he should be a leader and say to the man who he used to benefit his campaign that he should come forward and turn himself in and let the legal system work.

    Does Hayworth stand for the rule of law or not?

    By the way, doesn’t it bother you guys that you have had to embrace MSNBC and the New Times in order to defend your chosen celebrity candidate? I bet it will later…

  21. Stephen Kohut says


    And how did McCain do embracing Charles Keating? There are many of us old enough to remember Charles Keating, Lincoln Savings and McCain in it up to the top of his little shiny scalp.

  22. Jane 001 says

    Tsk…tsk…tsk…a little touchy aren’t you Travis. Try not to take things so personally.

  23. Former MCDC says

    FRSofAZ , “Harassment” is your style and your M.O, isnt’ it?

    Your endless spamming and unauthorized of even FORMER MCDC emails were abused by you, in your spewing personal hate for Simcox.

    You’re a hypocrite and a sociopath. People who left the MCDC saw you for what you were. A trouble maker and a loudmouth. Because of your extreme unprofessionalism you lost your election in attempt to get on with the City Council. You just can’t let it rest, can you?

    We’re onto you “FRSofAZ”, you are a phony and should be locked up in the rubber room. Take your p***ing match with Simcox elsewhere.

  24. I just realized who FRSofAZ is… the phoney macho guy with a big ego, a big mouth, and a little brain. He’s been booted out of several organizations.

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