District 26 debate.

     District 26 Republicans debated last night. As we predicted back in July of 2007, the house primary is fairly congenial while the senate primary is a smack down.

     The three house candidates, Trent Humphries, Marilyn Zerull, and Vic Williams, were first up at 6:00 pm. Trent has been studying up and it showed. He was quick on the issues and also had a good mix of free-market solutions combined with a focus on working for Southern Arizona. Many said that Trent was the best of the three.

     Marilyn opened strong and had a good closing statement. She did not seem to do as well as Trent during the middle of the event but certainly better than Vic. Her strategy is not based on coming in first in debates. She has a strong ground game running as a mainstream conservative. Marilyn needed to be credible and she accomplished that.

     The standout of the house debate was Vic. He stumbled right off the bat on a simple question. Things did not get much better from there. Both Trent and Marilyn had fumbled in previous appearances but tonight was prime time with a huge media turnout and the video tape running. Not a good night to choke.

     We covered the senate debate last week so we will link to a detailed story by Jim Nintzel from Scramblewatch ’08.

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