Defeated liberal Republican Paula Pennypacker bashes Russell Pearce, other conservatives

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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Failed legislative candidate and Arizona Republic Plugged In blogger helps disrupt “LD8 meeting,” insults conservatives 
Tries to kick social conservatives out of Tea Party

Liberal Republican Paula Pennypacker

Paula Pennypacker, who was soundly trounced in the LD8 race for the House of Representatives this year by the more conservative Tea Party candidate Michelle Ugenti, has decided to take out her rage on conservatives. In an astonishingly rude blog post for the Arizona Republic, she bashes Senator Russell Pearce and Maricopa County Republican Chairman Rob Haney, complaining about an LD8 meeting where her hateful views against social conservatives weren’t warmly accepted.

She showed up to the meeting at a private residence, which was NOT an LD8 meeting, with her friend Honey Marques, a liberal Republican and one of the biggest supporters of liberal Republican Susan Bitter Smith. Both women attempted to take over the meeting and tell social conservatives they were not welcome in the Tea Parties.

Maricopa County Chairman, Rob Haney spoke at the meeting, and said that Senator Russell Pearce is a hero to the Tea Party. Honey objected, and told the crowd that illegal immigration is not a Tea Party issue because the Tea Parties only care about fiscal issues, saying Pearce is not a hero to the Tea Party. According to Pennypacker, the crowd heckled her.
I would say she got off lucky.
The crowd’s response is no surprise, since illegal immigration is one of those issues that does stretch across both fiscal and social issues, contrary to Honey’s assertion. The cost of illegal immigration is staggering. According to Fox News, illegal immigration costs the U.S. $113 billion each year.

Most Tea Party members are also social conservatives. A Google search on “tea party” and “illegal immigration” pulls up thousands of results where Tea Parties have rallied against illegal immigration.

Pennypacker is angry that she lost an election to a real conservative Tea Party candidate. She is angry that the views she and her friend Honey espoused were the extreme minority at this meeting. Even the liberal Arizona Republic rag has had to admit an overwhelming majority of voters support strong immigration enforcement.  Her little mind cannot seem to grasp that there is a huge difference between legal and illegal immigration.  No one has a problem with people who immigrate here legally.

Her divisive attitude is doing no good but instead hurting the Republican Party, Tea Parties, and conservative principles. Instead of attacking conservatives and dictating to them what the Republican Party and Tea Parties should be like, she should back off and maybe actually try to get along with the grassroots base.

Pennypacker’s pretense at being a principled Republican isn’t fooling anyone. She tries to make people think she is a conservative but there isn’t enough dye in the world to cover those liberal roots. She is exactly what is wrong with the Republican Party. She fits in well at the Arizona Republic.

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  1. RevolutionaryForce says

    Wow! She was an advocate for the 2nd Amendment all of these years. Who would have seen such a left turn.

  2. Paula Pennypacker is always bashing conservatives. Thanks for exposing this. It is why she lost her legislative race by several thousand votes. She had the name recognition over Ugenti due to her Republic column, but still lost because the voters knew how liberal she was.

  3. Alicia Gegner says

    Penny Marques was astonishingly rude at this private meeting. She marched up to the speakers’s position at the head of the room, started talking, and would not stop, almost pushing Rob Haney out of the way. It was almost, but not quite, a physical confrontation.

    She reminded us of Congressman Anthony Weiner of NY who interrupts everone, and listens to no one.

    Marques was not heckled, but the attendees grumbled with soft voice – sotto voce to you cognoscenti – and with apparent irritation at the barbs she directed at Senator Pearce.

    A couple of folks tried to explain to her that Tea Party proponents do indeed consider the border as a primary issue, but Marques woould not accept this simple truth as realtiy.

    Rob Haney handled the situation like a gentleman. He allowed Marques to command the group until she simply ran out of air, and then he took control of the meeting once more.

    I don’t think Marques fooled anyone. Just about everyone in that room knew that her version of the Tea Party movement was counterfeit, in the same vein that Republicans in Name Only (RINOs) are truly Democrats with Republican signs pasted on them to mask their true beliefs.

    If this little vignette is any indicator, we true conservatives have to hoist our antennae even higher and redouble our efforts to weed out the snakes in the grass out to get us.

  4. Paula is one of an all too familiar breed. The Republican wanna-be who will cavort with conservatives to attain a certain status and upon reaching it, will move left ward to social climb within the ruling elites.

    It just so happens that the Arizona’s upper strata is border line fanatically secularist and Penny has picked that up!

    Honey Marques, on the other hand, approaches every situation with a closed mind and an open mouth.

    I’d sure hate to attend any T.P. meeting which she chairs!

  5. Arizona Ranger says

    This little liberal “prima donna” has finally been exposed for what she is: a Democrat who somehow believes she can just call herself a Republican? Is the the poster child for the “RINO” woman of the year?
    Every race has someone who just cannot accept defeat and needs to blow off steam-this was her moment.
    Now, let’s get on with the business and hand start solving a few of the monumental problems facing our state and country.
    When and where is our Governor going to start putting the National Guard on our southern border? When do the Border Patrol killings stop? When does Phoenix stop having the rather dubious honor of being the “7-11 for illegals”? These are the problems we need to be working at-not distracted by the rantings of a defeated liberal!

  6. What I find particularly amusing is the way they have forgotten the work Russell has done in the legislature to keep spending down. Russell has always been one of the biggest fiscal conservatives in the AZ legislature. Because of his work on illegal immigration, this seems to have been forgotten, Russell is and will continue to be a champion for the taxpayer.

  7. Not a Rob Haney fan says

    Rob Haney is not good for the Republican
    Party. He lost out on being a State
    Committeman and now he is going to run for
    chairman again after his group spoke they
    do not want him. Randy Pullen taps Bruce
    Ash to run for state chair so if he gets it,
    he nominates Randy for RNC, Randy taps
    Rob Haney to run for Chairman again so he can help Bruce/Randy with there politics.
    These 3 are poison and playing unethical
    dirty politics. I was a fan of Bruce’s but
    after researching Marty Hermanson, he is our
    guy to be state chair. He is fair and
    nuetral. Mr. Russell Pearce is a good guy.

  8. I was there says

    I read Ms. Pennypacker’s blog on the event. It would be difficult to read a more fabricated representation of what actually took place.

    Mr. Haney had the floor as the guest speaker when Ms Marques walked up, interrupted him, and asked to make a comment about the Tea Party activities Haney had just complimented.

    Haney made a mistake in rewarding Marques’ rudeness by allowing her remark. Turned out, it was not a comment or a remark, but an unending harangue delivered at a machine gun clip which prevented interruption.

    Despite Haney’s attempt to regain the floor, Marques refused to stop speaking. Haney, apparently not wishing to make a scene, went to the back of the room, since he was not allowed to speak.

    When the home owner came forward to attempt to gain control of his meeting, Ms. Marques refused to yield the floor to him. She was not eloquent, as described by Pennypacker, but incredibly rude as a guest in a private home.

    As far as illegal immigration not being a TEA Party issue as maintained by Marques and Pennypacker, nothing could be farther from the truth.

    The untruthfulness of that comment by Marques and her rudeness is what brought the negative response from those in attendence despite the distortions on Pennypacker’s Blog. She has picked the correct site on which to blog. No more fitting site for her than the Arizona Republic.

    Just a “heads-up” to any of your readers who have not encountered Marques or Pennypacker before.

  9. Greg Western says

    Constitutional adherence is arguably the biggest issue within the Tea Party movement and Honey and Penny for your information immigration is covered in the Constitution.

    Open your Constitution and turn to Article I, section 8(powers granted to congress), clause 4 “to establish uniform rules of naturalization”. Now go to article I, section 8, and the end of clause 15 “Repel invasions”. And again in article IV, section 4 “and shall protect each of them(states) against invasion. I dare say our southern border is being invaded and that congress is not doing their job when it comes to border issues.

    Another really important issue within the Tea Party movement is Fiscal Responsibility and as we all know illegal immigration is costing the United States billions of dollars a year. It costs Arizona 2.7 billion dollars a year to educate, incarcerate, or any other service they take advantage of.

    And lastly Honey you do not have permission to speak for the East Valley Tea Party. When you are speaking to the media or any other group make sure you are very clear in the fact that you are only speaking for the Scottsdale Tea Party

    Greg Western: Chairman East Valley Tea Party.

  10. All these comments are too funny and quite entertaining. All the reason why I never liked politics and rarely ever blog.

    Everything I have read in this irresponsible blog from the radical right couldn’t be farther from the truth. Bringing in my support for Susan Bitter Smith as a way to discredit my position as a conservative leader of the tea party here in Scottsdale…this is laughable and predictable. Susan is a great leader in the Scottsdale commmunity and I am proud to stand by her side.

    Rob Haney is far from a gentlemen. Rob’s own district LD11 did not vote him in as state committeemen! HMMM! What does that mean? Easy to blame that loss on all the McCain people. Well believe it or not, there are a lot of “other” conservatives that find themselves in disagreement with Rob Haney on many issues…Maybe it is time for a “new” face for the Maricopa GOP leadership. How dare I suggest a vote for Bill Cheatham! Vote for Bill!!!!! I guess he is not conservative enough for all of you who blog on this site…

    Going back to that meeting at Jim O’Connor’s home. Let’s set the record straight. I stood there and listened to a seemingly nice guy named Brett who spoke for the first part of the meeting, then Rob Spoke for the second part of the meeting and people spoke up and asked questions and made comments throughout the evening. It was about 8:40 pm towards the end of this meeting that was planned to end at 9:00pm and Rob Haney was at the end of his talk/presenation and asked if anyone had questions or comments.

    I raised my hand and said I would like to make a few comments regarding the tea party as a tea party leader here in Scottsdale. To Rob Haney’s credit he did say nice things about the tea party throughout his talk, but did say some misleading things about the tea party in general that I felt as a leader in this movement the need to clarify.

    I’ll give you all the short version of what was said from the horse’s mouth.

    “I said the tea party is made up of mostly Republican’s and independents who care about conservative prinicples like all of us here. What has made the tea party successful is and will always be it’s independence from ANY party…and that includes the republican party…One of Rob Haney’s many misunderstandings of the tea party movement was saying that “the tea party needs to join the republican party”, then I clarified our three principles (1) limited government (2) fiscal responsibiity (3) free markets, again correcting Rob Haney, for those in the room, that the tea party movement is not about illegal immigration as was emphasized, although it is an issue the tea party takes a postion on…

    For all of you who want to take this meeting and what was said out of context, let me make one thing clear…the audience I was speaking to was mainly made up of people who has not ever gone to a tea party meeting or event. It was clear to me, folks in the room did not really understand the tea party very well, and I wanted to be sure that they got the right message coming from a tea party leader. So, I felt it was important to state that “illegal immigration” is not a DIRECT tea party principle(GREG)and you being a tea party leader ought to know that.

    Yes, it is an issue the tea party takes up and fights for like anything else coming out of congress.

    And…I did say that the tea party does not focus on social issues – Well that happens to be True – it does not mean social conservatives are not welcome to the tea party! I said no such thing!

    I wanted to clarify to the group what the tea party was about…the three principles as I stated and not as much on illegal immigration as Rob Haney had eluded in his comments saying that “Russell Pearce is a tea party hero”. I have no beef with Russell Pearce. He is one of many who wrote and sponsored SB1070, which is great, but that does not give you the title of being a tea party hero, not in my opinion…am I not entitled to have an opinion as Rob Haney, or all you bloggers and commenters?

    I guess I really pissed off Rob Haney when I said if you are going to give someone the label of being a tea party hero, that ought to go to Sarah Palin or Michelle Bachman!

    You see, when I first met Rob Haney this past summer at JD Hayworth’s headquarters, Sarah Palin came up in conversation, and I remember him saying “she is no conservative in my book…no conservative would ever endorse John McCain” Really? See in my opinion, any conservative with half a brain can see that Sarah is the epitome of conservatism…Again, not surprised, that this group of conservatives I met last Monday are McCain haters and anyone who supports McCain they too hate! Whatever!

    For the record I would rather we have another Senator, besides John McCain, but that’s not going to happen for another 6 years, so get over it!!!!

    I went on to share with folks about how the tea party does a lot of educational things at our meetings, because several folks at the meeting were asking about where and how they can learn about how to reach out to the community and so forth…so I invited them to check out not just my meetings here in Scottsdale, but all across the valley…including your tea party Greg! Gosh I guess I’ll stop saying nice things about your group…at your request!

    So I guess Rob Haney was tired of me setting the record straight about the tea party principles and how our strength is in our autonomy and not in “joining” the Republican Party…I went on to state, while I agree with becoming PCs within the Republican party to take on the establishment, the tea party must maintain their independence from the Republican party. Is that such a horrible thing to say? The Truth!!! It is the tea party that holds elected officials accountable within the Republican Party…and yes that includes Russell Pearce and every Republican in office.

    The tea party is accountable to the people fighting for policy that follows the three CORE principles and not ANY party.

    This does not mean I don’t like Russell Pearce…again, I did not say one negative thing about Russell Pearce when I spoke for “3 minutes”. I just put a damper on Rob Haney’s wet dream about Russell Pearce being the tea party hero…I’m all about honesty and integrity. Give people titles they earn, nothing more and nothing less…

    You tell me how speaking for 3 minutes towards the end of a two-hour meeting comes even close to “taking over” a meeting and being disrespectful to Rob Haney. He tried to shut me up because he disagreed with what I was said about HIS “misconceptions” about who the tea party is and what they should do and stand for! Again, as a leader in the movement, I felt it was appropriate to make these comments…

    Hey Rob Haney even said, you all don’t have to agree with me on everything! How funny that is, because the minute I started saying things he didn’t agree with, he tried to shut me up, and God forbid I stand up to Rob Haney and say “please let me finish my point first”. Who do I think I am anyway?

    All so predictable…being a woman who does not let a man tell her to sit down and shut up somehow makes you a bad person…

    Now I am standing up to all you bloggers out there who want to spin the facts and trash me, because I defend the tea party principles, the way they should be understood…and Greg, you are entitled to describe the tea party the way you want it to be…Isn’t it great to have an opinion. Thank God for our 1st ammendment.

    It seems I wasn’t clear enough at the meeting last Monday, for me, it’s about the 3 principles! But some out there want to make it more than that, becauses of their own agendas or personal biases…

    Have fun spitting out more vile comments aobut me while I’m out organizing my community. Nothing intimidates me! BTW – I challenge all you cowards to disclose who you are in this forum…I did! Put your name where your RADICAL mouth is!

    Honey Marques
    Tea Party Patriots of Scottsdale

  11. BTW – The writers of this site sound like a bunch of liberals making false attacks on me and Paula witout any fact finding to back up thier accusations…the irony is fascinating. Well I am not surprised… Extreme behavior is extreme behavior and it doesn’t matter if you are on the left or the right side of politics…it all starts sounding the same…it’s called fascism. I call it like I see it!

    H.E. Marques
    Tea Party Conservative

  12. There she goes again running off at the mouth! Her diatribe is more of the crap she tried to feed us at the meeting. Honey is delusional if she thinks she has any support. Calling Susan Gutter-Snipe a great leader tells us all we need to know. She is a liberal train wreck.

    At the meeting she was rude, out of touch and full of self importance. She still doesn’t get it. Her IQ = her shoe size.

  13. Honey, this isn’t a far right blog, there are pro-John McCain posts and other moderates who post here. If you want to see a real far right blog, check out Carol Turoff’s blog…nutty

  14. Observer, I know who writes the SRA blog and it’s not Carol Turoff. Please provide one shred of evidence that caused you to toss around the name of an uninvolved private citizen?

    That’s what I thought…NONE. Because none exists since it isn’t true. SRA is a consistently conservative blog, however.

  15. Thomas Grier says

    There is a large list of writers here at SA, not all of us agree with each-other on every issue. Some writers are more focused on writing on behalf of their candidates, some writers are just regular individuals who want to write about what is passionate to them, and then everything in-between.

  16. I think it’s unfortunate that so many personalities have crept into the discussion about ideas and political action. But it’s no the first time. Our nation was founded on just this kind of unfortunate process. Political meetings are exactly the kind of meetings that should be disrupted. Although the job of the chairman of the meeting is not to just speak, but control the dialogue for everyone’s benefit, like a host or moderator.

    Again, the Tea Party is not a party in the way the R or D party is. “Tea Party” defines a VERY loose category of entities that make certain ideological claims that differ somewhat from one neighborhood group or state to the next. There is no national or even state organization, like a traditional party. So any one person claiming to know what the Tea Party is or isn’t is nonsense. It’s closer to an angry mob than a body of voters who identify themselves as members of a real party.

  17. I’m a District 8 PC. Why wasn’t I invited to this LD8 Meeting?

    Or is it possible that it really was nothing more than a rump caucus of disgruntled Haney supporters who want to rig the Maricopa County Party election.

    I know Paula and have much respect for Honey and what she has done with the Scottsdale Tea Party organization and am inclined to believe their side of this story.

  18. I’d like to know who wrote this Blog!! Let everyone know who you are, full disclosure. First and last names please!

    You are a coward otherwise and should have your writing priveleges taken away. Should I expect anything else from this group?

    Say what you want about Paula Pennypacker hiding behind your keyboard…At least she provides full disclosure of her thoughts without hiding who she is…kudos to Paula!

    BTW – just for the record, Paula is a strong constitutional conservative…Stop spreading lies!!!! You really need to check your sources before you go public with your bulls–t!

  19. How is Paula Pennypacker a strong constitutionalist? She supports more government spending and taxes than conservatives, and has liberal social views which contradict constututional principles like equality and treating people equally. Does she support the right to life? The Constitution protects the right to LIFE and liberty.

  20. Alicia Gegner says

    Ms. Marques displays for all to see, the level of her manners and communication skills in item number 18 above. Those who run out of ideas, nearly always descend to the use of foul language and ad hominem attacks.

    Furthermore, Ms. Marques demands rather strongly that those who post anonymously should not be allowed to express themselves in writing. Could you even imagine that the Founding Fathers, many of whom wrote without attribution so as to avoid the hangman, would suggest that someone should have their First Amendment rights taken away from them? Ms. Marques’ thinking process is akin to those on the left who are not strong Consitutionalists.

    I doubt that Ms. Marques is a true Tea Party person based on her temperament and highly innacurate characterization of Rob Haney himself, and the interechange between them on the night of the meeting.Ms Marques was simply rude and invasive.

    I hesitate to label Ms. Marques mendacious. Perhaps she simply has a poor memory. Rob Haney not only did not try to shut up Ms. Marques, he yielded the floor to her even after she had bullied her way into the discussion he had been leading.

    Ms. Marques is astonishingly aggressive and unpleasant. I support the Tea Party movement, but would not attend any function led by Ms. Marques, nor would I trust its intentions.

    Ms. Pennypacker, viewed as a stong consitutionalis by Ms. Marques, is distincty to the left of any position I hold dear. Ms. Pennypacker was not correct in her blog description of what transpired at the meeting, so we must be suspicious of her motives and alliances.

  21. Marques loves to hear herself talk. She is painfully unaware that she is in the extreme minority.

    Since the rest don’t want to hear her delusions, don’t invite her back. This was not a district event and no one had a “right” to be there except by invitation of the property owner. Let her have her own meeting. The one like her who don’t understand what illegal means or how it affects our taxes.

  22. Paula Pennypacker says

    There is so much misinformation in this post that I do not have to time to address. Happy Holidays everyone — and thank goodness “free markets” are alive and well at as we are swamp.

    And making sure my customers get their products by Christmas is more important than addressing how ridiculous this post is!

    But to answer LD – 8PC’s question — Yes! I am passionately pro-life and believe that one day Roe v Wade will be ruled unconstitutional.

  23. Paula Pennypacker says

    Oops! That was supposed to read “swamped!” You guys need an “edit” option on this site!

  24. SRA, HA HA HA HA HA thanks for a good laugh! Carl Turoff behind is the worst kept secret in town. Anyone who has worked with her on campaigns recognizes her writing style, which is to attack most Republicans in the meanest way possible. Her blog is crap.

  25. Mike Triggs says

    The UNNAMED LD 8 PC’s writes in post # 19 – “How is Paula Pennypacker a strong constitutionalist?”

    “She supports more government spending and taxes than conservatives, and has liberal social views which contradict constututional (sic) principles like equality and treating people equally. Does she support the right to life? The Constitution protects the right to LIFE and liberty.”

    I’m guessing this UNNAMED LD8 PC has never had an actual conversation with Mrs. Pennypacker about the constitution. And isn’t it ironic how these radical Republicans can speak so glowingly about “constututional (sic) principles like equality and treating people equally.” yet in the next breath can deny gays and lesbians the those same rights and equality. I’m talking about simple God given rights like the right to a job, housing or the right to marry the man or woman a person loves.

    Or does LD8 PC just support equal rights for the unborn. I sincerely hope these pro-lifers don’t rethink that support for the fetus if they ever realize gays and lesbians are actually born that way!

    The Constitution is an ever changing document and is always open for interpretation. Fortunately, public attitudes about slavery, voting rights for blacks and women, school desegregation and the right to marry have changed over the years. Call me a Liberal or a RINO if you must but I’ll say it . . . THANK GOD THAT IT DOES CHANGE and that every change was not put up for a majority vote.

  26. I go up against liberals in person with my camera and on blogs like that of Stephen Lemons of the New Times. Many have called me a Nazi, Racist, Tea Bagger along with a number of other names that I wear as badges of honor.

    With that said let me say I do consider myself a conservative but to be honest after reading the comments against Penny and Honey by people who claim to be conservatives I wonder if being conservative is what I want to be. You see I have seen and heard people claim to be a conservative but in my world, action out weights simple feelings or blog attacks.

    Penny has run for office and inspired me to do more with her words and commitment while Honey has worked nonstop to involve people in the political process including going out of pocket to put on an awesome event where conservative gathered and exchanged ideas. While this may seem little or RINO like to internet bullies I personally believe they have proven themselves. It seems that some feel that to further the conservative movement one must make public attacks on these two hard working ladies.

    Liberals and wild animals don’t eat their own yet it appears that some so called conservative do!?!?!?!

    I guess that’s why I’m an independent who wants nothing of the political BS!


  27. I would advise Mr Triggs, U.S.A. Defender, Observe etc. to stand back and observe Ms Pennypacker’s alliances and Ms. Marques behavioral style.

    But they share one trait, i.e. an at-bottom allegiance to a GOP establishment which could care less about Constitutional safeguards, especially if those safeguards stand in the way of their pocket lining.

    But people are “wising up” and conservatives are forming “out of party” organizations like the Tea Party to push for their principles as they can expect nothing more than election cycle verbal con jobs from the GOP leadership.

    But the “con artists” still control the financial strings of the party.

    Paula is smart enough to recognize this and she’ll play up to conservatives for social acceptance, but when the “rubber hits the road” she can be relied upon to re-enter the establishment tent.

    How to do so?

    Demean Pullen, Haney. Pearce and anyone else who publicly and effedtively oppose “Open Borders” and illegal employment!

    Let’s face it, the above reason is what REALLY fuels animosity towards the above trio.

    They’ll never be forgiven for Prop 200 and taking on the AZ Chamber of Commerce and our “Burger Barons” for doing so!

    As to Honey, she’s little more than a naive motormouth who craves acceptance from social superiors. In short, a perfect tool for an establishment determined to ward off scrutiny and accountability from an increasingly enlightened constituency.

  28. ……………………..
    Mike Triggs Says:
    December 20th, 2010 at 6:07 pm

    The Constitution is an ever changing document and is always open for interpretation.

    It’s not as open a document as Liberals like to suggest. Society goes through fads. Any amendments to the Constitution are to be in harmony with the original intent and require a lengthy process of gathering a consensus of the People that discourages faddy whims.

    Slavery was patently not allowed in the Constitution by the statement of “unalienable rights of live, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” The Founding Fathers, having fought a Revolution, spent years of their lives forming a structure of government and ratifying it, were getting too old to tackle dismantling existing slavery. That would be the job of the next generation, and it was settled, definitively, based on the foundations and authority as set out in the existing Constitution.

    If the Founding Fathers were as enamored of slavery as Liberals like to disparage them, they could have easily written in a Constitutional right to slave ownership, but they didn’t. After all, they literally wrote the rules, they held the keys to the nation and several had a vested interest in holding onto property and wealth, but they didn’t.

    They looked beyond selfish, self-interest for the greater good of a nation and its people.

    It’d be nice to see some light of that grand vision amongst the very safe, prosperous and advanced society we have today, thanks to the personal sacrifices of those great men, but we look around and find ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME.

  29. Wanumba:

    Too add to your Constitutional argument, I’d point out that the document was designed to apply but not contradict its basic principles to changing situations.

    Of course this has been thrown to the winds to appease political expediency in the cause of centralized government.

    The process gained steam in the first Roosevelt administration, gained a foothold in that of Wilson and has since run amuck from FDR on!

    But to give them a sort of backhanded credit, Liberal Dems are strightforward and intellectually honest about their support for the process.

    Establishment Republicans are cryptos on the subject. They can always be counted on to oppose centralizing, non-constitutional trends VERBALLY and especially while running for office.

    Should any GOP officeholder or individual of influence seriously seek to regain the balance put in place by our Founders, he will instantly become a pariah to Republican party elites, who’ve made their own beds with the secular liberal zeitgeist!

  30. Correction to last Post:

    To rather than “too” begin the first sentence and “through an amendment process”
    to finish the same sentence.

    Mea Culpa!

  31. I’d like to address this idiotic fantasy that more than a few rightwingers have about the Constitution AND the Glenn Beck Birdbrain Explanation of Reality. Constitutional law is not simply what your opinions are (i.e., you and your fellow tribesmen). It includes the Constitution, and all the various court rulings related to it. We can no more decide “originalism” is the correct Constitutional theory than we can state definitively what originalism or even contextualsim is. Obviously, what matters to rightwingers most is their tribe being in control. Ergo, property rights will matter more than individual rights. But there is ultimately no separation here between the basic Constitutional unit, i.e., the citizen and the flow of power from this basic unit. Individuals, not their property, rule.

    The Founding Fathers, in effect, rested the notion of “rights” with actual human beings rather than white, male, property owners who abhor “centralized government”. Yes, government in the 18th century was entirely coincident with that demographic. Guess what? Demographics change. If anything, this explains the exceptionally neurotic rightwing obsession with the Constitution. You can’t abolish the courts or divergent opinions on Constitutional law, but you can do everything politically possible to make your reality the dominant one. All you need are a bunch of semi-educated white people who think Glenn Beck is an intellectual and who vote tribalistically for corporate power. Unfortunately, you’ll arrive at exactly the place you’re trying to escape from: a highly centralized oligarchy controlled not by elected officials but by unknown elitists. Good luck with your numskull experiment.

  32. What a compilation of petty little far right wing autocrats. Anyone who disagrees with you is a liberal, as if that’s an insult. So many people have the idea that the Tea Party is a bunch of far right conservative bullies that shout down the opposition rather than debate them, and this is why. Do yourself a favor, if people believe you are a bunch of knuckle dragging bigoted a holes, keep your mouths shut and don’t prove they are right.

  33. goldstandard says

    I’ve read Ms. Pennypacker’s blogs for quite some time, now, but have commented maybe once or twice. I noticed a change in tone and message in more recent blogs and after reading the comments here, I finally understand the underlying reason for Ms. Pennypacker’s sudden change of political heart: Honey Marques. Ms. Marques’ comment speaks for itself (she comes across as a crass and foul-mouthed individual) and after reading her diatribe, it’s not hard for me to choose the Haney side of this issue even though I wasn’t there. Marques’ comment just doesn’t ring true for me. Further, if I didn’t know any better, I would guess that Ms. Marques is writing the Pennypacker blog comments these days as well. A shame, actually, because before Ms. Marques’ influence, Pennypacker’s blog was popular among conservatives. It would appear, however, that the only bloggers agreeing with her these days are the liberals who frequent her blog. Word of advice Paula Pennypacker: think hard about the influence Ms. Marques has had on your “popularity” with Republicans and Conservatives. It seems to me that your list of conservative friends is dwindling….with Marques’ help. But more importantly, it seems that the once level-headed, smart, and rational “conservative” Pennypacker has been swayed by someone who appears to be fueling a hatred for Ugenti, Pearce, and now Haney.

  34. Carlist,

    I have interacted with both ladies and while I don’t agree with them on all points I will say I do believe them to have done much for the conservative cause leading up to and beyond the 2008 and 2010 elections. As for you “pocket lining” comment I find you to be out of line!

    I dislike LIBERAL MORONS and have similar feeling for hacks who do little more than lie about people who try and make a difference in the conservative movement. To be honest your comments sounds more of that of a scorned suitor or that of a LIBERAL MORON than that of anything else!


    P.S. How’s that for standing back and observing?

  35. goldstandard says

    Just curious. Is this the same Honey Marques (Physician Assistant on Redfield Road) who donated to Hillary Clinton in 2008? From Huffington Post:

    Honey Marques
    physician assistant
    my dr now
    Scottsdale, AZ
    $455 donation to hillary clinton
    Honey Marques
    Donation of $455 to hillary clinton
    Honey Marques
    physician assistant
    dr now
    Scottsdale, AZ
    $350 donation to hillary clinton
    Honey Marques
    Donation of $350 to hillary clinton
    Honey Marques
    not employed
    not employed
    Makawao, HI
    $333 donation to hillary clinton

  36. goldstandard,

    If this is the same Honey I know then I’m a bigger fan of hers. She has always said that she was a Democrat who has seen the light. This may be way she has so much passion and works so hard to bring people to the right.

    If you found this and posted it because you came to the same conclusion as I did then BRAVO! If it was an attempt to discredit her then your “alinsky” style attack has backfired because she has always disclosed her political past!!!

    Coming to the conclusion that there is little difference between the FAR LEFT and the FAR RIGHT!


  37. wanumba clearly has no idea about the Constitution. Let’s examine his inanities and reflect on his arrogance.

    “Any amendments to the Constitution are to be in harmony with the original intent …”

    No Amendments to the Constitution are necessary when those governed wish to alter the intent (whatever that is believed to be).

    “Slavery was patently not allowed in the Constitution by the statement of ‘unalienable rights of live, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.'”

    Except of course it was, explicitly.

    “The Founding Fathers, having fought a Revolution, spent years of their lives forming a structure of government and ratifying it, were getting too old to tackle dismantling existing slavery.”

    No, many of the same ‘founding fathers’ were slave owners and prospered from slavery. Those who did oppose slavery believed having a Constitution which included all 13 colonies was more important than the lives of those enslaved.

    ” That would be the job of the next generation, and it was settled, definitively, based on the foundations and authority as set out in the existing Constitution.”

    No, it was settled after a bloody Civil War because the political system became incapable of settling the issue.

    “If the Founding Fathers were as enamored of slavery as Liberals like to disparage them, they could have easily written in a Constitutional right to slave ownership, but they didn’t.”

    Seriously? Slaves were not citizens nor had the protections afforded any. Why would they need to write in a Constitutional right?

    “They looked beyond selfish, self-interest for the greater good of a nation and its people.”

    No, they continued a poisonous institution which brought great wealth to the country at the cost of millions of lives.

    soleri of course makes many fine points.

  38. Todd:

    Actually, slavery was not the issue over which secession was decided and a war was fought.

    In behind-the-door negotiations between the newly formed Confederacy (minus Virginia, Tennessee, North Carolina and Arkansas) Lincoln offered to reintroduce and enforce a stronger fugitive slave act, but he would not budge from the Republican committment to a 40% Tariff Wall (which approximated levels which brought about South Carolina’s nullification of Andrew Jackson’s 1832 measure)

    That was the deal-breaker regarding unification, and when Lincoln called upon the outer South states mentioned above to send troops to quell the “rebellion” (most state governments contained secession clauses within their constitution ratification documents) their governors refused and their populaces voted to join their fellow southern states.

    Lincoln was a non complaining resident of a state (Illinois) which while prohibiting slavery refused to allow blacks the right of residence!

    Lincoln was however, a “Free Soiler” i.e. one who opposed the expansion of slavery. This crucial issue came up after the Mexican War regarding the Southwest. Potential residents did NOT want to compete against “cheap” labor!

    Doesn’t that sound familiar?

  39. USA Defender:

    Sorry pal, but Honey is “spreading” the light of the ruling class (probably unintentionally, as I’ve both met and endured her) rather than “seeing” the light of any principle.

    Believe me, being a staunch ally of Susan Bittersmith (who one wag stated has her feet in both camps until she discerns which one will benefit her and whom she will knife) reveals a pathetic naivete and lack of basic “street smarts”!

    On the other hand, Ms. Pennypacker is quite a bit shrewder, probably since she’s a steady practioner of the duplicity mastered by Susan B.S. over the past few decades!

  40. Carlist,

    You seem to get around! So she liked Susan B.S.! I thought she was an awesome lady when I met her as well. I voted for Deakin! What does that say about me? Furthermore I don’t care I have seen your type come a go.

    What should be bothersome to the readers of this blog is that you seem to be what we all see in LIBERAL MORONS. You take things to its extremes with superficial facts and a rabid heart. If you don’t like her politics then ignore her or debate her on the facts! But like the leftist goons I’m used to dealing with a simple disagreement in politics turns out to go as far as personal attacks or an attempt at character assassination.

    Why the fanaticism to hurt these ladies? While some may praise your enthusiasm I find it most ungentlemanly like, dishonorable and so much like the character of a lefty MORON!


  41. goldstandard says

    USADefender – I was just curious as to the seemingly suddenness convert to the right from (and a Tea Party “founder” to boot)someone who gave $1,100 to Hillary Clinton two years ago (and whom probably then voted for Obama).

    But since you are quick to draw in the name- calling “duel”, I’d say you either fit right in with the “far left” or the “far right” that you continue to espouse. I’m guessing, USADefender, that you’re closer to the far left considering your habit to brand everyone here as “extremists”, “far right” and “radical right.” That’s a liberal tactic. I’m guessing maybe you’re a “recent convert” to the Republican Party? I could be wrong.

    I’ve seen NO name calling or hate-filled writings from anyone from the Haney crowd on this blog. I’ve read a lot of hateful and angry comments from Marques herself, you, and the few liberals who jumped on board after Ms. Pennypacker posted a link to this site on Mr. McClellan’s liberal blog (now, why would Ms. Pennypacker post a link to this blog on a very liberal blog in the first place? For support of her liberals views, that’s why).

    I’m not a radical, extremist OR far right. I’m a registered Republican and I’m conservative. I’m not a “member” of the Tea Party, but I do support the effort and consider myself a Tea Party Patriot nonetheless (I don’t understand what it means to be a “member” of a groundswell movement of people only interested in changing politics-as-usual).

    I wish Ms. Pennypacker well. But I don’t see her going anywhere politically now, especially with Ms. Marques as her advisor. Unless, of course, Ms. Pennypacker registers in her true party (along with Marques and you?): DEMOCRAT.

  42. goldstandard says

    USADefender spends most of his/her time posting here calling everyone “else” morons or extremists. That is the exact type of liberal tactic that Republicans have come to despise, and it’s why so many people are finally seeing liberals for what they are: mean and nasty name-callers. USADefender: I’ve read “Moron” at least 4 times just going back and skimming your comments.

    And here are a few of the better Marques quotes:

    “I just put a damper on Rob Haney’s wet dream about Russell Pearce being the tea party hero…” (that’s a classy comment, Marques).

    “Nothing intimidates me! BTW – I challenge all you cowards to disclose who you are in this forum…I did! Put your name where your RADICAL mouth is!” (Now that sounds like a liberal bully if I ever heard one)

    But the quote I love best is the next one (anyone else think of Obama when reading this?):

    “Have fun spitting out more vile comments aobut me while I’m out organizing my community.”

    Sounds to me like Pennypacker has been taken under the wing by a liberal community organizer. How ironic.

  43. To All It May Concern:

    There are several writers who write/post here on Sonoran Alliance.

    While we all consider ourselves conservatives and libertarians, we do not always agree.

    As the Administrator of the blog, I see EVERYTHING that goes on behind the posts and comments (email addresses, IP addresses, etc.)

    My promise to all SA writers is to not disclose their identities. Every writer will attest to the fact that I have never disclosed identities.

    One thing I do ask is that you do NOT use obscene language in the comments and that you back everything up with facts or primary source documents.

    I ask that you also do not use personal addresses of individuals.

    Please be cautious of each other’s privacy.

    American Post Gazette does have a sign up to receive emails. While I do not subscribe to their list, anyone else can by clicking on the link/button above.

    Sonoran Alliance

  44. A big thank you to the admininistrator of this blog!!!

    Merry Christmas 🙂

  45. goldstandard says

    My apologies, Sonoran Alliance. Feel free to delete any of my comments that may be offensive in nature. I did not, however, think the information from the Huffington Post was personal in nature since it is public record (campaign contributions search).

  46. “Actually, slavery was not the issue over which secession was decided and a war was fought.”

    Lincoln likely would have agreed to all sorts of compromises to head off the dissolution of the union. He was a relative moderate on the question of slavery, however, the states which seceded clearly saw him as being anti-slavery and this is why they seceded.

    Reading the official secession letters of the confederate states and pronouncements at the time it is clear that slavery was the main reason (not the only one, but the main one) that they were seceding. The fact that the confederate states seceded to protect slavery surely is cause to state unequivocally that the war was fought over slavery.

    However, this is beside the point as the issue I was challenging was wanumba’s ridiculous claim that the issue of slavery was settled based upon authority in the Constitution. This is clearly false as the issue was settled through a civil war.

  47. goldstandard,

    I made contact with honey about you putting her home address on a blog (LIBERAL)! As for me being a liberal that’s fine I’ll add that the rest of the insults the left has thrown at me. Click on USAdefender1 and tell me where you see liberal! Yet another unsubstantiated fact!

    Not sure if this blog considers the word “MORON” a bad word. I have a hard time saying or writing LIBERAL without the MORON attached!


  48. goldstandard says

    USAdefender – I clicked on your name and watched your videos and read your comments on your “channel.” Can’t say that there is anything there that is liberal, that’s for sure. I also agree with you on illegal immigration. It seems to me that the only thing we disagree on politically is where Ms. Marques and Ms Pennypacker stand on the issue. Do you read Ms. Pennypacker’s blog? I do. And she has made a 180 turn from her typical conservative ideals since being mentored by Ms. Marques. The Clinton contributions, in my mind, speak volumes. That was the last major election. And suddenly Ms. Marques is a reformed staunch supporter of Republican/conservative values? If so, why does Ms. Pennypacker sound like a liberal these days? And her blog is getting applause by….LIBERALS.

    Just curious – do you agree with the DREAM Act? I oppose it. Ms. Pennypacker favors it.

    And your channel is awesome. Your message is RIGHT ON.

  49. Veritas Vincit says

    Honey? How many column inches do you need to run your mouth?

    You and Pennypacker should simply wrap yourselves in burkas and take the next flight to Riyadh where your extreme vocal abilities will be appreciated.

  50. If Paula is a protege of Honey Marquez, she’s in serious need of a psychiatrist not a campaign contributor!

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