Dixville Notch Vote In!

The voters of Dixville Notch, New Hampshire, have spoken and the winners are:

John McCain Р4
Mitt Romney – 2
Rudy Giuliani – 1

Barak Obama – 7
John Edwards – 2
Bill Richardson – 1

SA Prediction: Hillary is DONE.


  1. I concur with the SA prediction regarding Hillary. I don’t share the animosity some feel, but I don’t want her in the White House.

    Mitt Romney also needs to fold. My opinions of him are posted elsewhere.

    McCain needs to put serious points on the board this week, and I hope he does.

    You know better than me, but I lack any sense that Giuliani will come charging onto the scene. I smell meltdown. By all means correct me if I’m missing something.

    I think we are looking at Obama vs. McCain and fully acknowledge it’s an early dart on a distant board.

  2. SonoranSam says

    X4mr nailed it…now the media will briefly turn its limited attention span to Mike Bloomberg, and the “Bloomberg Boomlet” over an independent presidential campaign.

    Will that one have legs? Doubtful, but we’ll see.

  3. This is so far from over for more than Hillary! South Carolina will go for Obama but Nevada is strong Clinton. Super Tuesday could split and bring everybody back to the middle.

    The movement on one side or the other will definitely influence the vote. We are in for highs and lows all around.

  4. I guess you were wrong, but you had a lot of company.

  5. This is very much anyone’s nomination to win or lose. The multiple variables that come out of money and the press, delegate count of each state, fickle voters, and the uncontrollable issues of the world can change anything at anytime.

    I said previously this is a marathon not a sprint. Perhaps it is better compared to a relay race; leg by leg. But, who knows when someone will drop the baton, move out of their lane, or pull a hamstring.

    Gotta love it! Only in America!

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