Democrats abandon Pederson.

Pederson.jpg      It looks like the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee has pulled $1,000,000 out of the U.S. Senate race in Arizona. 

     Being extremely rich does not encourage others to donate. “If he has the ability to self-finance, why should a candidate be given contributions from somebody’s grandmother in North Dakota?” David King, Harvard professor. 

     Some of us wondered about that poor grandmother in ND when the NRCC intervened in a primary race. She should be very careful with her money. 

     The latest polls have Pederson loosing to Kyl by 9 to 11 points. 

Thursday 10-5-06, 8:40 am


  1. Not only does it make sense for the DSCC to pull its money out of Pederson’s privately financed Senate bid but he’s loosing support from the sorts of leftist activists that he has got to depend on this November. The DailyKos dislikes him for pretending to be independent and even the ultra liberal Tucson Weekly can’t warrant getting too excited about him. He’s the used slimy used car salesman shopping mall developer everybody loves to hate on the left as much as the right.

    Between that and GOTV efforts, the GOP is in a remarkably better position than the polls suggest.

    Mike J.

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