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Here is a guest editorial from Frank Antenori, legislative candidate for House of Representatives from LD 30*.

Gimmicks, Gambling and Down Right Thievery

Frank Antenori

Republican Candidate LD 30 State House

With the slowdown of the economy and the rising costs of gasoline and food, Arizonans are looking for ways to cut back on personal spending. They’re dining out less, running only essential errands and some will even forego the traditional summer vacation and opt for the less expensive “stay-cation” just to stick to their household budget.

But while most of us are tightening our fiscal belts to make ends meet, your State Legislators and Governor are scheming for ways to continue their exorbitant, out of control spending at your expense.

As of right now, a tentative budget agreement has them proposing to spend over $11 Billion, with only $9.1 Billion in state revenue. That means they’re spending more money than we have, almost $2 Billion more. How can they spend more money than what is in the general fund you ask?

I’ll tell you. With unconstitutional bonding gimmicks, expanding state sponsored gambling, and by expropriating the money from separately funded state agencies.

To make up for the 21% in overspending, the Legislature will use $1 Billion in unconstitutional borrowing and “other financial maneuvers” that will result in $83 million a year in debt payments. If that’s not enough, they “hope” more Arizonans will gamble away their money on the state lottery or get caught speeding to make up the shortfall.

To top it all off, they plan on “sweeping” funds from the Arizona Game and Fish Department, the State Parks Department and other independently funded state agencies. The funding for these departments is not generated by tax revenue, does not come from the general fund and is not appropriated by the legislature. These departments get their funding from Arizona sportsmen and outdoor recreationists via the purchase of hunting, fishing, boating and off highway vehicle licenses and camping fees.

The money is supposed to be used for game species habitat protection, State Park facilities maintenance, boat launch construction, and State Lake improvements. Instead of balancing the budget with the money available in the general fund, they’re stealing it from Arizona’s outdoorsmen.

It is time to put an end to this by electing leaders that will stand up for the one constituency that gets little notice, the taxpayer. Leaders that will adhere to fiscal conservative principles by eliminating non-essential government programs, holding state agencies accountable for wasteful spending and sticking to our State’s Constitution to Balance the Budget.

Taxpayers deserve State Representatives that will work hard to prevent State Government from raiding other accounts and raising your taxes. Let’s put Arizona back on a sound fiscal foundation by electing principled, fiscal conservatives this November.

Frank Antenori is a retired U.S. Army Special Forces veteran that fought in Iraq and Afghanistan, a published author and a candidate for the Arizona State Legislature in District 30.

*Publication of this editorial is not meant as an endorsement of the author but rather an opportunity for candidates to directly reach our audience.


  1. Would like to hear from the other legislative candidates on this issue. Antenori has got an excellent point. How does a Democrat governor support a raid the fish and game and state parks budgets…I thought the left was all about environmentalism? I guess only when it suits them, just like Al Gore’s electricity usage dichotomy with his “let’s all use less energy” hypocricy.

    Every candidate for the legislature should sound off on the budget issue so that we know who we are electing and so that there is something on the record to hold them to should they be elected.

    Well stated Mr. Antenori

  2. Duke the Dog says

    Holy Cow! What the heck is going on in Phoenix?

    Who the hell voted for this? They should be tarred and feathered, then drawn and quatered.

    Where’s my Indian costume and that case of British tea????

  3. ….and the hits (to your pocketbook) just keep on coming.

    I’ve had it up to here with public funding for sports teams. This bright idea has come and gone. Players getting rich, owners getting rich, and we have to cough up the dough to enable this farce. If it’s such a damn good investment then let the owners raise money and get a return on their own investment. We’re already paying 1/2 cent sales tax to fund a sham tranportation plan that includes no freeways that was passed in a crooked election. Tell you legislator to jam this latest sales tax increase or you’ll arrange for him or her to have plenty of free time to watch spring training. Enough of this nonsense. If you’ve ever rented a car or stayed in a hotel in Phoenix or Tucson, you see the ridiculous taxes that are already assessed on tourists….now they want to soak them more, include restauarants, OR hit us all with a higher sales tax (again).

    The situation in Arizona is particularly bad because one Arizona city cannibalizes the teams from another. Peoria or Glendale pulled one on us with the Sox. So we’ll be paying a higher sales tax (that will never go away) and have some other city poaching the D Backs or Rockies. We’ve got a great built in asset for spring training: the climate. That should be enough.

    If it’s such a good business model, then they should invest their own money. Somebody please tell me that I’m wrong. Sales tax increase….arrrgh. Sales tax and “Huckleberry” in the same sentence….hold on to your wallet and don’t bend over to pick anything up.

  4. GOP Spartan says

    Time to start holding people accountable for their actions.

    These guys (and Gals) are out of control.

    We need a clean slate filled with “Old School” Republican candidates not these NeoCon, Compassionate RINO, tax and spenders.

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