Dean Martin Endorses Lisa James


State Treasurer Dean Martin joins mounting list of endorsers for Lisa James

PHOENIX (January 19, 2009) – Lisa James, elected state committeewoman from Legislative District 8, announced the endorsement of State Treasurer and Mrs. Dean Martin in her run for Arizona Republican Party Chairman.

The following statement was issued: “As the sponsor of Prop 300 to end taxpayer subsidies for illegals and as strong opponents of amnesty, we endorse Lisa James for Party Chairman. Lisa is committed to helping support our Republican elected officials and our Republican Party platform, rather than taking credit for their work. The Republican Party needs leadership with integrity, dedication to serving others above oneself and the ability to generate resources. Lisa James brings all of these qualities and we ask you to join us in supporting her.”

“I am honored to have the support of State Treasurer and Mrs. Dean Martin,” said James. “Treasurer Martin has been a strong leader in challenging outgoing Governor Janet Napolitano by warning of the looming financial crisis we face in the State. I appreciate his tireless efforts on behalf of all Arizona taxpayers, his support for my candidacy and his desire to unite our Party.”

To learn more about Lisa James, her goals for the Arizona Republican Party and view what others are saying, please visit the campaign Web site at


  1. Casual Observer says

    Wow! Let’s see, one of our state’s highest elected Republicans (Dean Martin), former President of the Senate and now SOS (Ken Bennett), and US Senator and Minority Whip (Jon Kyl)…endorsing Lisa James over the incumbent Chairman. Are they all crazy OR intelligent and experienced enough to realize the time for change is now! We cannot lose ground as we have in the last 2 years in the numbers that really count… huge losses in donor dollars and declining voter registration percentages. Then of course, there is the little matter of dignity.

    Think about it! Kyl, Martin, Bennett…endorse Lisa James over Randy Pullen; they get it. The big elections are in 2010. If Pullen stays, the AZGOP will only be weaker than it is now. What is there to indicate anything will change, that he will “do better”?


  2. The prospect of Chamber of Commerce campaign contributions for future campaigns can draw a lot of endorsements.

    Also, it’s much easier for an elected official to have a cheer leading section than an organization to hold him accountable. Dean Martin is a good conservative, but nobody likes to have people looking over their shoulder when a cheer leading squad is the alternative. Just ask Jon Kyl.

    Like most anyone, politicians would rather have the party working for them rather than be accountable to the party (in addition to their constituents).

    Ditto for Ken Bennett.

  3. Casual Observer says

    Hmmm…isn’t it the role of the voter to discern the capabilities of the candidate and hold them accountable to their expectation?

  4. Conservative PC says

    Hunter- not sure how the Chamber factors in here.

    We need to unite as Republicans and work hard to elect more Republicans. I am proud of our current Republican office holders, and I am glad to see those in senior ranking (Senator Kyl, SOS Bennett, and Dean Martin) take an active stand and rise to support someone who they believe will lead our Republican party in the right direction. They are supporting someone who will be a uniter and not a divider.

  5. They all endorsed her last time too. And there were plenty more where they came from. Running out the same press release every two years doesn’t really indicate much. And I’ve noticed some of our delegation is silent this time, rather than supporting James. Haven’t heard from Franks, Flake or Shadegg this time, although I’m sure Flake will come out in the next day or two. Those PR types know how to regularly trot out endorsements to create a sense of momentum.

    Still, in spite of those big names she had last time, she lost. I guess Conservative PC was glad to see all those grassroots State Committeemen “take an active stand and support someone who they believe will lead out Republican party in the right direction.” That’s why they voted for Pullen before and its why they will again.

  6. I’m one grassroots vote that didn’t get to vote last time but I do this time… mine will go to Lisa. I believe there is many more like me. Lisa will be a great leader.

  7. Veritas Vincit says

    Someone’s really been to the purple-koolaid cooler this morning!

    Lisa James an opponent of amnesty? I don’t recall seeing her name on any of the Protect Arizona Now initiatve materials, or on the lists of folks who carried Employer Sanctions…

    The phrasing of that press release noted Lisa James as solid on the border issue will not help her campaign.

  8. GOP Boomer Gal says

    The last e-mail I received stated that Lisa re-called the endorsement of Martin.

    Anyway, Pullen will win because he’s doing a great job.

  9. The support of Treasurer Martin and Sec. of State in waiting Ken Bennett…that’s impressive. I don’t care what anyone says.

    I wouldn’t give it all to Pullen just yet.

  10. The winner here will be the team that works hard and delivers a clear and compelling message. As it should be. Republicans need to focus on winning and the Republican brand has become polluted with weak and distracted messages.

  11. Responses to #3 and #4:

    The Chamber of Commerce represents interests that donate a LOT of money to political campaigns. They support “comprehensive” immigration reform. They want party leaders and candidates who will respond to those interests. It is not likely a complete coincidence that Jon Kyl changed his tune on comprehensive immigration reform after he got elected with the help of millions of dollars in contributions from Chamber of Commerce supporters. Also, his political operative Glen Hamer went from being Executive Director of the Republican Party to Executive Director of the Chamber of Commerce after the disastrous 2006 results (except for Kyl, of course, who won) because he followed the Chamber of Commerce’s playbook. Other people who want to run for a federal office know they will need lots of money and that, in exchange for appropriate actions, the Chamber of Commerce people will give it to them. That’s how the Chamber of Commerce impacts endorsements in the State Party Chairman race.

    Regarding voters deciding on capabilities of candidates and holding them accountable, we must remember that voters have limited time and like to be able to use time saving tools to help them make decisions. That includes political decisions. A reliable Republican brand running reliable Republican candidates means it is easier for Republican leaning voters to go to the polls and easily vote Republican. If either the brand or candidates are not reliable, then Republican voters will find voting more difficult and time consuming than necessary. This will either mean fewer Republicans voting for Republican candidates, more time spent having to do research and/or communication, or both. The only rationale for a political party is to provide useful “branding” information to voters. As with any “franchise,” since every individual candidate had an incentive to benefit from the brand while pursuing personal interests and values that may vary from the Party Platform, there needs to be accountability to the Party to keep that from happening. Otherwise, why not just have everyone run as individuals without party affiliation and abolish political parties?

  12. Wake up Republicans, open your eyes and see, they’re trying to take control of the Arizona Republican Party away from the grassroots and give it to the country club elites.

    I can’t understand how any Republican who claims to support immigration control and enforcement can support Lisa James, she is not only supported by the greedy business interest of the Wake Up Arizona Coalition, who are determined to block employer sanctions, she is married to them, her husband, Gordon James, is an original member of the Wake Up Arizona Coalition.

    Wake up and protect the party, re-elect Randy Pullen as OUR chairman. Let them know, we can’t be bought.

    Bob Haran,
    LD 6

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