Democrats win special congressional races with social conservatives.

     It is great to read about the recent results in special congressional elections. In both Louisiana 6 and now Mississippi 1 the Democrats won with pro-gun AND pro-life candidates. That’s right, the Democrats are beating Republicans till it hurts by running pro-life candidates. Good for them. Obviously the Democrats have figured out something. Now maybe Republicans will come to their senses about strengthening the brand.

Here is what the Evans-Novak report had to say about LA-6.

Democrats also nominated the best possible candidate. Cazayoux has amassed a pro-life, pro-gun record in the legislature, and his campaign established him as a conservative legislator early.

Here is CBS News reporting on MS-1.

Childers stressed his independence, emphasizing his support of gun rights and opposition to abortion. He said his values match those of most voters in the deeply conservative district.


  1. “Democrats win special congressional races with social conservatives.”

    And yet, liberals like me celebrate our Blue Dogs, rather than ostracize them as DINOs.

  2. If you welcome pro-life candidates into your party great by me.

  3. Republicans are batting 1 for 4 in House races right now. The RNCC has almost 30 seats to defend, no money, and an accounting scandal. The apocalypse is coming for the Party come November. I warned, you, I warned you, I warned you, but moderates just didn’t want to listen. Despite what Mute Stinkrich (anyone see that SNL skit?!)and Boehner have said about changing the Republican brand, or returning to Republican roots, IT’S TOO LATE! Should have done that YEARS ago. And let me ASSURE you, at this point, no matter WHAT you say, it will sound like insincere pandering and we small-government conservatives are NOT going to buy it again. We’ve heard it all before, we were swayed by the Party kool-aid drinkers that we needed to vote for the nomineee, and we got 8 years of Bush and a bunch of big government, sell-out moderates in Congress. NO MORE! Ideology and ACTION on that ideology MATTERS to TRUE conservatives. Moderate nominees are unacceptable! Beating the socialist opponent is NOT ENOUGH of a reason to pull the lever for an R anymore because the moderates have been a DISASTER! While I’m mad as heck at the party and the rank-and-file right now, I still hold out hope that the party will get the message in 2010, unlike in 2006, and start nominating some real conservatives. After the Republicans lose BIG this November, the FIRST sign we can look for is if the minority elects the likes of Pence and Shadegg to leadership positions. If Congressional Rs keep on giving us the likes of those weaklings Boehner and Blunt, abandon all faith. If those 2 goons get re-elected to Party leadership, I’m changing my registration to Libertarian or something similarly right-wing. I might return to the party in 2010 if they start nominating ideological conservatives.

  4. kralmajales says

    I don’t always agree with Antifederalist, but he/she is right on. This is a major major deal for the GOP in the fall.

    It is noted that Dems ran conservative dem candidates in those districts, but it should also be noted that this is shocking and unprecedented. The GOP doesn’t lose special elections and they don’t lose runoffs in the south. They can always count on better turnout and smarter voters to show up for those elections most don’t pay attention to. That they lost these is more than telling.

  5. You folks don’t seem to get it. The Dems won because of their centrist, middle of the road platform. If you are to the right or left of center you lose. All you need to do is watch how Gabby Giffords handlers are positioning her in the CD-8 race. Then study the 06 race in CD-8 and you will see why Randy Graft’s right of center platform lost. My views are very conservative but I’m a student of history. If we try to put forth very conservative candidates, history will repeat itself and we will lose.

  6. DoubleDecafLatte says

    AMEN! Get ready for a bloodbath in November

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