Del Dawley for Chairman of the Pima County Republican Party

By Jill Henderson

With only 1 official candidate left in the running for Thursday’s vote after Pat Kilburn dropping out, we’re pleased to announce a nomination that will come from the floor…DEL DAWLEY FOR CHAIRMANSHIP OF THE PIMA COUNTY REPUBLICAN CENTRAL COMMITTEE…

Del Dawley for Pima County Republican Chairman

Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with Del’s unquestionable history of loyalty, dedication, and service to his country. It is important that all Pima County Republican PCs show to cast their vote this Thursday, September 8th, Sabbar Shriner’s Temple, 450 South Tucson Blvd., credentials and tally starting at 4:30pm, meeting starting at 6:00pm. Not a Precinct Committeeman? You are still invited if you are a registered Republican. PLEASE GET INVOLVED. PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD.

Letter of Introduction

To my Fellow Republicans,

Recently I was asked to throw my hat into the ring for the Chairmanship of the Pima County Republican Central Committee. After a lot of thought and a little convincing, I decided that if I were nominated from the floor at our meeting on the 8th of September 2011, I would accept the nomination.

I have been actively promoting the Republican Party since I was sixteen years of age. My knowledge, expertise, and experiences have contributed significantly to several different campaigns throughout the years: from Gerald Ford’s campaign in New York State (I was sixteen at the time) to as recently as Brian Miller’s campaign. Needless to say, we’ve had our successes and our failures, but I’ve always participated behind the scenes and lent valuable support in any way that I could.

During these years of involvement, I have proven my ability to raise funds quickly and effectively, as in 1984, when my team raised approximately $300,000 for the Special Olympics in the Greater Boston Area. An important tactical point I’ve learned over the years is that without a great fundraising team you might as well stay home! Beyond fundraising, I have demonstrated skills in leadership, management, organization, and technology as well as my community and state contacts.

My employment history includes the Department of Economic Security, Microsoft, various Colleges, and my own businesses. I have been employed in the area of Education for the last 12 years, and was instrumental in obtaining a five million dollar grant for Arizona Western College’s Construction Trades Program from the U.S. Department of Labor.

My wife and I have been in the Great State of Arizona since 1986, when I was Honorably Discharged from the U.S. Marine Corps. We are the proud parents of two children who are currently studying and working in this austere economic environment.

Thank you for your consideration today; I would appreciate your support and your vote.




  1. I am so happy Del is going to run! He would make a great Chairman! With the local GOP in the shape it is in Del is the man for the job.

  2. Go Del. We need a Chairman who can raise funds and bring the party together.

  3. Del is an excellent choice for Chairman. He will be able to unite us and promote the current crop of candidates in a professional manner.

    I support former Marine, Del Dawley, for Chairman of the Pima County GOP!

    Jeff Bales
    Pima County GOP Executive Committee

  4. Priscilla Racke says

    Del is definitely the right man for the job. The Pima GOP is sorely in need of what he can bring to the table. I encourage everyone to support him for Chairman.

  5. I am so glad the people have a choice now. It is sad that some on the EC want it to be their way or none at all. Hats off to Del for stepping up, I am sure he will be a great Chairman!

  6. Del would bring some sorely needed organization to the Pima GOP. My vote for chairman goes to Del Dawley!

  7. So many people talk about uniting people but Del actually does it! He also understands all that techy stuff that we need so badly to compete effectively. Please vote for Del Dawley for Chairman of Pima GOP.

  8. Phillip the Great says

    I have never met Del but based on the comments here I am going to vote for him!

  9. This is all so transparent-don’t think Anne is Anne Stephenson–it is not. Shame on all of you.

  10. Pima County PC says

    My vote goes to Carolyn Cox, and incredibly intelligent woman who was CFO of a large company for 40 years. She is beholden to no one, has a mind of her own, and is a true Republican who supports Republcan candidates.

  11. Jill Arizona says

    Rep Mom, Shame on you and this is so typical of the Walt crew. First, Lori Oien called us “brown shirts” because she thought her stuff was deleted from the Pima GOP FB page which it was NOT and now they are claiming that the “Anne” above is faked to supposed to be Anne Stephenson? Really? Wow, does anyone else really believe that? I mean, who would believe that Anne S. would support Del Dawley? No one. Many of you are grasping at straws and making fools of yourselves.How childish.

  12. Del is a uniter. We have seen the other side and their rhetoric. Let’s give Del a chance. I am sure Mrs. Cox is a fine person but how can we not question a huge donation, superfast track to PC, (when others have been waiting for months) and now running for Chairman? Something smells fishy here. I have know Del for over 3 years. With him, you get exactly what you vote for. Honest, integrity and professionalism. Thank you for considering him tonight. Vote your conscious and we will all unite in 2012 to get the mission accomplished.

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