Democrat Exodus

EspressoPundit and Oro Valley Dad point to Michael Barone’s excellent WSJ article on population trends.  To state the obvious, Republican led cities and states are booming, the Democrat run places are in decline.  The metro areas that have experienced the largest declines, New York, Boston, San Fran, Los Angeles and Chicago to name a few, have been dominated by Democrats for 30, 40 or more years. 

At some point, a saavy Republican will start pointing out the differences between areas controlled by the red_statersleft for the last 40 years vs. those governed by conservatives.  There are a lot of working class Democrats who will be open to that message.

As for the Republican electoral future:

This is another political world from the Coastal Megalopolises: the Interior Boomtowns voted 56% for George W. Bush in 2004. Texas, Arizona, Florida, Georgia and Nevada–states dominated by Interior Boomtowns–are projected to pick up 10 House seats in the 2010 Census.

Lets hope that holds true.  Of course, a lot of upper middle class liberals are fleeing to those conservative red states, so who knows how much of a Republican gain it will be.


  1. Of course, states and cities don’t vote. People do, and the really interesting question is whether the voters from the Democratic-leaning states will vote that same way when they move to the red states. There is some historic evidence that they will take their voting patterns with them. Arizona was a strongly Democratic state until the influx of Republican voters migrating from the Midwest changed the tide. And, the influx on migrants from California in more recent decades seems to have increased Democratic voting strength in Arizona. Remember, Clinton won Arizona in 1996. (And to use an internal Arizona example-Democratic Pinal county is becoming more Republican as a result of migration of voters coming from Maricopa County.)

    Similarly, several very Red states in the South (Florida and North Carolina)have seen in increase in Democratic performance in recent years as a result of the influx of voters fromt he Northeast, and Nevada is seeing the same trend as a result of migration of voters from California.


  1. […] A similar phenomenon is happening within the US.  People and businesses are leaving the high tax, big government states and moving to the economically free states.  There is strong linkage between individual responsibility, a free market economy, liberty and overall prosperity.  It’s a shame that liberals can’t acknowledge that most people want responsibility for their own future, rather than being dependent on government hand-outs.   […]

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