Democrats Dream, Everyone Else Pays

Karl MarxHillary Clinton

The Democrats “American Dream Initiative” is based on the old carrot-and-stick trick. Dangle other people’s money in an attempt to purchase votes and win back Congress.

By Carol Turoff

Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-NY) has come up with a sure-fire idea to reclaim the White House in 2008. Buy it!

“Americans are earning less while the costs of a middle-class life have soared,” Clinton shouted into the microphone at a meeting of the Democratic Leadership Council, as she introduced the group’s “American Dream Initiative.” The centerpiece of the proposal includes a $500 “Baby Bonus.” This would be a gift from the hardworking folks down the street to each and every one of the four million–legal and non-legal–children born in the United States every year. Generous? Wait, there’s more. The birthday gift has an auxiliary component: A second $500 ten years later! According to generous Aunt Hillary, this money could be used for “education, a first home or put towards retirement savings.” Wanna bet? Free money at age 18 will buy more cars and iPods than books. Retirement? As they say in Sen. Clinton’s conveniently adopted home state of New York: Ya’ gotta be kiddin‘!

“A lot of Americans can’t work any harder, borrow any more or save any less,” she said, unveiling a grab-bag of proposals to ensure a lock on votes from low income Americans. Blaming President George W. Bush for everything since the great flood, she added, “Republicans have made a mess of the country’s finances.” The Clinton’s most recently reported a joint income of $12 million dollars–amassed while Republican Bush was at the helm. Not too shabby for a couple who never owned a home until after Bill Clinton left office.

A plan open to children of “low or middle-class families earning less than $75,000 a year,” allows for augmenting the bonds with annual tax credits. Since when did seventy-five thousand a year warrant assistance as low income? The underlying issue here is not warmth and generosity. The Democrat party is down fifteen seats in the House of Representatives, and half a dozen in the US Senate. The actual “Dream” they hope to achieve is regaining control of Congress. Modifying a line from her husband’s 1992 campaign, Hillary said the slogan for Democrats this fall should be: “It’s the American Dream, stupid.” Disregarded are the 5.4 million jobs created in the last three years. Republican National Committee spokeswoman Tracey Schmitt responded, “Even a master politician can’t manipulate those numbers.”

Clinton hopes the agenda would “unite Democrats and help elect Democrats,” in November. Giveaways with other people’s money have become a sure- fire way to mobilize the troops. When these same concepts were employed by Karl Marx, his formula was, “From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs.” It was called Communism. Redistribution of wealth has, at its foundation, government sanctioned exploitation of earners, with entitlements received by those who have come to rely upon the largess of others, rather than the competitive marketplace. We’ve witnessed the harm of increasing reliance on a paternal welfare system, in which dependence on government entities has frequently replaced fathers.

Universal health care, home ownership, a permanent “saver’s credit” with government matching fifty percent of the savings of low-income earners up to $2000 annually, $3000 refundable college tuition tax credits and what Hillary Clinton mysteriously refers to as a “fair wage” are integral components of the Democrat vote-purchase scheme. The only thing missing is the promise of a hot meal on the table and a car in the garage of that home she envisions for all Americans. Since the hot meal can be obtained twice-a-day, year-round at the neighborhood school, the car is the only area in which she withholds a prize. Can that be far behind?

This is the stuff of Hillary’s American Dream Initiative. Arizona’s Democrat governor, Janet Napolitano, up for reelection–with her sights set on the Potomac–likes it. Karl Marx would most certainly approve.

Carol Turoff is a former two-term member of the Commission on Appellate Court Appointments. During her eight years on the commission, she participated in the selection of four of the five current Arizona Supreme Court Justices as well as 17 judges on both Division I and II of the Arizona Court of Appeals. Appointed by two governors, Turoff served with three chairing Supreme Court Justices.

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