Dems Divided, GOP Still Doesn’t Get It

Blue Dog DemocratsCongressman John ShadeggCongressman Mike Pence

The last two days have demonstrated that the new Congress will still be a mess.

Yesterday, Democrats elected Steny Hoyer, an apparently “more reasonable” Democrat, to the number two position in House leadership. The vote between Hoyer and Murtha was lopsided (149-86) as the newly elected “Blue Dog Democrats,” demonstrated their impact on the new Congress. Blue Dogs are recognized as being more conservative on social and fiscal issues. This leaves the Democrats in a state of division as “San Francisco Values” feel the challenge of conservative Democrats.

Meanwhile, today, Republicans demonstrated that they still don’t get it. While Democrats are moving to the right, Republicans are reaffirming their comittment to the reason why they were trounced on Election day. The GOP elected John Boehner to Minority Leader over Mike Pence, a far more conservative choice. In the number two position of Minority whip will now serve Roy Blunt. Arizona’s conservative darling, John Shadegg, fell short in the vote count.

The obvious impression Americans are left with is “out with the old – in with the new” for the Democrats and “same old – same old” with the Republicans. If this trend continues, the GOP will head into 2008 with a further disgusted and disheartened base.


  1. What Democrat elected last week can be considered a Blue Dog Democrat?

    Most newly elected members of the Democratic caucus voted for Hoyer because he helped them in their campaigns. Murtha didn’t do all that much campaigning.

  2. From what I’ve read, Murtha is not a shining example of ethics renewal/reform. Electing him to the 2nd most powerful position would have sent the wrong message.

  3. Duke the Dog says

    I’ll give you two. One on the House side and one on the Senate.

    On the House side was Heath Shuler. Pro-gun, Pro-life, lower taxes Democrat. That’s pretty blue dog.

    On the Senate side was Bob Casey Jr. Another Pro-life, Pro-gun Democrat. The dems had to run him because in a state that has a lot of Catholics that hunt, anyone else would have been doomed.

    You can recall his Dad, Bob Casey Sr., then the Gov. of Pennsylvania, being denied the opportunity to speak at the Democratic Convention because he was pro-life.

    There are others, but I’d have to do some digging.


  4. Can anyone tell me what the theme for the DNC was in this last election? Seems the Dems are trying to live up to their theme by electing people with fewer ethical problems. I wish the GOP would do the same.

  5. When two guys (Pence and Shadegg) lose by big margins among their colleagues in the “people’s house,” how is the “base” offended??? You folks on the Right are deluding yourselves, or you think that Arizona is somehow a microcosm of both the GOP and the nation. Boehner and Blunt represent the base, while Pence and Shadegg speak for the ideologues.

    The Dems were SMART to pass on Murtha. He is damaged goods on ethics and is NOT the voice of reason on Iraq. Dems like Bayh and Reed in the Senate and Hoyer in the House understand that a precipitious withdrawal from Iraq would hurt that nation, our international prestige and the Dems chance of proving their street cred on the issues of defense and national security in 2008.

  6. Oro Valley Dad says

    “damaged goods on ethics..” I guess you missed that Roy Blunt’s name showed up on this web site. Not a knockout accusation but why not pick someone whose name is not on the list?

  7. Duke the Dog-

    Thanks, so you have two. The three Dems elected in Indiana can probably be considered Blue Dogs. Casey, definitely. So one Senator and several House challengers are definite Blue Dogs. Pretty sure the Democrats would have got the majority without them.

    Sorry, everybody, but this crap about conservative Democrats being elected and giving them the majority is total baloney.

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