Democrat leaders give ousted U.S. Attorney Paul Charlton an award

Democrat leaders Terry Goddard (Attorney General) and Phil Gordon (Phoenix Mayor) have given fired U.S. Attorney Paul Charlton a “Friends of Phoenix” award.
Charlton pursued his own liberal agenda as U.S. Attorney, refusing to ask for the death penalty, prosecute certain drug crimes, or enforce illegal immigration laws, which is why the Bush administration let him and several other U.S. Attorneys go recently. This award appears to be a reward from Democrats to Charlton for not prosecuting illegal immigration crimes. Charlton ignored laws against illegal immigration while serving as U.S. Attorney, which helped Goddard who also avoided prosecuting crimes related to illegal immigration. Gordon is similarly paying Charlton back because Charlton avoided challenging Phoenix’s “sanctuary law,” which violates federal law. The Vienna Convention requires that the national origin of all persons arrested be determined.

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