Desperate Dems send out campaign mailers for LIBERTARIAN candidate

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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Since the Democrats can’t get any more votes for Harry Mitchell, they’re supporting the Libertarian candidate, hoping he might be able to siphon votes from David Schweikert 

Democrats‘ barrage of last-minute campaign mailers bizarrely promote Libertarian Nick Coons because he’s the most “conservative” candidate

First two former Democrat Party chairs put up signs all over town pretending to represent a conservative taxpayers organization, urging voters to vote against Arizona’s ballot propositions – propositions which most conservative voters support except one or two. Now, the Democrat Party is pretending to support the most conservative candidate in Arizona’s CD5 Congressional race, and telling Arizona’s voters to support the most conservative candidate – who isn’t even the most conservative candidate, he is Libertarian and supports plenty of non-conservative positions like legalizing prostitution and drugs. Really despicable deception. The Democrats are so desperate to win they are pretending to be conservative and fool voters. Don’t be fooled, they are lying to voters. Their tactics are contemptible and expose who they really are. At the bottom of each of these campaign flyers is a small disclaimer that says “Paid for by the Arizona Democratic Party.”

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  1. They sent out flyers in CD 8 for the Libertarian also. Does the AZ Democratic Party not like Obama Care? It’s repeal is mentioned in both ads. I thought the Dems liked the plan, it’s good for the country (except they won’t run on it).

  2. Got one from the Arizona Democratic Party advocating for the Libertarian in CD3 this morning.

  3. “it’s good for the country”


  4. Does the “American Post-Gazette” find news or just lift it off other blogs and call it their own? Give some credit to Patterson for this.

  5. This whole thing looks super pathetic by dems since its being done in the final week like this… If they had been pushing this type of narrative that these GOP candidates aren’t conservative enough it might have worked on a few people…and I do mean a very few people… Buts its kind of hard to believe when giffords calls kelly dangerous one day and then NOT conservative enough the next day…

    Although I will say I never liked Quayle he just used his dads name ID here and called obama the worst president. I kinda hope he loses…

  6. Dems are in deep S…t!

    They have absolutely no issues to run on and the smearing isn’t working!

    Now they’re spending their own cash to peel off votes from the GOP to other political entities.

    Perhaps a return to Jefferson, Jackson and Cleveland is in order.

    Wilson, FDR, LBJ and Saul Alinksy and the Frankfurt School are no longer cutting it!

  7. Cute last minute trickery. Assume the Republicans are perplexed over their candidates and then suggest to conservatives that the real conservatives are the Libertarians. Seems like the Dems using the Libertarians as their “green party” candidates.
    The ploy might have had more effect had the Dems done it two weeks ago rather than the last minute. I agree with others, it is a last minute effort by a party that may be grasping for votes.

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