Democrats leave unfinished business to go on vacation.

The Democratic run House of Representatives went on “recess” this week before dealing with the issue of collecting foreign intelligence. The State Republican Party noted the issue in a press release issued today. Andrew McCarthy at nationalreviewonline has an excellent article on why this issue matters. Simply put it hampers the ability of our troops to gather the intelligence that they need to do their jobs. Glad the Democrats had time for the steroid hearings.


  1. Sonoran Sam says

    This PROTECTS the right of American Citizens to enjoy the protections of the Bill of Rights.

    It’s a nice change from days of yore.

  2. I’m not sure what this feeling is… It’s weird, as a Democrat, I haven’t felt this way in a long time.

    OH. IT’S PRIDE!!! I remember pride.

    So sad. Bush has to abidge by the rule of law, and has to trudge all the way down to the FISA court to get a warrant. Yawn. Too bad for him about that pesky “Bill of Rights” the Founding Fathers felt was necessary. You know, literal interpretation and all that.

  3. Pride. Why? It’s not like they took a stand and voted against it. They just ran out of town.

    Did you read the article by Andrew McCarthy? There is some doubt about monitoring foreign communications without a warrant. The house had 6 months to write a bill to fix that. Why not write a permanent law that makes it clear that the U.S. can monitor foreign communications without a warrant? The Dems in the Senate went along with the bill. Are they all Bush lackeys?

  4. I did, and the law as it stands makes no differentiation between monitoring people outside of the United States vs. inside the United States, citizens or non-citizens. McCarthy convieniently forgets to mention that, and forgets to mention that a FISA warrant can be applied for WITHOUT informing the person of interest AND ***after*** the wiretap has already begun.

    The FISA battle has zero to do with national security, it has to do with the expansion of the power of the executive branch over the other two branches.

    You know, for a group of people who claim to be literalist in their interpretation of the US Constitution, you seem to be OK with it being trodden on – as long as it’s the party supporting your biases doing the trodding.

    And yes, pride. The Democrats are being very smart here. I mean, it’s not smart like “disrupting the memorial service of a Holocaust survivor because there was a procedural motion to be made” smart, but it’s still smart. Boehner’s little bit of theatre only appeals to conservatives, and what with the McCain nomination imminent and conservatives fleeing Congress like scalded cats, seems to me that particular ship has sailed.

    I know it’s some sort of fantasy that there’s a permanent conservative majority but reality seems to be intruding, and if I were you, I would worry about granting government any particular broad sweep of powers, lest you be caught up in a flood. Or maybe you don’t actually believe the fairy-tales of the Clinton Chronicles.

  5. Anybody who still thinks that Harry Mitchell is still your grandpa or teacher or bipartisan or has your best interests in mind, the jig is up! He is a do nothing, know nothing, milquetoast, pension collector.

  6. W Stephenson says

    The Klute is another example of a misspent youth. When they taught Constitutional Law he was absent without leave. Where exactly in the Bill Of Rights does it talk about the monitoring of terrorist communications. His interpretation of FISA is incorrect. He needs to revisit that issue and quit trying to spin it. He is referring to a narrow window of FISA that talks about exigent circumstances. This is the area that the legislation wishes to expand on.

    I saw where our esteemed CD-8 Congresswomen Gabby Giffords again turned her back on our troops in harms way by walking out. Pelosi, the pied piper of Congress, plays her flute and Gabby follows.

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