Dirty tricks in Cochise County

Sources in Sierra Vista tells us that 2 Democrats were cited for pulling down the signs of a Republican candidate and replacing them with anti 102 and 105 signs. Sierra Vista police found 7 signs inside the suspects’ vehicle and charged them with violating ARS 16-1019. Early information indicates that one of the anti 102 and 105 sign sponsors is the Professional Firefighters of Arizona. They are not doing very well with signage this year. Most of their candidates suffered defeat in the primary and now some of their sign installers are arrested for criminal violations. I wonder if they have considered just sticking to collective bargaining on behalf of their members instead of getting involved in politics.


  1. The results of dirty tricks have been well reported over time. It is encouraging that someone or some two have gotten nailed for a change. Kudos to alert citizens.

  2. Who? Where? When?

    Cited? Where’s the police or sheriff’s report? Until we see some facts, this could just be more SA BS.

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