Representative Mark DeSimone to Resign

Sources are telling us that Representative Mark DeSimone will resign. Details are still sketchy and we do not know if he will resign immediately or just not run again.

The sad reality of Emily DeRose’s attack-dog, scorched-earth attacks on Republicans is that she and Democrats have set a standard so high that no one can live up to it. DeSimone is a casualty of the acrid tone set by his own party.


  1. Grevious says

    He beat up his wife you nitwit. Beating up your wife is a violation of a new standard made up by the Democrats?

    I can’t believe that you would exploit the suffering of a woman, her children, and her family to make something up to attack the other side for.

  2. “a standard so high that no one can live up to it”


    Sweet Jeebus, are you kidding me? Since when is not beating your wife a high standard?

    You need help.

  3. Typical Democrat response for you. The Democrat beats up his wife and then the conservatives get attacked for “exploiting an abused woman.” Wasn’t that the Bill Clinton strategy of the best defense is a good offense?

    Give it a rest Grevious, you lefties are on a timeout for the moment. He did wrong, you lose a seat, best you live with it and move on.

    Let’s say a prayer for the wife and for Mark himself. We weren’t there, but clearly there are issues that need to be worked out by him and by them. Keep them in your prayers.

  4. Sonoran Alliance says

    Previous to Emily’s attack mode, DeSimone would have immediately entered “treatment” for some sort of addiction, pledged to stop beating his wife, and returned for the next session. We are only following the tone set by DeRose to its logical conclusion. The current state Democrats are like those behind French Revolution, they end up turning on themselves.

  5. Kids? Quick call CPS so they can remove the little ones from the home. Kids are much safer with complete stangers than with their parents.

  6. Sonoran Alliance says

    Now before anyone accuses Sonoran Alliance of only reporting on Democratic “crash and burns,” let us remond you that we covered the stories of Trish Groe, Russ Jones, Larry Craig and Mark Foley – all Republicans.

  7. Sonoran Sam says

    “Previous to Emily’s attack mode, DeSimone would have immediately entered “treatment….”

    Yeah, kinda like, oh, let me see….TRISH GROE.

    I offer no excuse or pardons for domestic violence. Apparently neither does DeSimone, who apparently has enough good sense to resign. That is the right thing to do.

    However Trish Groe, in the grand tradition of Rick Renzi and Larry Craig, is still in office and even is seeking re-election.

    Republicans long ago lost their absurd claim to being the “family values” party.

  8. Touche’ Sonoran Sam.

  9. George Brannon says

    Trish Groe did not have the honor to resign. Too bad for her constituents and too bad for her family. Every time she votes we are reminded that she posed a threat of death to everyone around her for 200 miles.

    Mark, hopefully, will have enough honor to remove himself from the public eye and try to rebuild his family life. But, his angry outburst can not be defended. He should have left his house before it got to that.

  10. Sonoran Alliance says

    Enough on Trish! Get back to the topic!

    The good news for Republicans is that Jon Altmann will be the next State Representative elected to District 11.

  11. Amazing. This guy gets trashed, beats up his wife in front of his kid, and suddenly it is about someone else.

    Can you imagine how bad it must have been for her to call, knowing what it would mean. Too bad his child was also in the house to witness dad pop mom a good one. Multiple victims and tragic.

    Regardless of the “could of” and “should of” in other situations used as a red herring, there weren’t any. Self inflicted wounds…. maybe.

    The real story here is being human is not a red or blue affliction.

  12. Now they can ask at the debate the old gag question “have you stopped beating your wife”?

  13. Bitter Bible Clinger says

    Renzi didn’t resign however this blog gave him no comfort. If this De Simone class act does not resign, I expect all the Democratic Party flaks to put the same pressure on him to resign that they put on Renzi to resign. If they don’t call for his immediate resignation, yep you got it, hypocrites. Come on you guys, let’s drop the “human tragedy” crap and call on him to resign immdeiately. Come on you hypocrites.

  14. “Roughing up” your spouse is not part of being a good role model. We should have better than that in the state house. HOWEVER, has he violated the public trust with regards to being a state representative, as Renzi has been accused of doing?

  15. Why does the point continue to be moved from the story of Mark DeSimone and pointed to whatever Republican behavior can be drudged from the past? So, does that make it right or is this simply keeping score?

    We have this guy but look who you have! To be sure, there was much discussion of each issue raised here when the stories where fresh. This is your turn, take your medicine.

    Once again, this is a tragic situation. A family is disturbed but hopefully not destroyed. Was he right to resign? Whether it was the use of alcohol, anger issues, or the combination of both but the physical assault of another…yes he was. Perhaps he knows more of his demons than we do or the genesis of friction that caused the blow-up. But, he knew the public eye would be on him when he chose to run for the $24K a year job. He, and his fellow lawmakers, is not immune from that.

    This may be the time to once again suggest we pay our legislators a living wage. In what was one of the longest sessions in history, under terrible budgetary circumstances and extreme party polarity, in an election year, in the middle of the Phoenix summer, some poor schmuck who stood up to serve his community for a pittance while continuing to work his real job trying to keep food on the table at the same time and…maybe it just got to him….and her.

  16. Sonoran Sam says

    Ann, SA et al:

    No one who has posted on this blog condones DeSimone. I happen to think he should resign, and I expect him to do so.

    If he doesn’t, I’ll add my voice to the chorus.

    PS – If I were Altmann I wouldn’t be picking out an office at 100 W. Washington.

  17. Altmann is a strong conservative and he deserves to be in office! Congrats Jon and I believe you will make an excellent state legislature! Go Altmann!

  18. Sonoran Sam says

    PS – Now that we’ve made it clear that no one defends DeSimone…

    Why was no loud demands for Groe to resign?

    And THAT brings me back to my original point – DeSimone has enough class to resign, while your typical Republican dirt bag (Groe, Renzi, Craig and so on) refused to do the right thing.

  19. OK Sam…Different situation, different outcome, different people.

    Groe…sought treatment, took her legal recourse, and will face the voters. In reality, she bears the scars of her transgressions.

    Renzi…has adamantly declared his innocence and has yet to have his day in court. I would hope innocent until proven guilty is still the rule of law.

    Craig…what a bozo! Can’t do anything but say he is a one goofy dude and the fellow R’s in the Senate have more than agreed!

    So, what about Jefferson? He is running for reelection! OMG!! The guy gave a whole new meaning to cold cash. Pelosi would have given this guy the committee chair on Homeland Security!!!!!! Help me to understand that one….

    What about Slick Willy…. a lifetime of deception and deceit at taxpayer expense no less.

    Is there a need to go back as far as Chappaquiddick?

    The point is this; poor judgment is often the downfall of many a human. Certain individuals have used it for purposes of promotion and then choose a different attitude when the shoe clearly fits. The new Mrs. over at the AZ Dem offices is a clear case in point.

  20. Ann,

    C’mon. “I would hope innocent until proven guilty is still the rule of law.”

    So, you believe Mark deSimone should wait for his day in court before resigining? Because if you’re willing to extend that to Renzi, then I don’t see how you can’t extend the same courtesy to deSimone. And especially with Jefferson – Renzi and him are basically accused of the same form of corruption, Renzi was just less obvious about it.

    Your problem is the “d” after his name, not the crime. And this whole thing about “Well, Republicans MEAN well and they should be held less accountable because at least they tried” does… not… fly…

    Me personally, I believe they all should resign. I believe in the British way of doing things – when there’s a whiff of impropriety, step down (an yes, that extends to Clinton).

    And Sonoran Alliance, this:

    “The sad reality of Emily DeRose’s attack-dog, scorched-earth attacks on Republicans is that she and Democrats have set a standard so high that no one can live up to it.”

    Is just confusing… I think not beating your wife is a pretty low standard that everyone should be able to hit.

  21. George Brannon says

    Groe is an issue. As a Republican, I am insulted that she “went to treatment”, but remained in office. She posed a death threat to so many people. A bit more serious than a wack on the face, don’t you think.

    DeSimone will resign. He has to, it was a terribly wrong thing to do.

    Groe should have resigned. She was .15 after having been driving for 200 miles without drinking. How bad off was she in Phoenix when she departed. Thank God no one died from her crime, but it would have been more honorable for her to resign – and, anyone who argues differently wants different results depending on the party. I don’t. I want her to face the music through her own sense of honor. Too bad she has so little.

    We’ll see on DeSimone. But, to the hypocrites posting on this message – where is your sense of right? Oh, I know. This is about DeSimone, not human character. My mistake.

  22. As to Renzi and Jefferson; Renzi (R) was stripped of all committees by House leadership and Jefferson (D) was offered chair of most the most sensitive by Pelosi.

    If you will read my posts, I have not ever stated DeSimone should resign. Until he has the benefit of a fair trial I think he is accountable to his family, his party, and the voters. His own conscience should decide and if that decision is not sufficient, the voters surely would. Such is the case with Trish Groe.

    This is not a new debate.

    Should the senior Senator from Massachusetts have the longevity he does? Or were the voters correct in returning him, again and again? Should he have resigned and distanced himself from public service?

    The original premise continues to be lost in the debate over which is blacker, kettle or pot and the point that Mrs. DeRose seems to think her brand of attacks makes her gray.

  23. Sonoran Alliance says

    The issue is not about who should resign. If Groe resigns and keeps driving under the influence then the state is worse off. If she has sought out treatment and no longer drinks then why not let her continue to serve as long as the voters want her to.

    Likewise if DeSimone resigns and keeps slapping around his wife then no progress has been made. He should get treatment for anger and drinking. If he wants to remain in the legislature that is up to the voters. The issue, as with Groe, is to practice sobriety.

    Sonoran Alliance is not calling for DeSimone or anyone else to resign. Given recent events though it may be time for the Democrats to take down their crAZy web site.

  24. BINGO!!!!!

  25. Just Win Baby says

    Amen to that…

    And does anyone know if DeSimone has resigned yet? I thought he was resigned right after he got out of jail. Any word on that yet?

  26. The session is over, it is weeks until the primary. My guess is they will withhold until they can work on the legitimacy of a replacement that even possible?

  27. SonoranSam says

    For those of you who don’t read the Republic….

    State Rep. Mark DeSimone, arrested late last week on charges related to domestic violence said he will leave his legislative post, but did not specify when.

    “This is a very difficult time for both my family and myself,” the freshman Democrat said in a statement released by his attorney over the weekend. “Because my family is my priority, I intend to resign from the state House of Representatives”

  28. I wonder why he hasn’t done so yet? To answer Ann’s question, I believe the ballots have been printed for the primary, so they can’t replace him there anyway. They might be able to run a write-in candidate for the second spot, but it might even be too late to file as a write-in. Does anyone know that deadline?

    Does DeSimone continue to get paid in the meantime? I assume he does…

  29. Kralmajales says

    Trish Groe didn’t resign…called it a sickness or something.

    That said, he should be prosecuted, as Trish Groe should be.

    And if a conviction is the end result (for either) then a resignation is quite appropriate.

  30. George Brannon says

    Well, Groe was convicted.

    She did not resign. It was, after all, just a little misdemeanor – nothing really serious. A little jail time, a little “rehabilitation, a little ignoring the issues – no need to resign.

    Drive drunk and you’re likely to kill someone. Would you guys be so light with her if she had just been randomly firing a gun in the air? What she did do was even more dangerous than that.

    She should quit.

  31. The Count says

    The deadline for filing write-in petitions is 7.24

  32. Mike Spelman says

    Sonoran Alliance says on 6/28 that the good news for Republicans is that Jon Altmann will be the next State Representative…..

    I have news for you….this Republican wouldn’t vote for Altmann if he were running against an axe murderer! I am a neighbor of his and I will tell you (in my humble opinion) that he is a narcissistic, egomaniac and will do and say anything to get elected.

  33. Neighbor says

    I am a neighbor of Mike Spelman’s – he is nasty man. He slaps his daughter in the face because she won’t wear her retainer. He is the VEEP of a HOA that sues old people and veterans – and lost!!! He is vendetta crazied HOA nut! John Altmann is one of the few with the guts to stand up to intimidators like Spelman.


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