Democrats want to end all wars – through a Totalitarian DRAFT

Last week, the Democratic Party-controlled Congress produced a Democrat-dominated Congressional Committee panel announcement that it was “time for women to be cleared for combat positions.”  This is a curious announcement, since the military is easily meeting all recruitment goals and has not asked for this, and the timing of it in the middle of a lame-duck period should raise eyebrows.

Right on cue, blogs began to be salted with comments from “women” claiming to be out-performing their male counterparts on PT tests, and grumbling about being barred from combat duty.  This has been added to the current media narrative already found in papers across the country – “some regions disproportionately serve in the military” and that “disparity” should be “fixed.”  Unemployed and undisciplined youth it is “suggested,” could “benefit” from national service, plus repetitions of the disproved lie that our current high-tech, high skill, multilingual military is full of the “poor and uneducated.”   Hmm.  To employ the favorite media rhetoric: “Experts suggest” and “Data suggest” that … “something wicked this way comes.”

Quite a number of people who have neither military experience nor background nor interest for soldiering may shrug.  If some women want to be in combat, then isn’t it the dreaded “intolerant” to say no?  After all, we have an all-volunteer military, so male or female, if one wants to join the military as a career; they can, and concurrently, not join as the case may be.  It’s quite obvious that a volunteer army is self-selecting, appealing to only those who have an affinity and talent for soldiering and the military life.  This self-selecting saves the military numerous enormous headaches – they start with a population that wants to be there, instead having to sort out and manage a hodge-podge of disgruntled civilians – the onerous separating the sheep from the goats – that is the result of a Draft.    Not every male is cut out for combat; the military spends quite a bit of its time already testing and sorting out who’s better at it than who is not within the all-volunteer military.  Only a fraction of all military positions are actual combat, even true during the height of World War II, so there is no practical need to open it to women.  What happens though when the all-volunteer military abruptly isn’t volunteer anymore – to serve not the  nation, but the goals of one political party?

The wild card is being held up the Democratic Party’s sleeve: the game-changing, odious and despicable H.R.5741 — Universal National Service Act, quietly reintroduced by now-disgraced Democrat Charles Rangel in this session of Congress this past summer, waiting for an opportune moment, that is when no one looking, to be voted into law.

Disgraced Democrat Charles Rangel’s bill has morphed over the past several years, from its initial very bad idea, heavily praised and promoted early on expressly as a means to sour Americans on any military undertakings by Democrat Hillary Clinton, of a Universal Draft of all males and females 18-26; to today’s extremist version of a totalitarian national servitude by Draft, under the direct authority and highly centralized control of the POTUS as Commander-in-Chief,  of all males and females, 18-42 for three types of service:

1)      Military

2)      National Service

3)      Other Purpose

No provision in this bill exists to address the problem of a husband and wife with children, and both parents being called up for service.  There are no limits specified to the chillingly vague “Other Purpose.”  Politically-appointed committees determine who is selected for “Military” who gets “National Service” and who under the full force of government authority, must abandon a job, business or family to be tasked for “Other Purpose.”  The potential for massive fraud, bribery and abuse in such a system is enormous, the uncertainly and disruption this would cause amongst our most productive sector of our economy and amongst families would be devastating. 

The Democratic Party evidently still secretly harbors its reprehensible love of slavery.  It’s despicable that such an inhumane scheme would come out of the minds of men and women who have lived in comfort, peace and security all their lives; this disgusting desire to deny to the next generations of Americans by oppressive legislation what  Rangel and his fellow Democrats like Hillary Clinton take for granted for themselves.  That they introduced it, it’s waiting, they have a multi-faceted campaign to promote it,  they fully intended to push it through with a Democratic Party majority and a sitting president, Obama, who wants it for his disturbing vision of a “National Service Corps as well-funded as the military” is clear or they wouldn’t have slipped the bill into the House this year. 

 Its passage is now uncertain with a GOP resurgence to rein in what is becoming rampant Democratic Party legislative excesses, but it never should have even occurred to any Democrat to even consider anything remotely like this in the first place.  As with previous efforts, Democrats will  just put H.R .5741 it back in the file cabinet, waiting for another chance, put a new number on it to confuse identifying it,  sell it as a noble-sounding “National Service” when it should be burned.  One would say, “Shame,” but it’s evidently a word and moral concept wasted on a political party that has none.


  1. Arizona Conservative Commentary at Sonoran Alliance

  2. This is the most pointless article… The GOP takes control of the house in TWO weeks where is this bill going? There is no equivalent in the senate even and what 60 votes is it getting??

    The conspiracy theories gotta go on this wanumba. You posted almost the same exact thing last year…

  3. Why complain to me for reminding people this isn’t dead? How come you don’t complain to the Democrats who wrote this nasty thing and who introduced it into this session in July this year? Again? WHY do We the People have to watch out for this? How about: What’s WRONG with the Democrats?
    By rights it SHOULD have died a political death years ago, but it’s sitting on the table in Congress right now, waiting for a distraction, being presented dishonestly to the public.
    As for the GOP not backing it … not so sure they wouldn’t agree to a modified version. How many people would agree to a bill they are told would provide “National Service” for idle youth? Most people I’ve talked to think it’s a good idea. They are not aware that Hillary Clinton said it was meant to destroy America’s will to wage war.

    But, they wouldn’t find out what’s in the actually in this “Universal National Service” bill until it’s passed if the Democrats manuever to get their way, aided by a cover-up media.

    I’ve asked a lot of people and they’ve never heard about H.R. 5741. So, this is a free public awareness service of the threat to our individual liberties – an odious scheme concocted by, and hidden from the public by the Democratic Party.

    It’s important to bring to the public’s attention such an evil piece of legislation and that the Democratic Party, by generating this sort of thing is proving to be the party that is willing to destroy American individual liberties. The Democrats proved once before they were willing to drag the nation into Civil War for their unwillingness to peaceably give up slavery.

  4. As for “conspiracy theories” what conspiracy are you talking about? It’s public record that H.R. 5741 was reintroduced, it’s public record the text of it and if I trawled Arizona from north of Flag to south of Tucson, I doubt I’d find even five people who knew ANYTHING about it. How many people know a Congressional panel just gave the green light to get women in combat positions? Not so many Americans think that’s a good idea, no way, but who’s asked us?

    Oh, you mean a conspiracy of silence between the media and the Democrats?

  5. I just find it incredible that you think the GOP is so gullible and you are the only one that knows the truth and therefore you must tell the public.

    You must really think quite highly of yourself.

    Most people do not know what most of the bills out there. This is a bill that is introduced year after year and NEVER goes anywhere. You should give it a rest.

  6. “give it a rest”?

    I’m glad to be reminded that this sorry piece of legislation is still hanging around. Remember the health care bill? We are STILL finding out what was stuck in there.

  7. By conspiracy theory… I mean when you say things like “waiting for an opportune moment, that is when no one looking, to be voted into law”

    As if you know the inner workings of the minds of these people. When you start talking like this you just lose me.

    Rangel introduces it every year, does not try and move it at all. It gets next to NO co-sponsors gets no traction. Do you really think the GOP controlled congress is letting any democrat bill see the light of day?

    The idea that Rangel has the power right now to sneak this past the american people, the congress, and through the senate is just so laughable.

  8. ………………………
    johnny Says:
    December 18th, 2010 at 8:32 pm
    I just find it incredible that you think the GOP is so gullible and you are the only one that knows the truth and therefore you must tell the public.

    You must really think quite highly of yourself

    Now from where would I have gotten a concern about the gullibility of the GOP?
    How many who voted FOR the last raft of Democrat Party bills, now laws, are on record as regretting their votes, because they really “didn’t know?” or they hadn’t actually “read the bill?”

    Obama wants a “National Service” as “well-funded” as the military.
    This is a new factor with serious political weight behind it that wasn’t there before. Plainly, the re-writing was expressly to cater to that desire.
    As I said, we have early signs of GOP feistiness which are VERY encouraging, but until H.R. 5741 is DEAD with a wooden stake through its political and ideological heart, it remains a threat.

  9. As far as not surviving the disgraced Rangel, Hillary Clinton has been a major promotor of H.R. 5741 for years. Rangel has always been cover for the radical elements who wanted his name and face on it to hide their own.

  10. Don’t you fools get it?! The Final stretches of the North American Corridor are soon to be finished, ushering in a totalitarian Socialist state run by the Bilderbergers called the North American Union.

    Thank goodness that we still have freedom fighters like Sonoran Alliance to throw a monkey wrench into those plans. SA is like Stuxnet for shady powers who seek to dominate the world (ie anyone who supported john mcsame) and evict me from my mom’s basement.

    Gotta run, They just laid a Chemtrail in my direction…

  11. Do realize how silly that sounds? What kind of conspiracy dupe does one have to be to actually believe other people are such a preposterous conglomerate of conflicting Liberal Left stereotypes? Or be so insecure with Liberalism that Liberals need to constantly promote that ridiculous hysterical narrative? One can appreciate that, Liberalism doesn’t have any genuine moral authority backing it up so of course it requires a running interference lest people start to question the corrosive assumptions it’s based on.

    It’s a moral and ethical disgrace that the Democratic Party has never apologized for promoting slavery, starting the Civil War, imposing segregation, voter disinfranchisement, filibustering the Civil Rights Act and is currently in the process of trying to strip all Americans of their individual liberties, their unalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

    That’s real, with real and devastating consequences, but tellingly, Democrats would rather distract and spin a tale of fairy chemtrails.

  12. At some point, China will make the draft a moot point.

  13. The last time you posted similar drivel, I pointed out the fact that in 2004 this was voted down 402-2. In 2006 it never even made it out of committee.

    I am 100% opposed to any draft but you go off the deep end when you start claiming the motivations for this are some dark conspiracy. Also, it is hard to take you seriously when you claim this is a plot by the Democratic party for anything when last time it came up it received 2 votes.

    Look, I don’t know what Rangel’s motivations are. It seems to me he is trying to point out that people would take the issues of war and peace much more seriously if they thought that might be drafted. Or maybe as someone who want from a ‘undisciplined youth’ to a hero of Kunu-ri, he thinks that military service might be a way to deal with crime and youth. Both I think are wrong approaches, but are hardly stemming from desire to turn the country into North Korea.

    As to women serving in combat, I believe this discussion is being prompted by the fact that in both Iraq and Afghanistan women have been effectively serving in combat and the idea that there is some neat division between combat and non-combat roles in the midst of a war is largely semantics.

  14. …………………
    todd Says:
    December 19th, 2010 at 10:35 am
    The last time you posted similar drivel, I pointed out the fact that in 2004 this was voted down 402-2. In 2006 it never even made it out of committee.

    I do believe you didn’t have to point out what had already been noted as the history of this bill in the original article.

    But, that’s not worth anything – what happened in the past to predict the future. Stock traders constantly warn that the past is not predictive of the future. Just because this bill has been forced to be pulled several times before don’t mean it can’t happen.

    So, the Democrats suggest that we are supposed to ignore that H.R. 5741 is now called “National Service Act” to disguise its total central control purpose and that it was QUIETLY reintroduced in a way worse nasty morphed form in this current session?

    Why do the Democrats keep trying to force this on the nation … and as I said, WORSE than its original form?

    The stakes are too high to just ignore it, expecting it will go away by itself. It hasn’t yet and the Democrats obviously desire it, because they keep bringing it out and the GOP keeps smacking it down, but the Democrats won’t let it go. It’s back and more evil.

    Since the rebuttals are focusing on the mythical me instead of the issue at hand, which is a 18-42 Compulsary National Service by DRAFT with punishments, then it adds to the proof that Democrats do NOT want citizens becoming aware of this travesty, and the exposure of the creepy mind-set of overlordship the Democrats evidently favor…so long as THEY are the overlords. No thanks.

  15. ………………………
    todd Says:
    December 19th, 2010 at 10:35 am

    As to women serving in combat, I believe this discussion is being prompted by the fact that in both Iraq and Afghanistan women have been effectively serving in combat and the idea that there is some neat division between combat and non-combat roles in the midst of a war is largely semantics

    You have any drip of actual military experience on deployment to back that oft-repeated by Liberals, yet totally vapid statement?

    The 57th floor of the World Trade Center on 9/11 was the frontline of battle that day, but no one suggests waiters, waitresses, cooks, budget analysts, stock traders and secretaries should by that standard be expected henceforth to routinely serve in combat positions.

  16. I’d be the last one to support a draft, but if there is to be one, let it be universal.

    The crap that went on during Vietnam was sickening with privileged types hiding behind student and teacher deferments and leaving the fighting to be done by working class slugs.

    And, of course, graduation was followed by a trek to Canada!

    As to physicals, just put a mirror in front of the conscript’s mouth!

    “Selective” Service is no service at all. If we’re gonna take the statist approach, let’s go full bore!

    Give everyone a taste of the medicine and we’d be a lot more discerning about engaging in future overseas quagmires and just might concentrate on doing something our leadership has been consistantly avoiding…..defending our own borders!

  17. “It hasn’t yet and the Democrats obviously desire it, because they keep bringing it out and the GOP keeps smacking it down, but the Democrats won’t let it go. It’s back and more evil.”

    Wanumba, actually 1 person keeps bringing this up and both Democrats and Republicans smack it down. What about a 402-2 vote do you not understand.

    “You have any drip of actual military experience on deployment to back that oft-repeated by Liberals, yet totally vapid statement?”

    Vapid? This is what the Army Chief of Staff Gen. George Casey has been saying. I think you need to keep up on the issues wanumba.

    Please continue to post your nonsense though, it just makes you look even more like a wackjob.

  18. I sure do keep up. The military is meeting and exceeding all recruitment goals. Why suddenly do the Democrats think we need to shove women into combat? The military didn’t ask for it.

    The military didn’t ask for “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” it was Democrat Co-Presidents Bill and Hill Clinton who forced it on the military, but today’s media so delicately parses it as “Clinton-era military policy.”

    The Democrats have been bravely striding up to repeal their own homophobic military policy.

    And from the very same people who cry, “give peace a chance” and “war is not the answer” or no “blood for oil” they SUDDENLY NEED women into combat positions AND a DRAFT of EVERYONE.

    What gives? These are the very same people who lit up their DRAFT cards to burn down their universities’ offices screaming, “HELL NO, WE WON’T GO!!”

    Last year, I had quite a number of sessions with a two-star general during which I pointed out a serious problem which needed to be dealt with. He wasn’t happy with the news and didn’t fix it. Just this week, I got a call telling me the guy is eating it, big time, thanks to a totally predicable and avoidable outcome that I had warned him about.
    Lesson: generals are PEOPLE. Some are better at their jobs than others, so if one wants to use a general as an infallibility card in a debate, one better choose wisely.

    Have the Democrats vetted these two wildly unpopular ideas before the American People? Nope.
    Why is that?
    Maybe it’s because the American People will finally decide Democrats are all whackojobs and vote them ALL out next election.

  19. Wanumba,

    So because Charlie Rangel introduced a bill or this is something Clinton supported a long time ago now the whole Democratic party supports this? Even though it was voted DOWN 402-2… where is this overwhelming secret democratic support you are talking about?

    You’re fear mongering is so laughable and pathetic.

    Also the revisionist history on DADT is quite wrong. DADT was passed by the GOP controlled house and senate and signed by Clinton, so how did clinton FORCE this on the military? It was part of deal that Clinton struck with Gingrich. This was something the GOP wanted and Clinton let them have it.

    You continue to lose all credibility on issues that you talk about. But please keep going, it always makes me laugh and I will continue to call you out on it every chance I get.

  20. Don’t you agree that the Democrats have no credibility when they cry “war is not the answer” and then promote a DRAFT – worse than what they hated and skipped years ago?

    Isn’t that the epitome of hypocrites?

    Guess what!! Universities have no excuse now to ban military recruiters from their campuses!

  21. Yes sure thats fine. BUT and its a MAJOR but, you continue to make blanket statements… there are a COUPLE dems you are promoting this bill and a draft. It was voted down 402-2 so to say that dems are hypocrites on this issue is generally incorrect because very few dems support the bill you keep talking about.

    And trust me I love pointing out when the Dems are hypocrites on issues, but your conspiracy theories and generalizations are really weak arguments that I dont see people, liberal or conservative, buying.

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