Defeated liberal Republican Paula Pennypacker bashes Russell Pearce, other conservatives

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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Failed legislative candidate and Arizona Republic Plugged In blogger helps disrupt “LD8 meeting,” insults conservatives 
Tries to kick social conservatives out of Tea Party

Liberal Republican Paula Pennypacker

Paula Pennypacker, who was soundly trounced in the LD8 race for the House of Representatives this year by the more conservative Tea Party candidate Michelle Ugenti, has decided to take out her rage on conservatives. In an astonishingly rude blog post for the Arizona Republic, she bashes Senator Russell Pearce and Maricopa County Republican Chairman Rob Haney, complaining about an LD8 meeting where her hateful views against social conservatives weren’t warmly accepted.

She showed up to the meeting at a private residence, which was NOT an LD8 meeting, with her friend Honey Marques, a liberal Republican and one of the biggest supporters of liberal Republican Susan Bitter Smith. Both women attempted to take over the meeting and tell social conservatives they were not welcome in the Tea Parties.

Maricopa County Chairman, Rob Haney spoke at the meeting, and said that Senator Russell Pearce is a hero to the Tea Party. Honey objected, and told the crowd that illegal immigration is not a Tea Party issue because the Tea Parties only care about fiscal issues, saying Pearce is not a hero to the Tea Party. According to Pennypacker, the crowd heckled her.
I would say she got off lucky.
The crowd’s response is no surprise, since illegal immigration is one of those issues that does stretch across both fiscal and social issues, contrary to Honey’s assertion. The cost of illegal immigration is staggering. According to Fox News, illegal immigration costs the U.S. $113 billion each year.

Most Tea Party members are also social conservatives. A Google search on “tea party” and “illegal immigration” pulls up thousands of results where Tea Parties have rallied against illegal immigration.

Pennypacker is angry that she lost an election to a real conservative Tea Party candidate. She is angry that the views she and her friend Honey espoused were the extreme minority at this meeting. Even the liberal Arizona Republic rag has had to admit an overwhelming majority of voters support strong immigration enforcement.  Her little mind cannot seem to grasp that there is a huge difference between legal and illegal immigration.  No one has a problem with people who immigrate here legally.

Her divisive attitude is doing no good but instead hurting the Republican Party, Tea Parties, and conservative principles. Instead of attacking conservatives and dictating to them what the Republican Party and Tea Parties should be like, she should back off and maybe actually try to get along with the grassroots base.

Pennypacker’s pretense at being a principled Republican isn’t fooling anyone. She tries to make people think she is a conservative but there isn’t enough dye in the world to cover those liberal roots. She is exactly what is wrong with the Republican Party. She fits in well at the Arizona Republic.

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  1. So Mrs Pennypacker supports the Dream Act!

    This proves that many contributors to this list have “pegged” “The Packer”!

    No matter what she says to woo Tea Partiers and consevatives, when it comes to action she can be seen as an Open Borders establishment “suck up”!

    Look for her to be well financed when she again runs for office!

    No wonder her “mentor” Honey Marquez wants us to ditch Russell Pearce and Rob Haney!

  2. Don Williams says


    Your explanation of the “Liberal” Republic’s recent endorsement of ulta conservative Ben Quayle, Oh and sorry, I forgot to include it’s endorsement of Brewer, plus Editorials once to twice a week by Charles Krauthammer might be?

    Sure looks like a Conservative paper, eh?

  3. Don Williams says

    Dang, why no spell check here! I meant to say ultra conservative Ben Quayle……

  4. I strongly disagree that the calling it “The War Between the States” is more appropriate that the Civil War. 

    I am very familiar with Calhoun however his ideas of nullification were quite contested and his belief in the right of secession was even opposed by many who accepted nullification. 

    I would still come back to the fact that this is completely entwined with slavery. The South would not have had a successful 
    agrarian economy had it not been for their ability to profit through slave labor. 

    Calhoun may have claimed high minded ideals, but the fact remains he believed in slavery as a good and believed other states needed to respect the “property rights” of slave owners, even to the point of forcing non- slave states to enforce slavery through the 1850 fugitive slave act which passed right before he died. 

    I do agree that there are parallels between now and then. In particular, parts of today’s conservatives seem to unknowingly understand the US Constitution as points actually advanced in the Confederate Constitution. 

    It is also quite unclear why you see libertarian ideals in Calhoun, et al. Slavery and forcing other states to enforce slavery hardly seem like libertarian positions to me. You keep returning to high tariffs but I really find little to support in people who are reaping massive profits from slave labor complaining about having their profits taxed at too high rate. 

    Finally, the post Civil War South certainly suffered as a result of certain federal economic policies, but these dwarf
    in comparison to the losses resulting from the War and the removal of slavery as a prime economic engine, both in agriculture and the slave market itself. Add this to the massive concentration of property and it is no wonder the south remained economically stunted. 

    In the end I have never read a convincing argument of how one separates the positions of Calhoun and the like from defenses and justification for one person owning another. If this line of argument had won the day this would have have meant a continuation of slavery. That very fact alone should make anyone pause before embracing the position he and others advocated. 

  5. Don Williams:

    Only a ‘died in the wool” lib would define Ben Quayle as an “ultra” conservative!

    As to the Republic, try reading its editorial page throughout the year, and then opine about what side of the spectrum the paper resides!

    It wasn’t the Brewer was so “right” that she got the endorsement. After all she raised taxes as both you and the Republic fought for, she brought back the state property tax and her staff is led by Grant Woods and Chuck Coughlin,, who would be insulted to be defined as “conservative” in any manner!

    The problem that was presented to the editorial board lied in the fact that she was opposed by a rather pathetic three time gubernatorial loser.

    Maybe Goddard would satisfy you, but frankly he’d go over with few others!

  6. One of the “concessions” Lincoln would have made to preserve the Union was to permit slavery in the South. He didn’t exactly take the moral high ground. He certainly didn’t take it when he suspended habeus corpus, which is akin to suspending the Constitution itself.

    One can hold that the South was wrong about slavery, but right about their rights as states. And that they were correctly understanding the Constitution when they resisted (eventually with violence) Lincoln’s understanding of the Constitution.

  7. Please… how far to the left do you need to be not to see the AZ Republic as a liberal rag? How transparent.

    Merry Christmas!

  8. Chandler Committee Man says

    I find it very interesting that the debate is this blog is about personalities and not on topic. As a Tea Party first and Republican, only choosing the best of two evils, I suggest that many need to read the Constitution in its entirety not trying to interpret it but using only Webster’s as a source of interpretation and it becomes perfectly clear where our position should be as Conservatives. That is why the Tea Party will thrive and uncover those that pose as such and are unlike the Constitutionalist, which is the Tea Party!
    Be afraid, be very afraid, if you a part of the Old Republican establishment!

  9. SRA if you know who writes the seeing red arizona blog and it’s not Carol Turoff, pray tell who it is. It’s done very well and the writer deserves some kudos.

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