Dennis Cahill – What a Jackass!

Here’s the YouTube of Meg Burton-Cahill’s husband, Dennis Cahill, making an ass out of himself. This occurred at a Democrat rally in Tempe on Sunday in which a few college Republicans peacefully attended and held up signs in support of Republicans.

As you can see this Democrat – married to an elected Democratic official – showed his true nature.

Imagine if this had been a Republican rally and Democrats had crashed the rally? There would have been mass chaos and near rioting as Democrats lose self-control.

Brings to mind a challenge I’ve heard before. If a liberal were to park their car with all kinds of liberal bumperstickers in the deep south AND a conservative were to park their car in Berkeley California or for that matter, Tempe, which car would receive the most vandalism?

I wish I had hope in some people but these people really are wacked!


  1. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    To this day, Dennis Cahill still wonders why he lost the race for Mayor in Tempe…

    Gee, I wonder…

  2. I couldn’t understand the audio.

    Why go to another group’s candidate rally with signs for the opposing party’s candidate? What purpose does that serve? What positive outcome is to be expected?

  3. I get the impression that Mr. Cahill was upset with those holding the Munsil signs? As long as the Munsil people were not disrupting the rally, the Democrats [including Mr. Cahlil?]should just ignore them.

  4. redcardphreek says

    Democrats would have been kept a mile away in ‘free speech zones’ if this was a Repug rally

  5. Was this a pro abort – baby killer rally for the dems???

  6. The College Republicans were present at the Democrat’s rally to show support for our candidates and to let the Dems know that Tempe/District 17 has strong Republican support.

    We were very respectful of the organizers; we stood to the back of the crowd and held our signs. We made no comments during the speeches or anytime before or after the event.

    Mr. Cahill and the woman you see in the video were the most disruptive in the audience. I had to tell them numerous times to be quiet and to be respectful of the speakers.

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