Do Tucson area Dems oppose openness in government?

     An Arizona Daily Star article by Daniel Scarpinato details the opposition of most Southern Arizona Democrats to house CPS reform bills. House Bill 2454 would open the files on children who die while their case is under investigation by CPS. This openness is essential to finding the weaknesses in the system and implementing improvements for the benefit of the next child in need of intervention. The process was even delayed so that the bill could be improved to protect privacy of surviving children and to preserve the integrity of any ongoing investigations. That did not prevent most Tucson Democrats from voting against the bill.

     A former critic of the process, Steve Farley (28,) voted for the bill. Seven other local Democrats, David Bradley (28,) Linda Lopez (29,) Manuel Alvarez (25,) Olivia Cajero Bedford (27,) Phil Lopes (27,) Tom Prezelski (29,) and Nancy Young Wright (26) voted against the reforms.

     Why the opposition to reform? Linda Lopez is employed by CPS contractor La Frontera. Her vote against reform is explained by her well-documented conflict of interest. David Bradley has is in a similar situation as the CEO of La Paloma Family Services. His conflict of interest was exposed by Espresso Pundit. Our sources indicate that the Governor’s office exerted significant pressure to vote against the bill. For loyal partisans like Alvarez, Cajero Bedford, Lopes, and Prezelski it was probably not too difficult to go with the flow. With a safe seat in Central Tucson it is surprising that Steve Farley went against the Governor. Good for him for showing some independence and common sense. Nancy Young Wright may have made the biggest error. She was appointed to he seat in 26 and her lack of support for government reform may not play well in the nominally Republican district. Now that the Governor’s spokesperson is talking nice about the bill the Democrat house caucus is not amused. Look for more party friction if the Governor signs the bill.

     This protection of the status quo and lack of openness in government comes on the heals of the Governor’s press conference where she unloads on the Treasurer for informing the public about the current situation. No wonder Espresso Pundit thinks things are not all bad for Republicans in 2008.


  1. Democrats will always oppose openness when they are the ones making the decisions. It is better they make the decisions in private, then just tell the un-educated masses what their divine insight told them.


    Way to call it out.

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