Dean Barnett on John McCain

TownHall columnist, Dean Barnett, has a good posting on regarding the McCain Mutiny.

More indications that the McCain campaign will NOT finish the Primary process.

The one thing to glean in all this is that conservative finer choices may hinge on candidate likeability and temperament.


  1. Hometown Guy says

    Barnett, in detailing McCain’s unraveling campaign, and continued rebuffs of conservatives, writes: “McCain always skips the CPAC (Conservative Political Action Committee) convention.”

    He has also continually snubbed his own Arizona Republican Party stalwarts–conservatives or not. When was the last time any Republican elected state committeeman has seen the arrogant Sen. McCain at a state meeting? Sen. Kyl always makes time to give them a nod. These are, after all, the people who collect the petition signatures to get them on the ballot, hammer their signs, make get-out-the-vote calls, register new voters, put out door hangers, stuff envelopes; giving sweat, money and time to these elected office holders.

    These guys get a base salary of nearly $170,000, numerous additional perks and a benefit and retirement package most of us could only dream of attaining. Taking an hour out of a Saturday morning once every couple of years to show a modicum of appreciation to the “little worker-bees” shouldn’t be all that tough for our senior senator.

    McCain’s surrogates, irked on his behalf, become indignant when his people are passed over for leadership positions. That was replicated in his own home district 11, where McCain’s anointed were soundly trounced by the savvy elected precinct committeemen.

    I recently read, “Those who know him best like him least.” How clearly that was shown when his hand-picked district leadership slate, none of whom had ever previously expressed the slightest interest in the district, were shown the door.

    By all indications. it appears the volatile senator himself is headed in that same direction.

  2. Guess raising over $1 Million in one night doesn’t mean much to you HG. I wonder how much the AZ GOP raised yesterday?

  3. Keen Observer says

    How intriguing that TonyGOPrano seems hopeful that the state party unravel. He is not dissimilar to the liberals in this regard. Will he also support Hillary/Obama if his buddy McCain isn’t the GOP nominee?

    If you’re actually a Republican, how about getting involved in the AZ GOP you address with such snide disdain? (Maybe even get elected as a PC next time.)

  4. No Keen Observer, just making a comparison. The only person who will beat H. Rotten/OBama Bin Laden is Sen. McCain. I am not wanted, remember I am a RINO as you all call me, and RINO’s aren’t welcome. I have done plenty of volunteering KO, how bout you?

  5. Oro Valley Dad says


    You are wanted and thanks for commenting on this site.

    One note about McCain. It looks like he has a serious problem and it has nothing to do with Haney.

  6. Keen Observer says

    I don’t use the term,RINO, Tony.
    And,during the many years I’ve been an active Platform Republican, I’ve worked for both the party and individual candidates. It has been my pleasure to support the State Party, regardless of whom is at the helm.
    Come join us! You say you’re “not wanted.”
    Come to the 24th Street office and you’ll be surprised at the warm welcome you’ll receive.

  7. Mr. Conservative says

    One Million in one day…ok, if you think that’s big news and is impressive, how about Romney’s $6.5 Million in one day? McCain is the only candidate we have who can beat the Dem’s? I doubt that… the Clinton “smear machine” will be working over-time and McCain has a lot of “issues” that the media have not really gotten into.

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