We Caught Them! Democrat Activist Charged with Criminal Damage to Schweikert Signs

For Immediate Release – October 26, 2010
Contact: Oliver Schwab, Campaign Manager

Tempe Police Report does not Bode Well for Mitchell Campaign Crime Record, Democrat Activist Charged with Criminal Damage to Schweikert Signs

(Scottsdale, AZ) In what has been a very rocky career path for Harry Mitchell and his opponent’s campaign signs, a developing story out of the Tempe Police Department this morning does not bode well for Congressman Mitchell’s record.

We all remember this:

“I did it,” said Harry Mitchell (Richard Ruelas, “Punishing a Statuesque Senator,” Arizona Republic, 2/5/10). The answer was in response to claims that Mitchell had been stealing his political opponent Gary Richardson’s campaign signs in 2000.

There was no question that Congressman Mitchell broke the law then.

Now, a police report out this morning reveals that Mitchell’s campaign appears to be up to their old tricks, yet again.

“On 10/23/10 around 0855 hours, [name withheld] committed criminal damage” says the police report (Tempe Police Department, 10/23/10, 10-163-420). The signs in question are the property of David Schweikert’s campaign. Below are images of the kind of damage that has been occurring.

“We are very disappointed to see this kind of behavior from the other side. Mitchell’s campaign team knows better,” said Oliver Schwab, Schweikert campaign manager.

“Sadly, this behavior has gone on since our primary and anyone who is interested can see this September Press Release, “The Return of the Sign Bandit” where our campaign announced concern,” continued Schwab.

“Vandalism and criminal destruction of another campaign’s property does not leave the feeling that our free speech is safe in our community,” continued Schwab. “The good news is that we caught them.”



  1. what I love is the history – – the pattern of behavior that Mitchell has demonstrated over his career in politics.

    it’s like he doesn’t think rules apply to him when it comes to campaign signs.

    the question is, will mitchell continue stealing and destroying signs “for sport” once he’s a retired Congressman?

  2. This is such a dumb attack… You can be talking about how mitchell voted for bailouts and obamacare. Stuff that actually affects people in their day to day lives and instead you talk about this…

    The anology is pathetic by the way… So by supporting someone you are obviously a part of the campaign and everything you do is at their behest… That’s like if a mitchell supporter murdered someone that mitchells people sanctioned the murder… I mean cmon. A week before the election and this is what this blog and schweikert staff are talking about… Pathetic…

  3. Birds of a feather …

    It takes a little more time, but it really doesn’t take long to distinguish the difference between a pattern versus a rogue element.

  4. johnny at the Dept. of Veterans Affairs says

    Hey johnny, what’s going to happen when your boss Harry Mitchell loses his job? Are you still going to spend all day at work on the taxpayers dime blasting David Schweikert? Why don’t you get a real job instead of sitting around wasting our money as you illegally engage in electioneering.

  5. Really where am I posting from right now in the middle of the work day?? Not from any VA office you guys really have no clue what you are talking about… Its kind of sad…

    I am trying to help schweikert. He wins if he focuses on the issues… Not discussing how signs are being torn down…

  6. Society looses when anybody decides that the law only applies to other people.

  7. if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it’s a duck

    quack quack mitchell, you’re a self identified sign thief

  8. See this is what happens when you do stupid press releases on stuff that doesn’t matter…


  9. a guy who DISLIKES mitchell says

    i think it’s actually entertaining. mitchell is a sign bandit, and the article you list johnny is the product of a slow news day and a reporter who chose not to look at Mitchell’s record.

    i think we all know that mitchell and his goons are up to no good, BECAUSE I SEE THEM SLASHING DOWN SIGNS!!

  10. A slow news day 6 days before the election? Wow you really are delusional…

  11. Mitchel, a sign thief, how funny. This is the guy we sent to congress.(HA HA) Sure makes Arizona look good.

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