“Deadbeat Parents” hall of shame website is bad idea

The Maricopa County sheriff has pictures of fathers on its website who owe back child support. This is a bad, bad idea. There is a double standard when it comes to women and men and child support. If a woman becomes pregnant and decides she doesn’t want the child, she can drop it off as an “abandoned baby” after it’s born – no questions asked, no child support ever required. If a man doesn’t want his baby after it’s born, he has no choice – the court almost always orders child support, and will always award it if the mother wants it. Many of these “deadbeat dads” are simply having a hard time making ends meet, and there is no sympathy from the court – either pay the $700/mth or so ordered per month, or be considered a “deadbeat dad.” The mothers are rarely ordered to come up with any money themselves. This needs to change; it’s time to end the stigma against fathers and realize it’s not a terrible crime not to have enough money. These men should not be placed in the same category as criminals. Mothers must be held equally as responsible. Otherwise, there is not true equality between the sexes.


  1. a "Deadbeat Dad" says

    The Sheriff’s listing of supposedly “Deadbeat” fathers is brutal and smacks of jingoism. You are fully aware that there is no meaningful mechanism by which unemployed fathers may have their child support lowered and that most have no means of seeing their children (despite supporting them with child support).

    While I support the sheriff’s crackdown on criminals, my opinion of him has dropped considerably for his participation in the “dead beat dad” fraud.

    Why doesn’t the sheriff exert his consdiderable influence to enforce father’s rights to be with their children?

  2. Put a condom on then. A child must be taken care of and more often then not the little funky child support ordered by the courts hardly covers half the cost of daycare, formula, diapars, and living expenses. Pay the child support or post their pictures everywhere. These are simply not men or women that have fallen behind aon a few payments, these are people that do not pay at all.

  3. Yeah Ladies, I’m with Jessica…

    Use a condom. But if you’re gonna not use a condom, or accept the chances that come with using a condom (99% effective is NOT 100%), then you’ve made your CHOICE.

    Now you’ve got a baby, not a choice.

    Of course, if you want a do-over, where you made your choice, took a chance, got pregnant, and now want to kill the kid because its just too darn inconvenient? Well then you’d be hypocritical to deny the guy a second choice as well.

  4. Shana Noble says


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