Debate in District 8

Carolyn AllenCarolyn Allen was up to it again this evening – lying about her endorsement by Speaker of the House Jim Weiers. In the final remarks of the Clean Elections debate, Allen went on a tirade attacking Colette Rosati and pulling the “I’ve been endorsed by conservatives” card. As noted in an earlier posting, Carolyn Allen fabricated the endorsement by Speaker of the House Jim Weiers. Tonight, she lied again. In addition, she also stated that she has been endorsed by Nathan Sproul, the former head of the Christian Coalition and Judith Connell, former lobbyist for Arizona Right to Life, my organization.

Nathan Sproul’s endorsement was revealed several weeks ago in a story in the East Valley Tribune. The morning I read the story, I immediately went to the horse’s mouth. He confirmed it. I explained that Carolyn Allen has stood in the way of every good and decent piece of pro-family and pro-life legislation that has been introduced. Carolyn Allen has been one of Janet Napolitano’s biggest allies in the Republican party. Earlier this year in an interview on KAET’s Horizon, Carolyn Allen even referred to conservative Christians as members of the flat earth society. Her comments have been bitter and outlandish and her sense of decency vapid.

This obviously does not reconcile with the endorsement by Nathan Sproul, former head of the Arizona Christian Coalition. It’s as if Ralph Reed had made an endorsment of Rhode Island Senator Lincoln Chafee or Senator Arlen Specter. There’s three possibilities here: 1) Nathan Sproul has been duped; 2) He does not hold the same values he once promoted and believed in as head of the Christian Coalition; or, 3) He does hold the same values but they are just not as important as they once were and his friendship with Carolyn Allen overrides.

Then there’s Judith Connell. Carolyn Allen threw Judith Connell’s name out and the name of Arizona Right to Life as if to show Arizona Right to Life was supportive. That is not the case. Judy was the Legislative Director of Arizona Right to Life some time in the mid 90’s. One of the annual conference books even states that she was Executive Director, although it was for a very short period. (I’ve been involved with Arizona Right to Life since 1990.) Why would Carolyn Allen throw out Connell’s name along with Arizona Right to Life? Again to cause confusion and trick the unassuming that she really holds a “moderate” postion. When I heard the endorsement, I was livid.  I immediately called Judy to confirm. She said that she had indeed endorsed Carolyn but from her position as a lobbyist. When Judy left Arizona Right to Life she went full time lobbying on behalf of tort reform at the capitol. So what gives? Either Judith was never pro-life and did the job simply for the money, or she doesn’t see the gravitas of the sanctity of life issue and will allow any pro-abortion politician to drop her name. You may recall that Judith also endorsed Kris Mayes in 2002 over another pro-life candidate. I assume the former is true.

I’m a true believer. Yep, I admit it. I believe that killing unborn babies is dead wrong. I also believe that it is the most important issue of our time. In 2004, the State of Arizona allowed 136 babies to be killed from abortion after the 20th week of pregnancy. There are premies laying in ICU wards that have been born at 21 weeks. If 136 babies were left in hot cars and died, there would be weeping and gnashing of teeth. If 136 babies drowned in backyard swimming pools, buckets or bathtubs, it would be an epidemic. But these precious ones were killed simply because they were not wanted or they were too inconvenient. Yes, I take my job very serious and when I hear individuals who have always claimed to be pro-life announce or endorse candidates who are rabidly pro-abortion, I have a big problem with it.

Yes, Carolyn Allen is one of the most pro-abortion legislators in Arizona. She has voted against every piece of pro-life legislation and every bill protecting families and the institution of marriage. She is unfit for and does not deserve to hold office. Those who enable her are perpetuating the problem and I’m not going to remain silent while perverse endorsments take place.

A follow-up note on the endorsements…

Carolyn Allen also invoked the name of our two U.S. Senators and Congressman J.D. Hayworth in her rant and rave last night. I actually checked into this by contacting the campaigns. Here’s what I found out. Congressional elected officials usually practice a policy of endorsing the incumbent. Carolyn Allen is the incumbent in this race – although she is a liberal RINO. Colette Rosati is the challenger in this race. One of the Senators also revealed that they also do not endorse candidates who resort to nasty negative campaigning. In last night’s debate, it was very clear who took the low road. If this continues, and it will, it’s only a matter of time before our Congressional delegation yanks their endorsement of the bitter senator from district 8.


  1. Oro Valley Dad says

    Nathan Sproul should withdrawal his endorsement of the pro-abortion Carolyn Allen immediately! Someday his support for Allen will cost him. It is already having a negative corollary effect on Len’s campaign.

  2. Casual Observer says

    This is a growing trend that I have noticed of pro-life incumbents endorsing or even donating money to pro-abortion candidates. Clancy Jayne say he’s pro-life, yet give money to Von Hapsberg and Michelle Reagan and Pamela Gorman endorses Peggy Neely for Phoenix City Council over AZ Right to Life endorsed Mark Warren. As to the matter of Kris Mayes, if you look at her campaign finace report, you will notice that she has paid Sproul and Assoc. for gathering signatures. When it come to Sproul it’s who can pay.

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