Despite BAMN opposition, AZ Civil Rights Initiative turns in 100,000+ extra signatures

Arizona Civil Rights Initiative Submits over 330,000 Signatures to the Secretary of State
“Arizona citizens will have the chance to vote for fairness and equality in November”

Today the Arizona Civil Rights Initiative (AzCRI) submitted over 330,000 signatures to the Secretary of State, more than 100,000 over the state requirement.

Andrew Thomas, Maricopa County Attorney and Chairman of AzCRI stated, “The Arizona Civil Rights Initiative is vitally important for Arizona. Our government should be promoting equality for everyone, instead they are using a divisive system of racial and gender preferences. I am pleased that Arizona citizens will have the chance to vote for fairness and equality in November.”

He continued, “In just over 3 months we collected over 330,000 signatures from Arizona voters. That number certainly underscores the public’s desire to end programs that grant preferences based on race. I believe in November the voters of Arizona will overwhelmingly pass the Arizona Civil Rights Initiative.”

Max McPhail, Executive Director, added, “Arizona is one of 23 states that allow the citizens to petition the government directly through ballot initiatives. Watching the democratic process unfold is inspiring.” McPhail continued, “Unfortunately, we had to make special arrangements for the signature submission to the Secretary of State because BAMN, a radical organization from Michigan and California threatened to disrupt the official turn-in in the same manner that they used to disrupt circulators and signers for the last several weeks.”

The Arizona Civil Rights Initiative is dedicated to giving the people of Arizona the opportunity to end preferential treatment based on race, sex, ethnicity or national origin by state or local governments. AzCRI will make Arizona a place of equal opportunity for all, not a state that uses discrimination as a tool to create “diversity.” Achieving “diversity” should never be an excuse to discriminate.

Contact: Max McPhail


  1. Grats on turning in the signatures! After watching the vids on this site, on BAMN’s site, and on YouTube, I don’t really blame you for taking precautions in turning in signatures by special arrangement. I’m happy that their bold-faced lies about WHO supports ACRI did not dissuade enough voters from signing the petitions to get ACRI on the ballot. I’m confident that ACRI will be on the ballot despite challenges of signatures and signature gatherers by BAMN. And when it DOES appear on the ballot, I’m gonna do a little dance at BAMN’s failure. And when it passes, I’m gonna have to be awful thankful and profoundly pleased that BAMN has failed. And when BAMN’s lawsuit challenging ACRI is tossed out on its ear, I’m gonna cheer.

    Too bad it would be unconstitutional to bar non-Arizona BAMN organizers from entering Arizona. I triple dog dare BAMN to post in this thread. I’m gonna put BAMN on BLAST if they do, the inveterate liars! PLEASE, make my day! Post more lies here, BAMN!

  2. “‘Achieving diversity’ should never be an excuse to discriminate.”

    Yeah, because when you think about it, when have white people ever had a chance for advancement in this country?

    [rolls eyes]

  3. Kralmajales says

    I used to feel the same as the people who turned in these signatures. I was terribly and utterly wrong. Affirmative action should certainly not be quotas, but to think that White people are being discriminated against is hooey.

    It is funny that most responsible corporations have changed their minds about diversity, have implemented affirmative action programs on their own, while some in society want government to go backwards.

  4. Kralmajales says

    Oh…one of you need to be sure to vote for this initiative…to cancel my “NO” vote.


  5. Kralmajales says the way…although I doubt this will change anyone’s mind. This measure will prohibit minority based scholarships offered by our state universities. They were used to help provide opportunity to underrepresented students who might have grown up in some households that did not value higher education. They also provided the opportunity to achieve a diverse classroom where issues of race, gender, and some of the differing perspectives of different cultures interacted.

    The result of these measures in other states….call it fair if you want…led to a dramatic drop in applications and acceptances of minority students in state universities. In others, where state universities tried to find other ways to help achieve diversity and provide opportunity, they spent much much more of the public’s money.

    Man…I am lilly white and am from West Virginia. Check it out…economic opportunity is pretty damned low there. I made it…but I made it with a LOT of help. Some people don’t have that.

    But I also used to think that minorities would steal my opportunity, that affirmative action would get me down, and that I was somehow more disadvantaged by the program.

    Somehow this poor white guy from West Virginia, still got into college, still worked hard through school, still got a scholarship here and there, and student loans, and still ended up doing pretty damned well in a profession that values diversity more than any other.

    Maybe its just me, but Im no longer afraid of affirmative action.

  6. “Oh…one of you need to be sure to vote for this initiative…to cancel my “NO” vote.”

    Mine too.

  7. La Migra says

    Consider it done, Klute…consider it done.

  8. …that one day, all men will be judged by the content of their character…

    The greatest commercial for the Civil Rights Initiative ever written. Thank you Max McPhail and Ward Connerly for paying a lot more than lip service to Dr. King’s words.

    Klut and Kral and bamn aren’t satisfied with getting away from color yet. Fortunately, a majority of the voters are.

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