Dems launch frivolous complaint against Len Munsil

Howard Fischer, the roving reporter always looking for an opportunity to journalistically trash a conservative, wrote a story on Thursday in conjunction with Democrats trying to drum up negative publicity. Dems erroneously allege that Len Munsil spent more of his seed money than he had on hand in the bank.

Fischer writes:

He said finance reports filed by Munsil showed the campaign had spent virtually all the money it had by late April. And Munsil didn’t get his public financing until May 5.The reports also show the campaign had paid consultant Vernon Parker’s company $2,000 in March and $2,500 in May, but nothing in April. And consultant Nathan Sproul got $5,400 in February, $5,000 in March, $1,000 in April and $6,000 in May.

Waid ’ s complaint said that suggests two possibilities: The consultants gave away services in April when Munsil was out of money, which would be an illegal in-kind contribution, or they performed services in April knowing they would be paid when public financing came through in May. That, however, would violate laws prohibiting candidates from incurring debt when they don’t have money.

Sproul and Parker didn’t respond to questions about billing practices. 


Good grief! Did it ever dawn on the Dems or Howie that maybe no services were performed in April?

This reminds me of the old axiom I heard during the 1992 Democratic National Convention in which they characterized right-wing conservative Christians as people sitting around worrying and complaining that someone out there was having a good time. The one difference is that this time it’s the Democrats sitting around complaining that Len Munsil’s campaign is spending money it doesn’t have.

Did it ever dawn on them that maybe Len Munsil was out working the grassroots without the services of a consultant? Did they stop to think that maybe Nathan Sproul was dedicated during the month of April to getting the Protect Marriage Amendment on the ballot.

You know, it is possible to go out and campaign without spending a whole lot of money. All you have to do is ask Don Goldwater.

The issue here is that Democrats are looking for a story to go after the leading candidate for Governor. They figure why not file a “shot in the dark” complaint against Len Munsil and get some press from it. Howard Fischer is always available.

This is simply another case of Democrats looking to grow a story with willing media.

C’mon Howie, the next time Dems come to you, ask them for a little proof before you put pen to paper.  

P.S. – The last time I checked the Clean Elections Commission did not have any legal jurisdiction over how a company handles its books. I would have done the same thing that Nathan Sprould did except said, “It’s none of your business.”

P.P.S. – One final note. Ask anyone who knows Len Munsil and they will tell you that he is one of the most by-the-book men you will ever meet.


  1. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    Man you love defending Munsil… Have you ever been involved in a campaign where the campaign staffers & consultants suddenly took a month off right in the middle of the thing? Munsil filed his signatures on April 25th so they were as busy as busy could be that whole month. Sproul’s business is collecting signatures, yet we’re supposed to believe that he was on some sort of sabbatical for the month? Not likely…

  2. I Luv Arizona says

    Hey, Mr. “Truth Squad,” 1) Len did not pay for any signatures – no money for Mr. Sproul and 2) they were at the end of qualifying and awaiting money from Clean Elections – no need for work from the consultant – no money for Mr. Sproul. You must have never worked on a campaign hamstrung by Clean Elections.

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