DeSimone finally resigns

The Arizona Capital Times is reporting in story dated July 24 that Democrat State Representative DeSimone submitted his resignation on Thursday. The resignation by Democrat DeSimone follows an incident in which his wife called 911. The police arrested DeSimone for domestic violence when they arrive at his house.

The Capital Times story quotes DeSimone as stating that he did not hit his wife:

I have never struck my wife and any allegations to the contrary are false. Unfortunately, there was a family dispute that became public and has caused unnecessary pain to my children.

The Democrats have selected Dr. Eric Meyer to run on the Democrat ticket in LD 11.

Here is a timeline of the case.

11/7/06 DeSimone elected to the Arizona House of Representatives.

6/27/08 DeSimone arrested and charged with domestic violence.

6/27/08 Sonoran Alliance breaks the news that DeSimone will resign.

7/9/08 Tape of the DeSimone 911 call released.

7/10/08 Democrats select Dr. Meyer to run in place of DeSimone.

7/24/08 DeSimone resigns.


  1. Right. Didn’t strike her? I’ve heard that line before.

  2. Burr Mahn says

    You know that’s right.

  3. Just Win Baby says

    So what took so long?

  4. Tray F. Ectah says

    DeSimone, Pearce and Berman. These things always happen in 3’s.

  5. Innocent until proven guilty. Ever heard that? I don’t know the guy and have no idea what he’s like but are you all just making assumptions? I do know of an incident that got heated, police called, and the woman went to jail. She never hit him but went to jail for DV all the same.

  6. Breaking news? says

    “6/27/08 Sonoran Alliance breaks the news that DeSimone will resign.”

    Wow – since when did breaking news mean that you copied what someone else had already been reporting for hours? Sonoran was actually well behind the curve on this one. “Sources” like KTAR had been reporting DeSimone’s resignation for hours by the time the author posted. Even the Republic beat you to it.

    Way to take credit for other people’s work.

  7. Well, you’re no fun. Maybe we were the first blog to cover the story.

  8. I dunno Brian, did they put him in the same place they put Ken Bennett’s kid?

    Oh, wait. The Republican kid got off scott free.

  9. Oh wait, they’re both Republicans. That’s even more awesome.

    Family Values!

  10. And what about Speaker Jim Weiers’ friend Art Vitasek? You know,the *. What ever happened to him.

    *Please do not make these types of statements without providing a link as evidence. Thank you. The Editors.

  11. Google “Art Vitasek” and you’ll find all the evidence you want. He was featured on “America’s Most Wanted”.

  12. Big Sister says

    Move on to some “new” news will ya!

  13. You all are not watching carefully. A second Dem – Phoenix attorney Jon R. Hulburd entered the LD11 House race as a Dem Write-in.

    If Republicans want the seat back – they need to get behind BOTH Adam Driggs and Jon Altmann.

    Altmann is gaining ground – got the Arizona Chamber endorsement along with others.

  14. Jan Brewer’s son Ronald will be some new news. It’s an old story but never before been reported. It will be soon!

  15. Big Sister says

    Brian is apparently a hit and run kinda guy. Lowlife coward. Must be a dumbocrat.

  16. I am out of ideas for pseudonyms says

    I looked up Eric Meyer on the AZ Medical Board website. He’s not currently licensed. What is that all about?

  17. He is not currently a practicing physician; his wife is also a physician who stayed home with the children previously, he is now being a Mr. Mom. Nothing sinister.

  18. confused says

    Art Vitasek? Eric Meyer? Jan Brewer’s son Ronald? What did I miss? Were some comments deleted?
    Will SA press for Pearce’s resignation, too?


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