DeeDee Blase is a Liar and Engaging in Libel.

OK DeeDee Garcia Blase. If you want to play this game on the blogs, let’s play. I’m calling you out!

I have always believed that running Olivia Cortes was a huge mistake if not just plain stupid. Gaming the system in such a manner goes against the American Association of Political Consultants Code of Ethics.

I did not participate in the fiasco of running her as a candidate other than providing a forum for supporters and detractors to discuss her participation in the race.

Ultimately what Tom Ryan did to her was evil by dragging her through the mud and into the court system. If there was anyone YOU should be attacking for disrespecting Latinas, it is Tom Ryan and his minions for humiliating her in the courts. Shame on you DeeDee for not defending her!

Yes, Olivia Cortes was dragged into this stupid, unnecessary recall fiasco as a means to game the system. Those who pulled her into this were wrong for doing so.

DeeDee Garcia Blase, we may agree on several other issues but you are DEAD WRONG on my participation in the Cortes fiasco.

You should also go back and read Sonoran Alliance and see that I gave Jerry Lewis supporters the opportunity to post on Sonoran Alliance as guest opinions. I even gave Tyler Montague and Chad Snow space and time to get their opinions out:

Deep Thoughts from Team Pearce: A new interpretation of, “We report, you decide.” by Tyler Montague

Citizens for a Better Arizona Official Statement – “Why a Recall – Why Now?” by Chad Snow

You need to do your research before you start hysterically lashing out at what you don’t know.

This blog is well read across the State of Arizona and in Washington, D.C. Anyone who is a frequent reader and visitor will see that I have given each side the opportunity to voice their opinions.

If you want to continue to pursue this and tell lies about my position, I will be more than willing to dedicate space on Sonoran Alliance to make sure that you received negative ink on a daily basis. This is your opportunity to retract your posts that are outright lies and likely libelous. In exchange, I will remove this post. The choice is yours DeeDee Blase.

Finally, go back and read Sonoran Alliance in 2010 and you will see that John McCain had his supporters also posting on the blog. It was NOT one-sided as you alleged on your most recent post.

I am getting sick and tired of people like you who think that I write every post on Sonoran Alliance or don’t allow other viewpoints. There are plenty of people who will back me up that Sonoran Alliance bends over backwards to give equal access to both sides. Hell DeeDee, I would even give you your own login if you asked!

So tell the truth DeeDee Blase and take the opportunity to correct and retract your statements before you wear out my graces.


  1. The offer stands DeeDee. You take your posts down and I’ll take mine down. You know where to fine me:

    • Sarah palin says
    • Sarah palin says

      Looks like DeeDee out-witted you, Shane.

      She got you to blog openly blog about your real feeling on the OLIVIA CORTES scandal, and how you are denouncing Tea Party supporters like Greg Western when they used their scandalous tactics as they affected the purity of elections.

      You wrote:

      Olivia Cortes was dragged into this stupid, unnecessary recall fiasco as a means to game the system. Those who pulled her into this were wrong for doing so.

      Tea Party Republicans and Russell Pearce supporters used Cortes to get her name on the ballot, and when the fire was too hot, OLIVIA CORTES finally withdrew. Now the Russell Pearce supporters are calling Hispanic Democratic and Independent voters in essence getting them to throw away their votes.

      Where is your blog entry regarding the ABC video of Ludders dirty election deeds?

  2. OK, this is something I don’t get:

    “Ultimately what Tom Ryan did to her was evil by dragging her through the mud and into the court system. If there was anyone YOU should be attacking for disrespecting Latinas, it is Tom Ryan and his minions for humiliating her in the courts.”

    Tom Ryan didn’t disrespect “Latinas” or drag her through the mud. He brought an individual to court to contest the legality of what they’re doing. If she was “humiliated”, that’s her own doing – telling the city of Mesa one thing, and then changing the story when under oath… Yeah, when I told lies as a kid and got caught, it’s not the person who caught me lying fault my face turned red and my skin turned hot (and it’s not done yet – the conservative Republican Secretary of State feels that something shady enough happened here to request an investigation ).

    Coupled with your own admission:

    “Gaming the system in such a manner goes against the American Association of Political Consultants Code of Ethics.”

    Why is Tom Ryan being castigaed by name and not Greg Western? What about Ken Bennet, is he disrespecting Latinas or humiliating Olivia Cortes?

    No one held a gun to OIivia Cortes’ head (at least not that we know of) to force her to run, and if someone’s gunning for the seat of the most powerful politican in Arizona, expect there to be a high scrutiny on that person. Unless Cortes is mentally feeble, she has to take responsibility for what she’s done, and it has nothing to do with her race or the person filing the challenge.

    It’s Olivia Cortes’ responsibility alone.

    As a postscript Shane, I think you’ve been more than fair in the posts here at SA. Allowing Chad Snow to post (both in the comments AND the post you’ve listed) and taking down the “MeetJerryLewis.Com” post should more than prove that to anyone paying attention.

  3. Marty Smith says

    actually, a bit incorrect. It was Parraz and Lewis that got Cortes kicked off the ballot. Lewis was just playing rope a dope and pretending he had nothing to with it.

    Like he still insists the far left is not 99% of his campaign for office.

  4. The faux indignation of a Pearce supporter. Such hypocrisy, such drama, such laughs.

    It was Western, and the other Pearce supporters that tried to game the system through sleazy tactics, and they exploited Olivia, and will cut and run when its time for her to face a judge. Cowards.

  5. How can you say that what Tom Ryan did was “evil”? Olivia Cortes and her supporters have broken several laws! Someone paid for her signs. Someone paid for her signatures. She swore under oath it wasn’t her. No one registered with the SOS’s office as an I.E. for Cortes as required by law. Ergo, laws have been broken. All Tom Ryan did was shine the light on it. He was about to shine the light on a whole lot more which explains the sudden withdrawal of Cortes as a candidate on the eve of the further hearing.

    • @Chad, I happen to believe that Olivia was a naive pawn (or given plausible deniability) in this whole fiasco. What Tom Ryan did was to shoot the messenger and to send the message that Hispanic women need not apply for public office.

      • Shane, what Tom Ryan did was expose a shady plot by Pearce family and supporters to dilute the vote in the recall election. It was universally condemned by everyone else, why not SA? Ryan’s actions said nothing about Hispanic women applying for public office. Pearce’s actions sent the message that he thinks Hispanic voters are too stupid to differentiate between a real and sham candidate.

    • Marty Smith says

      Chad – name the CRIMINAL law that was broken by an IE paying for signs…? Name the CRIMINAL law that was broken by a IE paying for petition gatherers…?

      This was YOUR effort, not Ryan’s. You and Parraz are running this dog and pony show. YOU ordered Ryan to get Cortes kicked off the ballot.

      And YOU and Ryan LIED in court documents when you foisted Mary Lou Boettcher as a “concerned LD18 voter” when in fact she is a worker with CBA and a worker on Lewis’s campaign

      • Hey genius, I’m not mentioned as an attorney or a party in any court documents, so how could I have lied? And are being a “concerned LD18 voter” and a member of Citizens for a Better Arizona mutually exclusive? I thought the whole Recall effort was the work of outsiders??? And Tom Ryan is his own man – he doesn’t take “orders” from me or Parraz. He’s 2-0 against the corrupt Pearce machine so far. Finally, I never said that CRIMINAL laws had been broken, just that laws had been broken. (Raises an interesting distinction between criminal and civil laws from a Pearce supporter, though).

        Nice try, McFly.

  6. BantheScan says
  7. Anson Clarkson says

    While some of the post has some editorializing by Shane I don’t necessarily agree with, the overall message in it is right on. Rational people should not fight irrational people by becoming irrational themselves. You don’t fix crazy by acting crazy.

    I’m not saying that Shane or DeeDee are crazy (well I think we all are a little), but this type of talk is only divisive and destructive. It does no good for the Mesa or the political community.

    • Are you aware that pro-recall-pro-Lewis people have been posting on other blogs falsely using Sonoran Alliance nics to smear Shane and Pearce, including frauding a nic to call Shane by name a liar on another blog. That would be very much done with “malice and forethought.” It’s still going on, but Shane now can ID the legit versus the fake.

      Noticed even here that some comment postings have been done under regulars’ nics, but don’t have the gravatars that should go with the real deal: fraud again.

      How pathetic is that? It’s just a pretty tame opinion blog here, but that’s completely intolerable to certain elements.

      “Ye know them by their fruits.”
      Dirty it is.

      • wanumba,

        I’m pretty sure that isn’t your face in your avatar, right?

        I’ve watched the whole battle over your nic and, well, I do kind of “get it” because I use this name on all of the boards I post on and consider it “mine”, but really, when someone at New Times posts with your name or some variation of it and says something that is totally NOT what you would say, doesn’t that speak for itself?

        I think the person that is doing it is doing it in order to get a rise out of you. If you stop reacting, you take the “fun” out of it for the person doing it. Just a thought. People who read here and read there know the difference. For what it’s worth…

        • Well, the people who are familiar with my stuff did spot it as fake, and I was informed of it, but plenty of people don’t know and others were indeed confused at the two very different voices. So, it WAS misleading people.

          And what was the ultimate purpose to use the name of one of Shane’s writers to denigrate Shane by name and claim Shane was doing things he wasn’t doing? So, it went significantly beyond getting a “rise” out of me, but into a realm of “malicious intent to defame” not me, but Shane.

          I’m not seeing the “civility” IN ACTION the recall gang are screaming they need. I wouldn’t do that to anyone, nor would Shane.

          My position has been consistently that this recall is an incumbent harassment, an attempt to upend a majority vote and an abuse of the electoral process. It must be the truth since recallers get incensed and resort to dirty tricks to try to shut such talk down. If the GOP doesn’t unite and fight this, it’ll be recall-a-palooza coast-to-coast.

          That’s it. take it or leave it. I kept my opinion HERE on THIS blog. I didn’t chase ANYONE around town to annoy them on other blogs. I was not given the same courtesy.

          We’ll know very soon if the Democrat cynical calculations will prevail. I hope they don’t. But plenty of people don’t care about the long-term damage to our normal electoral processes.

        • Good luck wherewasi. I tried this with him some time back.

          And I see his response was as coherent as the last one.

      • One solution is to use your real name.

        • My dear Chad Snow, anyone can take your name right now and post any old crap from “you” because you didn’t stick a gravatar to it. You will be very very very very very not happy,to the point of “pissed” and other much stronger words. I won’t, because I don’t approve of that and I happen to be an innocent victim of it.

          You got free and open posting rights from Shane to present your case in its entirety. That’s awesome, isn’t it? So what’s to worry about?

          • Most places have ‘free and open posting rights’. It’s just the narrow minded sights like Sonoran News and Intellectual Conservative that feel they have the right to be the “thought police”.

            But, yes, several of us have said to Shane today that we appreciate the fact that his site is open.

            • We’re having a nomeclature disconnect here. For example, Chad Snow was given access to publish his viewpoint as an article, with an open comment thread to allow debate on what he wrote.
              I have written about 20 articles published here on SA,so that’s what am I referring to in terms of the “copyrighting,” and the copyrighted use of the name, not the general comments sections. It would be unfair to the readers for me to author under one name and comment post under another. People don’t like that at all, understandably.

  8. Shane, I agree with you that Cortes was a naive pawn drawn into a game that was way over her head. I did feel sorry for her – at first. She figured out what she was in for when the press started camping out in her yard and calling her. She figured out that when she was told “just let us use your name and picture – that’s ALL you need to do” that she was lied to. I was sympathetic that she was put in that position by people who would use her for their own purposes and then abandon her.

    Sympathetic, that is, UNTIL she said “I’m in it to win”.

    At that point, she became a fully vested partner in the ploy and any sympathy I had went out the window. She decided to voluntarily participate in defrauding the LD18 voters. Let her get what she has coming. That goes for her “sponsors” too.

    Also, did I miss something, or is this the first time that you came out in your own opinion blog and said that you have “always believed that running Olivia Cortes was a huge mistake if not plain stupid” – ? I had asked your opinion about this numerous times when it wasn’t yet quite “safe” for you to speak against the party leaders in saying so. You indicated that you would address it and never did until now, when everyone KNOWS it was stupid.

    Tom Ryan is not “evil” for doing what needed to be done to keep the Pearce camp from defrauding the voters of LD18. But there is indeed some brimstone in this story somewhere…

    • Hey Bigot,

      If she said she was “in to win”, then she was “in to win”! What, is that not allowed? A Latina that strays off the plantation should be put in her place? According to Lewis, out in the field to pick the crops! What happened to Cortes is what is happening to Herman Cain now. If you are a certain color, you better keep your conservatism to yourself, you better get where you belong or else we will destroy you!

      • The only people who cared about Olivia’s race were the people who put her up to getting in the middle of it. Playing the race card was their entire game plan. She clearly was not “in it to win” if she didn’t even know who was paying her bills. I am no bigot. I would vote for Herman over Michelle Bachman or Sarah Palin or Romney, Trump or Perry any day.

        • She said she was in to win, BIGOT!

        • “I am no bigot. I would vote for Herman over Michelle Bachman or Sarah Palin or Romney, Trump or Perry any day.”

          And I am sure you felt that way when you voted for Obama, BIGOT!

          • Yawn. Actually I voted for Hillary in the Primary. As far as the General Election – what can I say? A vote for McCain would have put Palin in D.C. She’s like nails on a blackboard. Obama’s performance has been disappointing, but yes, I did vote for him.

            • Now you can add Moron, to your BIGOT.

              • Shane – isn’t this the kind of derogatory nonsense that you were saying you were banning from your site preferring “civil discourse” instead? I whole-heartedly support the idea of “acting like adults”.

    • wherewasi,

      No, I have mentioned my dissatisfaction with the Cortes ploy several times in the comments with a note to expand on those thoughts. Yesterday’s lie propagated by DeeDee on Tucson Citizen was the spark that caused me to post this piece.

      • Really? Can you point me to other blogs where you have expressed that? I come over here almost daily to browse and I don’t recall seeing them. Thanks much!

  9. BTW, Shane – I do also give you credit for allowing people with diverging opinions to post here, although I must admit, I haven’t always been made to feel a warm and fuzzy “welcome” – ;o)

    Maybe it’s the two big dogs that bark really loud that guard the door…

    • Nor should you, “feel a warm and fuzzy” BIGOT!

      • …and your little dog Toto too!

        • BIGOT!

          • Yawn.

          • True Conservative says

            The funny part is that p2012p actually thinks he is making his case, not destroying it.

            As previously stated, the only ones who ared about her race was Team Pearce who specifically sought out a sham candidate that would appeal to the hispanic voters.

            Everyone else solely cared about getting rid of a cynical ploy to undermine a free and fair election – and it worked.

            Team Pearce packed up their sham candidate and ran away before the court had a chance to take a closer look at them. If she was in it to win, she would have finished the fight. Instead, she dutifully did as Team Pearce commanded.

            The only disrespect shown to any Latina was from Pearce.

            None to surprising given the fundamental disrespect Pearce has shown to Arizona and the very core principles of the American franchise.

            • “The only disrespect shown to any Latina was from Pearce.”

              Exactly. Or, perhaps more accurately is “from Pearce and his Team”.

              • Don’t appreciate the name calling from either camp. If it keeps up, I’ll slap the comments down. Only one warning here.

              • Well, then Shane – I believe you should slap p202p. Just a thought….

  10. Mike Triggs says

    Shane – I must give you credit for allowing moderate and liberal voices to post on Sonoran Alliance. There are readers on both sides who would like to silence those who disagree with them.

    That said, I don’t believe anyone forced Olivia Cortes to withdraw from the campaign. She took that action on her own to spare Pearce relatives, Constantine Querard, the lady that owns the petition gathering company, the Eaat Valley Tea Party president and others from being forced to tell the truth under oath.

    Tom Ryan did not force Olivia to resign PERIOD.

    In the 30+ years I have worked in the political trenches I have never seen a dirtier campaign than what wast waged against Jerry Lewis.

    What is ironic is the people who waged it call themselves Patriots. Thugs is more like it and hopefully the investigations after the election will add the word felon to their names.

    • “What is ironic is the people who waged it call themselves Patriots. Thugs is more like it and hopefully the investigations after the election will add the word felon to their names.”


      • p2012p, real patriots like Thomas Jefferson and John Hancock signed their real names. They didn’t have silly screen names to hide behind in 1776.

        • The Mexican National that shot those National Guards men in Nevada, he was hardly thirty years old, but he was collecting Social Security. Are those the types of clients you represent?

          • Stay on topic, P, stay on topic. (No, I represent people injured at WORK, so I’ll probably never have a chance to represent you…)

    • Great post, Mike.

    • You are absolutely right. The reason that Cortes “chose” to resign (well, the powers in charge chose to resign her…) is that those powers in charge did not want to appear in court the next day and purger themselves under oath.

      • Marty Smith says

        yet another untruth

        Her lawyer couldn’t afford to do any more pro bono work, and Cortes couldn’t afford to pay him

        it will be a new progressive democrat tactic – sue your opponents with your rich, union paid attorneys so they drop out and you have no competition

        • Actually, her lawyer called Ryan and asked if the offer to vacate the hearing in exchange for her withdrawal still stood. And he was not a “pro bono” lawyer. He (Anthony Tsontakis) was hired by Greg Western. Greg did not want to see himself and others on the hot seat the following day being forced to lie under oath, so he pulled the plug on the scheme.

  11. Nordine Crub says

    Was it me or did anyone else think the Voice on the newest Tea Party Scam sounded alot like Ricardo Montalban in the 1975 Chrysler Cordoba commercial? Tell me that wasn’t just a little bit racist?

    It’s all about subvert the vote for Team Pearce!

    • No, it wasn’t just you, Nordine! Hundreds of people have listened to that audio clip and are shaking their heads in disbelief. I guess you can’t cure stupid, huh?

  12. Elmer Bringleson says

    Would someone please post where Patriots for Pearce will be hosting tomorrow nights party to watch returns come in.

  13. Nordine Crub says

    Elmer – The Pearce Campaign has assured me that Grief Counselors will be standing by.

    • My understanding is that they will have Jerry Lewis cardboard cut-outs pinned up to some hay bales, and a new game, kind of a cross between horse shoes and pin the tail on the donkey. It’s called “Nail the Winner in the Groin with a Padlock”.

      On the menu will be humble pie, sheep stew and lots and lots of whine.

  14. The surreality of the Pearce fans is amazing. A true bizzaro world. Pearce blatantly used this rube and insulted all Hispanics by thinking he could dupe them. Shameless deeds from a corrupt campaign

  15. True Conservative says

    FWIW: accusing someone of being evil or doing evil is Libel Per Se. (use google if that term is unfamiliar to you.)

    I understand that SW is upset that another blog has misrepresented his actions, but it seems odd to engage in libel as a means of fighting off libel.

    • Marty Smith says

      Truth is an absolute defense!

      • Yes, the truth is absolute defense. However, it should not take 8 weeks for the truth to be spoken. I have repeatedly asked SW what his opinion was of the Cortes situation, and he repeatedly either did not respond, or, on a couple of occasions said that he was “working on” a blog to address it.

        The fact that today he says he thinks that the decision to run Cortes was a mistake, if not just plain stupid is good. If he had said it several weeks ago, that would have been great.

        I have wondered what SW thought about this story since it started making headlines back in late September – early October. I’m really a nobody in this whole story, but SW really isn’t. He hosts a Tea Party blog site. His opinion matters, at least to the loyal readers here. The silence was deafening. That someone may have misinterpreted his “no comment” does not surprise me. If you believe in something, say so. If you don’t, say so. Pretty simple.

        It would have been far easier to believe that SW did not condone this behavior on the part of Pearce’s camp if he had said so a long, long time ago. Now, it can be interpreted as “hindsight is always 100%. I have chosen to say it wasn’t a good idea because everyone else has drawn that conclusion.”

        Shane, this is the point I was attempting to make in my first post – NOT that you didn’t post because I suggested you should…it is, after all, your blog.

        • How does Shane “operate a Tea Party blog site” when his blog predates the Tea Party by ah … years?

          Now recently, I asked Shane a question in direct email and it took him two weeks to answer, because he actually has full-time job, in addition to SA, so the mystery of Shane’s delays in replying should be subjected to Occam’s Razor: ie: there are certain periods when he’s chocked with other work demands or has traveled. and doesn’t have the opportunity to respond.

          Why are poeple over-complicating simple things?

          • I have a really busy life too. If I can’t take the heat, I stay out of the kitchen.

            The Tea Party has emerged from the Republican party. I know a lot of moderate Republicans who do not agree with the views of the Tea Party. The original Republicans (those who you claim pre-date the Tea Party by uh-years) don’t have the same political viewpoints that you do.

            What ever this site was years ago is irrelevant. It is now a Tea Party site.

            And, however busy Shane might be, I’m pretty sure that at some point in the past 2 months he had time to make a brief post about his opinion on the Cortes scandal. At least, I have to assume so since he’s had time to post about many other topics.

            Wanumba, you are an enigma. Does Shane protect you or do you protect him? It seems I can’t address Shane without you stepping in to run interference for him. Is he that incapable of speaking for himself? Your constant intervention makes him seem like a wuss. Yet, when someone on NT decided to use your name to post some not-wanumba posts, you ran crying to Shane to use his influence to make it stop. Shane has no power or authority at New Times. Why don’t you fight the battle yourself?

            • I’ve never even met Shane.
              But I think he’s a nice guy because he let me join the list of numerous official writers here after he put out an ad for Conservative Writers about two years ago. I like the tone Shane sets for the blog. I don’t like the tone at so many other blogs and I can only comment on general principles, I am NOT any sort of PHX insider, so I don’t comment on a lot of things that require that sort of background. Other posters cover those things.

              Occams Razor. Simple.

              But what do you mean by this:

              “What ever this site was years ago is irrelevant. It is now a Tea Party site.”

              • Wow. You’re an “official writer” – GASP!

                How awesome. I guess that explains why you run to defend Shane when ever anyone posts to him!

                I am not an “official writer” for Steve Lemons, James King, Ray Stearn, Paul Rubin or anyone else at the New Times. And I don’t run to defend them when ever anyone posts something derogatory about them.

                Maybe if any of them made me an “official writer” I would be more like a dog on a bone the way you are with Shane, huh?

            • Here is the comment where I referred to making a future post on the Cortes fiasco. There was another post under the title of “Watching for Deception,” but I did not go into a lot of detail.


              • Hi Shane,

                Yes, this is the post I mentioned where you did reply and say that you wanted to work on an entire post dedicated to the topic of Cortes. I just don’t recall ever seeing such a future post, or, until this piece, any indication of what you truly thought about the situation.

                I’m not trying to be a pain in the rear about this – I’m just pointing out that weeks of not knowing your stance on that matter did leave room for your readers’ interpretation of what the lack of comment meant. If you were not willing to speak out against it, does that mean you agreed with it? Apparently not, according to THIS post, but … ah, well, what does it really matter? I guess we’ll all know the outcome tonight.

    • If Shane were concerned about people being slandered on this site, he wouldn’t post links to ridiculous sites like or quote libelous articles from Sonoran News or Fenger.

      • Another point that I have brought up, Chad. 2 Bently articles and 2 Fenger articles, all of which have been debunked (thank you Lemons and Gilman for your dedication). No retractions. No apologies. The one Bently “Massive Voter Registration Fraud” article was removed, but no retraction was printed. Shane and Stephen battled it out on a blog about Tolman posting a pic of his daughter’s behind on his Facebook page, so it wasn’t really the center of attention on THAT blog. (BTW – interesting new Tolman story about his undocumented employees, huh?)

        wanumba scolded me for asking Shane to print a retraction, arguing that Shane is “too busy”. I have mentioned to SW on a few occasions that posting inaccurate articles by writers from other sites here on SA don’t do a lot for his credibility. I never get a reply.

        I’m really just trying to make some sense out of the political disparity in Arizona, particularly in Maricopa County, but I get no where.

        I’ll be toasting you tomorrow evening as I watch the election results roll in – however it turns out.

        • :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
          wherewasi says:
          November 7, 2011 at 3:11 pm

          wanumba scolded me for asking Shane to print a retraction, arguing that Shane is “too busy”.

          Gads, you call THIS a “scolding:”

          “Now recently, I asked Shane a question in direct email and it took him two weeks to answer, because he actually has full-time job, in addition to SA, so the mystery of Shane’s delays in replying should be subjected to Occam’s Razor: ie: there are certain periods when he’s chocked with other work demands or has traveled. and doesn’t have the opportunity to respond.


          Why are people over-complicating simple things?”

          • I’m simply saying that when you keep jumping in and defending Shane when anyone addresses him personally, you are giving the impression that Shane is not capable of speaking for himself. If you respect him, shut your mouth (keyboard) and let HIM speak.

            While you may respect him, your actions are actually to his detriment. Let him speak for himself when I address him. When I address you, speak for yourself and don’t look to him to answer for you.

            It’s really not over-complicating a simple thing. It’s just social etiquette. When I speak to Shane, let Shane answer (or not). When I speak to you, answer (or not). Doesn’t seem to over-complicated.

            • But up there on this very thread, you jumped in when I was directly replying to someone else’s comment.

              I didn’t complain and make a bigga deal out of it and I answered your concerns.

              Ahem. You may note that there are a wide range of items you raised that I didn’t discuss at all, leaving plenty of room for Shane to bring up directly with you.
              Have at it.
              Have a nice day.

              • Then let Shane bring them up.

                Or let your beasty boy daughters throw me over them rail.

                It’s up to you… since you seem to change your stripes, day in and day out.

                You have a nice day too.

      • Marty Smith says

        why would a site like be “ridiculous”? If this were a recall election of a Democrat, and gop groups orchestrated the recall, then went to work for a “democrat” challenger, with GOP members contributing to the democrat and outside GOP groups paying republicans to canvass and phone bank for the democrat candidate – do you REALLY think the media would just 100% ignore those facts? REALLY?

        all I see is the site doing the job the local media here refuses to do. That is – inform the voter

        • And use my commercial photos and photos taken by my friends without authorization to use to illustrate the website.

          If it were a true media site, they would have taken their own photos or purchased rights to use them….which they could have done. My commercial photography site ( has a shopping cart and they could have bought the rights to use them.

          No matter though, I’ve filed a DMCA complaint with Go Daddy today. The other people aren’t far behind.

        • Also, the people promoting the website are posting illegal signs around Mesa with the web address on it. On the back of the signs is a sticker with a fake 720 area code Colorado phone number. And they are not registered as a political committee. And sorry, but he website crossed the line from being a news site to being a political site when they started putting up signs and passing out fliers with the address on it.

          • Marty Smith says

            lets hope you don’t spend too much on an atty. I pretty much doubt you get anything from the people that made the site.

            btw, a stock photo site that uses images of people… if you want to make sure they are legit, they have model release forms on file. Where does one find those for your photos?

            • So, if your guys do it, its OK, but if the opposition successfully follows the AZ constitution and has a recall effort and then someone steps up to run against your guy, its wrong?

              Lewis has run a clean campaign, Pearce has done everything to stop the campaign, his camp put up a sham candidate, they put out misleading robocalls, they stole signs, he attacks Parraz as if he were the candidate, even after the recall passed.

              Russell is squealing like a stuck pig, just heard him go nuts on his bestest buddy Broomhead’s show. He was ranting like JD did the day before he lost big.

              The rule of law, its for everyone…not just when you agree with it.

              • What was “wrong” with the majority vote last Novermber?

                That’s the reason for the recall, n’est pas? You want a recall because you don’t agree with the majority vote in a regular election. and want to change the outcome.

              • Marty Smith says

                who woulda thought – PDA and campaigning for a Republican! it’s a crazy world!

              • “You want a recall because you don’t agree with the majority vote in a regular election. and want to change the outcome.”

                Is that then your assesment of the Clarence Dupnik recall attempt done by Arizona conservatives earlier this year?


                If so, why didn’t you say anything then?

              • What was “wrong” with over 10,000 people signing a recall petition?

                If the people want Pearce, you have nothing to worry about, right?

                Hypocrisy, you all are soaking in it!

              • mark davis says

                Lampoon, “what’s wrong with over 10,000 people signing a recall petition?”

                Because 95% were DEMOCRATS!

              • And if it were a recall of a democrat, 95% would be REPUBLICANS, and you would have no problem with that.

                Hypocrite much?

            • Marty,

              No need to get a lawyer. At this point, it isn’t worth the trouble. The election is over tomorrow and most of this will blow over.

              A quick note about your comment about model releases. Photojournalism doesn’t require it when the photos are used in a news and/or editorial sense. I’ve yet to see a photographer at a rally carrying around release forms. Publishing on the other hand, if it is not journalistic, may require it. For example, purchasing photos to use in a herpes medication advertisement could land that company in trouble. It would be better to contract with a photographer to find a model to shoot a specific advertisement. Liability falls on the publisher to not misuse photos.

              Which is why I state on my terms on my photo site that political use needs to be cleared. Mainly because I don’t want to get a political campaign in trouble. I can help you find photos that you can use more safely.

              That is why having someone swiping them off the site and plastering them on an unauthorized website is problematic…for the website author. The site claims fair use in the fine print and if it had been strictly a news site, that could have been argued. But it crossed the line into political campaign speech by putting up signs and printing fliers to hand out. So liability is increased should one of the people targeted decide to waste their time complaining about it.

              As for my photos, while I have more photos of migration related topics and events, I also shoot conservative things from time to time. And no matter who it is, I try to do it in a quality manner so as to make people look like they came to look. I try to capture their emotions and messaging so it tells their story how they intended it. I may not agree with it but I try to be accurate capturing it.

              And I have written terms that would allow Shane and Sonoran Alliance to use or purchase photos if he wished. I realize we probably disagree politically but as long as the photos are not used to slam people but to tell a story as it happened, I don’t have an issue with it. I do this to document history and to hopefully raise a little money on the side to keep the camera gear running.

        • I can point out about 11 factual inaccuracies in my “Bio” on the site, so as far as “informing the voters” goes, it’s an EPIC FAILURE. If the creator(s) were so sure of themselves, they wouldn’t have to go to such great lengths to hide… But the spelling errors on the site have Matt Tolman’s chubby little fingerprints all over them.

      • I actually pulled one of the posts that was a reprint from Sonoran News.

        And I did post your (Chad Snow) guest opinion!

  16. Cecilia Castro says

    Why they’re always attacking Mexican women. Olivia Cortes knew what she was doing. She is not a martir please. Why bullying DeDee Blase? Olivia Cortes was not force her to run, and she was a shame candidate. What is your problem with Mexican women. You got a problem with DeeDee Blase? and you got a problem with all of us?

    • Why no. Why is that harsh interpretation your first reaction when there are plenty of other quite reasonable explanations?
      Perhaps a re-examination of some preconceived notions is in order?

      Not aware that DeeDee Blase was spokeswoman for all Mexican women. If she was, I would not have expected her to be posing smoking a cigar and then promoting an alcoholic-evoking political organization. The Mexican women we’ve enountered are much more CONSERVATIVE than THAT. Smokin’ and drinkin’ are not really images these mothers with children can or care to relate to, ya know. Not really a good role model for their kids, and I totally agree with them.

      • Yet, you certainly didn’t seem to have a problem when you commented, in reference to a claim that “She (Blase) wants to give illegals the vote…”, with the following “Well, if Mexican citizens want the right to vote in the USA, then American citizens should have the reciprocal right to vote in Mexican elections.”

        You’re certainly not afraid to make some incredible leaps.

        “Perhaps a re-examination of some preconceived notions is in order? ”

        Indeed, I believe they are.

        • Um. Could you rephrase that? I’m not sure what the point is, though in the spirit of civility, I’m sure it’s a very interesting one.

  17. ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
    wherewasi says:
    November 7, 2011 at 5:11 pm
    Wow. You’re an “official writer” – GASP!
    How awesome. I guess that explains why you run to defend Shane when ever anyone posts to him!

    There’s actually nothing wrong at all with what you wrote there. Anyone disagree? Wouldn’t you be happy to have that smidgin of modicum of loyalty if you were in a blog owner’s shoes?

    I admit, “Offiicial” is probably the wrong word, makes it sound like there’s a uniform or something, and some sort of pay, which isn’t the case. Simple “Copyrighted” is probably more accurate, no frills.

    I do like being associated with the word, “awesome,” though. I wouldn’t change that.

    So, how come you’ve been jumping in between me and other posters putting your unsolicited two cents in if you don’t like it?

    Let’s be consistent here. Fair’s fair.

  18. in 24 hours, one of two things will happen.

    a) Pearce will lose, and need to find his first non-government job in his like

    b) Pearce will win, but will be neutered in his office, and be as sad as a little puppy that keeps licking where his balls used to be.

    And I hope Wambazombie, will stop ranting like a loon about others using his nic. Is his nic under some “property right” signed by the Sos? Can I rant like an idiot of someone uses “Kevin” at the new times?

    But unlike wamzombie, I finished 8th grade!

    • True Conservative says

      I predict Pearce will win, proving that cheating does work, at least in AZ.

      Pearce, however, will not be marginalized. In contrast, he will be emboldened. Rather than come out with a mature “I have heard the concerns of the people” victory speach he will instead rail against the “liberals” who were out to get him.

      Pearce will redouble his extremism, the (R) agenda will bog down, no progress will be made on jobs, education or taxes.

      The (D) will use Pearce as their whipping boy for opposing everything.

      Nothing will get done, AZ’s national reputation will sink lower and lower.

      That’s why it is important for Lewis to win. A Lewis win removes Pearce from leadership, allows the (R) to instill new management, if you will, that can actually advance the conservative agenda. Lewis will be a steady, dependable vote for conservative causes, without the pandering to the lunatic fringe Pearce is renowned for doing.

      Poke the (D) in the eye, Vote for Lewis.

      • Sadly, TC, I see the same future with a Pearce victory.
        Humility and understanding are words long lost on Russell Pearce.

        And the citizens of Arizona will be the ones who end up paying for it.

        A Lewis victory is critical.

      • Put a stake in the heart of the recall. Vote for the incumbent.

    • ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
      Kevin says:
      November 7, 2011 at 9:10 pm

      Can I rant like an idiot of someone uses “Kevin” at the new times?

      But unlike wamzombie, I finished 8th grade!


      Sorry. That was too rich to pass up. Have a nice day. {*happy face*}

  19. This video demonstrates just how unstable DeeDee Garcia Blase is.

    DO NOT GIVE MONEY to the Tequila Party especially under the leadership of DeeDee Garcia Blase.

    • True Conservative says

      Wow, she goes from calm to complete d’bag in a heartbeat.

      Can you imagine working for someone like that? Talk about walking on eggshells.

  20. “Bashes women” is an unfair accusation. Agreed. Republican website? Sure.

    However, while her criticisms may not be completely accurate or the most poignant, they are most certainly deserved.

    You are complicit in this Lewis / Pearce mess. No, not the recall, but the sad dialogue and division that has been waged in the Republican Party. And for what? A higher number of clicks per day? Simply hiding under the guise of “equal access to all” is a cop out and a weak excuse.

    You have allowed this blog to promote blatant lies, hyperbole and to allow frequent commenters to engage in juvenile behavior and bullying tactics. You claimed there would be a more thorough process of approving comments, yet nothing was done.

    And referencing your ministry work? There’s two sides to that sword. You’re going to hide behind the church and ministry, yet you run a blog that allows toxic waste and libel to spew on an hourly basis (primarily from one side).

    That’s libel sir.

  21. Hey, that Jose Carlos moderated a very fair discussion. How come he doesn’t have more exposure?
    Jorge Ortiz was very solid, good presence, stayed calm. Very interesting background.

    DeeDee can keep her “tortillas” and “frijoles” comments. Gah. She looked like a brat next to Ortiz.

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