DeeDee Garcia Blase – Self Absorbed Racist Liberal Latina

DeeDee Garcia Blase & Jerry Lewis

By Javier Manjarres

America’s favorite phony Republican Belinda ‘Dee Dee’ Blase, the founder of the so-called “Somos Republicans” group, is once again trying to draw attention to herself and her disingenuous slant that favors amnesty for illegal aliens as a self identified Republican.

Dee Dee seems to have a very unhealthy and almost creepy crush of sorts on Senator Marco Rubio, as she continues to beat the drum that Rubio should support the Dream Act and amnesty because his family supposedly benefited from amnesty.

Blase and her ilk supports amnesty for  illegal aliens, and now they are attempting to have Arizona State Senator Russell Pearce recalled because he was the chief architect of the infamous ‘Arizona immigration bill’ that caused riots by illegal aliens and activists back in 2010.

This recall drive perhaps is legitimate, but the problem for Dee Dee now is that has formally changed her voter registration status from Republican to Independent.

She recently was a guest on the Rev. Al Sharpton’s comedy I mean talk show on MSNBC-

“Joining me now is Dee Dee Blase, she’s a co-founder of Somos Republicans, a Hispanic Republican group dedicated to increasing the Latino Republican voting bloc. But she recently left the party, becoming an independent …” (MSNBC’s “PoliticsNation,” 10/19/11)

So now that Blase is ‘out of the closet’ so to speak about her true political views, should she continue to campaign against Pearce, Rubio, or whomever as a member of Somos Republicans even though she is no longer a registered Republican?  We’re not the least surprised by Blase’s ongoing theatrics, she’s been pulling these stunts for as long as she has moved in political circles- Blase is considered a pariah by many that have encountered her, and it’s likely that she doesn’t have a real Republican bone in her body.

Blase also has been involved with her little ‘Tequila Party’ organization that she started, a race-baiting organization whose only purpose is to draw scorn and ridicule from actual Republicans and then charge Republicans with bigotry and racism for doing so- we reported on this bogus group not long ago-

In fact, the ‘Tequila Party” was previously identified by the publication The Week as being comprised of many disenchanted individuals who are “considering severing their ties to the Democratic Party and forming an independent, grassroots group called the “Tequila Party, most likely because their conveniently identified flash mob has much more radical aims than establishment Democrats.

Here’s some more dubious activity from this group- it wasn’t that long ago when the “Tequila Party” was bragging how “Latino voters demonstrated their power in Nevada by putting Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid over the top in a close race against Tea Party favorite Sharron Angle.”  But wait- I thought Blase and Somos Republicans were Republicans??  Did they not support Angle in 2010?  How about John McCain in 2008, did she support him, or was he too extreme for her tastes as well?

 As we’ve said before, Blase is almost certainly a Democrat plant that is being utilized by some leftist organization to deceive and divide the Republican party. It was only a matter of time before she cracked and showed her true colors.  Now that she’s left the GOP and become an Independent, will actual Republicans attempt to stop her unauthorized use of the Republican trade name through her organization?

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