Dean Martin Suspends Campaign

Dear Friends,

It has been an honor to serve the people of Arizona. Public service takes dedication and many long hours to accomplish the business of the people who elected us. I am humbled to have had the support of the people for these past 10 years.

Elected office was never my intended career path; I am a small business owner who was drafted to run for the Arizona State Senate and then later Arizona State Treasurer. I am proud of my service and I am forever grateful for the support you have given me over the years. I especially want to thank my friends and colleagues who stood by my side last year during the tragic death of my wife Kerry and my son Austin. I will never forget your support.

Today, I am announcing that I am suspending my campaign for Governor of Arizona. During a time when the Obama Administration has filed a frivolous lawsuit against our great state, a budget deficit is looming, and our economy is still shaky, I feel a contested primary would be a distraction. While a serious debate about the fiscal condition of our state is needed, the heavy hand of the Obama Administration will not allow this debate to continue. I fully intend to support the Governor in her battle with the Obama Administration and its relentless attack on the people of Arizona.

In that regard, I urge the Governor to file suit against the Federal Government for the costs of not securing our border. Earlier this year I sent former Arizona Governor and now Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano a bill for one billion dollars of uncompensated costs due to incarceration of illegal immigrants who have committed felonies in Arizona. This is a good start and trust the Governor will follow through. As a state we need to stand together to fight the overreaching federal government that has failed to secure our border with Mexico.

I want to thank the countless volunteers who have been part of this campaign since January. Their dedication to the campaign and Arizona is second to none. But our state and the residents of Arizona are more important than playing politics. The Obama Administration’s lawsuit is a blatant attempt to divide us and I will not be part of the problem; rather I intend to be part of the solution. Attorney General Terry Goddard, is not willing to enforce our laws and is instead playing the role as Obama-defender-in-chief. I got into this race because I did not want to see Goddard become Governor. This is still my goal, and is the reason I have made this decision to suspend my campaign.

Governor Brewer is going to need all our help to shoulder the burden of defending Arizona from the federal government. It is our duty to stand together as Arizona residents against an intrusive federal bureaucracy.

While my service to this state as an elected official will come to an end in December, I will continue to serve in other ways. After taking some much needed time off, I will be focusing my efforts on the charitable foundation we established, to continue my late wife Kerry’s spirit of service to the community in water safety and financial literacy.
Thank-you and God Bless the great State of Arizona.

Dean Martin


  1. Marcus Kelley says

    As we witnessed with McLame, a suspension is NOT the same thing as dropping out, but I’ve got to admit I’m truly sad about this.

    It’s a dark day for Arizona when because of 1070 the RINO Brewer get a pass on INSISTING on raising taxes and refusing all alternatives, increasing spending with line item vetoes, refusing to cut spending to match revenues, and surrounding herself with RINO advisers.

    It will be a cold day in Hell before I vote for Brewer. The day Dean revives his campaign, I’ll back him 3000%. Until then, it pretty much leaves us with one choice and it ain’t Brewer.

  2. AZDryheat says

    I hope Brewer sends Russell Pearce a nice fruitbasket, he singlehandedly won her the nomination and probably a full term. Im sad to see his campaign end, but its probably for the best. Whatever he decides to do in the future Im behind him 100%.

    In the meantime, time to get behind the Governor. I can’t bear the thought of Goddard winning.

  3. NotoriousGOP says

    Can we now agree that the Martin 2014 signs are already being printed? Unlike Marcus, I think I will take the person who has bled for Arizona for a long time, versus a transplant who ran from some bad business dealings…

  4. Ironically, SB1070 revived what should have been a failed goverorship and the prospects of those who never supported the legislation.

  5. Stephen Kohut says

    Politics is like surfing in that success is based on catching the right wave regardless of the fact that you had nothing to do with creating the wave in the first place.

    This puts Arizonans in the wonderful spot of picking between taxing and spending RINO Brewer who caught Russell Peacre’s SB1070 wave and Buz Mills who defrauded his business partner out of $8.5M. These are the kind of sad options that drive voters away from the polls.

  6. State Senator Jack Harper says

    Dean Martin is a good man. I appreciate the friendship he showed me in the Legislature.

  7. Wow. Dean Martin is alot of things, but I never figured him for a quitter. Say what you want about Brewer, she has annihilated Martin/Munger/Mills/Jette when it came around to really wanting the job on the 9th Floor and pulling off all the right political moves to get there. See you around Dean. Take some time off and figure out why the voters never rallied behind your campaign.

  8. Go back an read my earlier post today.

    SB 1070 is about to go off the radar as the lawsuit throws it into legal limbo for months, if not years.

    That means the Brewer sales tax hike could go back to center stage. Dean could have taken back the message on taxes.

    Unfortunately, I don’t have a candidate I can vote for in the race for Governor and that allows me to sit that race out. It’s not like Terry Goddard is going to win!

  9. DSW,

    Could have, would have, should have. The story of the Martin campaign for governor. Don’t make lame excuses for why you want to sit out the primary. You’re going to have to vote for Brewer in a general, so you might as well get used to it and vote for her in a primary. See the silver lining in all this, which is that Goddard is toast come November. Three strikes and he’s out.

  10. Unlike many who post here, Dean Martin is a good man with a lot of class.

  11. Jon Altmann, PC, State Committeeman LD11 says

    We thank Dean for his service to our State and wish him the best. He has endured a great personal tragedy this past year and perhaps this break from public life will allow time for him to heal more from that great loss and build himself in the private sector, using his public sectory experience.

    Now, the heat is on Mills to make a case – time is counting down until those early ballots hit the mail.

  12. A class act that this state sorely needs. I’m sorry to see him suspend his campaign right now. He is the example of cooler heads prevailing when the pressure is on, as he has demonstrated as Treasurer. Best of luck to you Dean, hope you come back soon.

  13. Elizabeth J. Rohn-Nelson says

    Dean was MY candidate from the time he announced. He is extremely intelligent, besides being a first class gentlemen. I hope Jan will have a place for him in her administration. She won’t find anyone more qualified.

    God Be With you, Dean.

  14. With Nathan Sproul and Lincoln Strategy representing Dean Martin, he would have placed an embarrassing third place anyway.

    Has Lincoln Strategy ever won an election?

    Arizona was the only state country to ever have a gay marriage ban voted down because Sproul ran such a hapless campaign.

  15. I can assure you Lincoln Strategy was not on the Dean Martin campaign in any way.

  16. EastValleyPC says

    Dean is a good man and he will be back. BTW, 1070 ain’t going anywhere! It is the rallying cry in Arizona for federal failure and federal arrogance. Remember the border!

  17. AZDryheat says

    Agree. Early voting starts in three weeks. No way 1070 goes off the radar before then. It’ll be an issue nationwide until November.

  18. Tucson Tech says

    Buz Mills is one candidate who’s not using more lawsuits as the solution. I appreciate that.

    Ok, that sounds like a commercial, sorry. The race will not come down to immigration, because no one knows the actual results of Brewer’s new-found interest in the border. But everyone knows her interest in a bigger state budget and higher taxes. That’s all the contrast you need between Buz the Business Guy and Jackpot Jan Brewer who raised taxes and spent every penny.

  19. Dean Martin is an excellent candidate, but this is not surprising. Perhaps, by some stroke of magic this isn’t permanent. Buz Mills is ridiculous and Jan Brewer is not to be trusted. Plus, she should have sued the Federal Government over immigration before they sued us.

  20. If Buz Mills has a business whose bread and butter is from government contracts, would he sell his interest in that company to avoid the potential of impropriety were he to become governor?

  21. Well at least he will have more time to campaign for his good friend Dusti Morris in LD 11.

  22. BarnStormer7 says

    Dean has gone to another campaign – Capitol Times has the scoop that he is dating a LD-11 House candidate – check the donation records and you’ll see who.

  23. Glenn Beck's my hero! says

    I strongly suspect, given announcements earlier in the week, that McCain’s knuckle busters “had” a little conversation with Dean Martin. After all, Dean just announced the opening of his campaign office, and receipt of $700K in “Clean Elections” money. Guess who THAT money will go to NOW, and WHO will get a high paying position in the Brewer administration! This stinks to high heaven!

    I liked Dean, but IF he does take a position working for the State of Arizona, I will be sad, but understand why he buckled under. I just hope that he uses some of his funds to help LD 11 Candidate, Dusti Morris win her election. She’s a good lady!

  24. Radical American Patriot says

    Stephen Kohut,

    You are libelling the other main GOP candidate and ignoring the third one! What gives? In the Senate race you “puff up” incompetent Jim Deakin, but here you ingore Matthew Jette?

    Regarding Buz Mills, where is YOUR proof that he defrauded a 10% investor $8.5 Million? Do you know how much debt was assumed by the buyer? DId the court rule against Mills? Or are you simply making dishonest attacks? Shame on You!

    DSW, I don’t believe that SB1070 will go off the radar! But the tone might just change! It may become more of an albatross then a spark. There’s still six weeks left, an eternity in politics!

  25. Radical American Patriot says

    Oh yeah Stephen,

    Matthew obtained 25% MORE signatures in ONE FOURTH the time as Jim Deakin! Who’s the statewide candidate with more ‘grassroots’ support?

  26. VoiceInTheWild says

    RE: GLEN BECK’S MY HERO poster …. Dusti Morris has few funds and about as much brain power. She has no GOP resume, showed up this year, self-annoited herself to some tea bagger position, and makes silly position statements.
    At best, she’s a glamour candidate.
    But she and Martin are both single (I take she is the love interest), so there’s no scandle there.
    As for his funds, Clean Election funds cannot be transferred to another race. Once Martin officially notifies the Az Secy of State he’s done, he has to give back the unused money. After all, he was part of the suit to end Clean Elections matching funds, so why not give back the money?

  27. Stephen Kohut says

    Steve Robinson AKA Radical American Patriot,

    Unlike others I back up my statements with cold hard fact. Here is the appeals court decision in the Mills case. It reads real ugly. There was no argument on the facts of the case just the application of the law regarding compensatory and punitive damages.

    I’ve lost track of the number of sites you’ve now been suspended on or banned from due to personal attacks on other members. Sorry son, I’ve got thick skin and you don’t bother me. This is Shane’s site and if he wants to let you rant we’ll just consider the source.

    Regarding Jette, I see no difference in his positions and Goddard’s. As a constitutional conservative, why would I consider Jette or give his candidacy the time of day?

  28. Wow… Someone obviously doesn’t know Miss Morris. The girl speaks 4 languages, owns two businesses, and is working on a masters. To say she lacks brain power is clearly a stretch at best.

    Not to mention, everyone knows that Martin is extremely intelligent. If the accusations you guys are throwing around are true… Why would he ever date someone who can’t keep up? He’s one of the most eligible bachelors in AZ right now and has his entire life in a fishbowl. There’s no way he could afford to date just any bimbo if he wants to remain credible in the public sector.

    As for Mills, the court docs are all over the internet. That’s all the proof you need. And since you mentioned the amount of debt he had to leverage to make his profit, that’s publicly available too. His company had leveraged almost 50% of it’s value in loans and other debt. That’s not how I want our state being run. We’re too far in the red as it is.

    Thank GOD its too late to reprint ballots. Martin still has my vote since the other options are just ridiculous in comparison. At least I will still get my say in the primary before I have to swallow that NASTY pill in the general.


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