DCCC drives their bus off the road in AZ CD 8

     The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has gone way over the edge in an attack ad on Tim Bee. The ad mentions a bus company that is not even owned by Tim. It is his brother Keith that owns the firm.

     It has become standard fare when local Democrats or liberals mention Tim Bee that they start out by saying say he is a decent guy. Then they list the issue on which they disagree. The ad by the DCCC is a total smear against one of Arizona’s most straight up politicians. If Gabrielle Giffords had any sense of decency she would immediately and clearly repudiate this despicable attack ad. The voters clearly deserve much better than this.



  1. kralmajales says

    Hard hitting ad…good gosh, people have been running against the Giffords “family” since she ran the first time and before. In addition, the Tim/Keith brothership is often mentioned…politics in the family…The Bee family name…and the like.

    If indeed, Tim has nothing to do with his brother’s company…and no interest in it, then well…I think you all are right here.

    But if he does…

  2. Iris Lynch says

    I know Tim Bee and he is a decent man who would never do the cheap shots like the Democrats have to smear a man who is NOT responsible for a bus company that he doesn’t own. I can not say if the charges are true about the bus company, but the charges against Tim Bee have no basis in reality. And when you lose touch with reality, it is a good idea to cut back a little.

    Sometimes, I just get a little perverse and think that the Democrats DESERVE to win the White House and let them be in the driver’s seat as we go off the cliff. After all, they caused the debacle. In just two years, were that to come true, the American people will be swooning to fill up the Congress and Senate with Republicans. Then, in another two years we will get Sarah Palin..sanity at last!

  3. Giffords is a sleazball says

    The contract was awarded before Bee was even in the Senate.

    Gabrielle Giffords must apologize!

    Sleazy politics

  4. kralmajales says

    Oh come on…don’t get all whacked out on Democrats for being perverse. Remind yourselves of half the posts on this blog that not only show perverse politics, but against members of your own party…by members of your own party.

    If it is factually wrong then I am certain that it will be repudiated. If it isn’t, then be ready.

    A few questions, if this was before he was in the Senate, then was it at a time that Bee was still in business with brother Keith?

    I will also remind again of the smears people have made against the Giffords family, not her…about the tire business, and a host of other things.

    You all have been down this road before…and by the way, some of the ads Bee has run have been factually inaccurate and distortions.

    Like her so called holiday…that he conveniented left out…which was a holiday?

  5. kralmajales says


    They caused the debacle? You have to be kidding yourself or totally out to lunch. I don’t have to remind you that the bailout is the policy of your President, your Presidential candidate, Obama, and host of others on both sides of the fence.

    The reason for the bailout, the failed economy, is absolutely NOT the fault of the Democrats who have not yet even completed 2 years. We have had 8 years before that of TOTAL control of your party and what we got was corruption, total spending, a massive deficit, and this bad economy.

    The wont be near enough voters to believe what you say. You will get your wish, but the sad thing is that Obama will be cleaning up the mess this party created.

  6. Kral, how did we know you’d show up.

    Hey, what has Gabby done to stop that Rosemont Mine, anyway? [cue chirping crickets] Approval comes from the feds. What’s she done? {cue chirping crickets again]

  7. Giffords is a sleazball says

    Bee has never had ownership in the Bus company.

    Bee had his printing company at that time.

    Gabby Giffords going after Bee’s family is just plain evil.

  8. kralmajales says

    Both Giffords and Grijalva have done more work to stop the Rosemont mine than anyone here in this state. Period. Neither support the mine, neither have ever supported the mine.

    The current administration…the Bush one…and the GOP HOuse and Senate of 8 years pushed for these types of expansions to ease mining. If you are fan of the Rosemont project, thank them.

    If you are not, thank the hell out of Giffords and Grijalva for opposing it this entire time.

  9. kralmajales says

    By the way, the ad was paid for and produced by the DCCC. If this had been the RNCC and Bee you would be saying the same thing I am. That’s not Bee’s ad.

  10. kralmajales says

    One of Tim Bee’s ads, not the RNCC is a distortion…he should be the one apologizing:


  11. Robert Rowley, Tucson, Arizona says

    While all you Bee supporters will poo poo this, the fact is, Tim Bee personally started the baseless, disproven attack ads against Giffords. Apparantly Bee can dish it out but can’t take it. Bee WAS involved in the bus line, research it for yourselfes. Giffords WILL get a second term, Bee WILL be out of office. Period. Live with it. BTW, if Bee is such a sparkling pedistal of purity then why are we here in Tucson having to pay $100,000. for him to have had the failed President, Bush, in to raise funds for Tim Bee? The crap keeps piling up around Bee and neither all of you nor he have any way of digging him out of it as it builds.

  12. I would say the Ray Carroll has done more to stop the Rosemount Mine than either of our southern AZ Congress persons and anyone else for that matter.

    I thought Tim had some ownership in this bus company. His brother may be the boss, but doesn’t Tim get some of the income?





  14. I am curios as to what everyone thinks now that Giffords has denounced the ad? As can be seen here… I am not sure what to make of the move… Maybe this will be a civil campaign…


  15. Hey Kral

    So if the Rosemont Mine is 86’d we can acknowledge Giffords. Conversely if the Rosemont Mine gets approved, we will hang it from her neck. Sorry, but her NIMBY “I’m for mining just not THAT ONE” approach doesn’t quite instill a great deal of confidence in anyone that she’s actually going to deliver results on this one.

  16. kralmajales says

    Nicely said Rachael…

    Giffords didn’t attack Bee once until she was attacked. That is how it is with her. Same thing when Weiss took her on in the primary. She was hammered at by a desperate campaign and never once ran a negative ad of her own.

    This one wasn’t one of her own either…we should remember.

    Oh…and Bruce…give it a rest. Your party is going down. Not even a cheerleader like you can save it.

  17. kralmajales says

    OH…those of us who know something…do know that the President’s visit did cost $100,000 or more to the tax payer.

    You all always bilk the tax payer and hide like little weenies behind your lame assed “tax and spend” phony as beard on duck rhetoric.

  18. The DCCC or CCCP or whoever they are put out an ad that was so inaccurate that even Gabby knew she had to make a statement about it. But of course they say that they don’t take their orders from Gabby so they’ll do whatever they want. All very convenient.

  19. kralmajales says

    Wow…I just got a robodial on my cellphone from Tim Bee himself…telling me how so HURRRT he was by this ad.

    What a whiner…and check your mailing lists Tim. I am NOT voting for you!

  20. Robert Rowley, Tucson, Arizona says

    For those rabid, not so bright Tim Bee supporters, here, from it’s own mouth is Tim Bee stateing that he is a partner in Bee Line. Dispite the fact that his name may not be on a paper anywhere, he says he is a PARTNER in Bee Line Transportation. Was he telling a lie back them or now? Considering his campaign IS a lie does it really even matter?


    Easy Ride
    The Tanque Verde School Board is preparing to give a key politico’s company a sweetheart deal.


    By CHRIS LIMBERIS email this author
    The Tanque Verde School Board is primed to bail out a company owned by influential state Sen. Tim Bee and his brother with a real estate deal for a bus yard and office next to the district’s headquarters.

    The Bee Line, operated by the second-term Republican and his brother and Senate predecessor, Keith Bee, wants to switch from tenant to landlord on a parcel that adjoins the Tanque Verde bus yard and is east of the district offices at 11150 E. Tanque Verde Road.

    Taxpayers already subsidized the Bee Line this year after the company fell behind on the $725 monthly rent. Tanque Verde officials also allowed the Bees to use the property after the lease expired in February.

    Rather than face eviction, Keith Bee eventually paid the back rent while he simultaneously pitched the proposal for Tanque Verde to use space on the adjoining Bee property. Such an arrangement will clear the Bee buses from the district’s lot. More important, Keith Bee is hoping his company will therefore be able to circumvent Pima County zoning and building codes, records show.

    Under the proposal, set for board approval Sept. 11, the Bee Line will open its own bus yard and office on two acres of residential-zoned land just north of the district’s bus yard. The Bee brothers will then free up space for the Tanque Verde school buses and lease the parcel to the district for $1 a year.

    Keith Bee, a five-term senator representing the Tanque Verde Valley and other east Tucson and Green Valley areas, bought the property for $135,000 in 1999, according to county records.

    Zoning at CR1 allows not a bus yard but two homes. Without the nominal lease with Tanque Verde, the Bees “would not be able to fence, grade, put down gravel or house a portable office because of zoning issues,” Superintendent Denise Ryan told the school board in an Aug. 8 memo.

    By signing the nominal lease with Tanque Verde schools, the Bee brothers are hoping to piggyback on land use law that generally allows school districts to use property as they please. County officials say there is no guarantee in this case.

    Keith Bee has asserted that the new arrangement will save Tanque Verde taxpayers, but one proposal had the district paying an equal $6,500 share for initial improvements, records show.

    Some neighbors already have issues with Bee Line’s use of the district’s property, particularly when the large touring coach is fired up.

    Among the problems cited by Carolyn Gould, director of Tanque Verde school transportation, are “complaints from neighboring houses. Diesel smoke, noise late at night and on weekends. Bee Line has been asked to move their buses in the main parking lot in the morning to ‘pre-trip,’ them. Only a few drivers are doing this,” Gould said in an 2001 assessment.

    Exhaust from the coach bus, Gould said, “creates a dust storm, which keeps our district vehicles and vans filthy.”

    Gould listed five other problems in the 2001 memo and confirmed in a new memo on Aug. 6 to the Tanque Verde board that “all of the problems listed are still problems today.”

    Tim Bee’s position in the Senate–and his role on the appropriations committee–as Tanque Verde progresses with its controversial plan for a new high school prompted at least one board member to demand kid-glove treatment for the Bee Line.

    Board member Doug Hughes unilaterally ordered Ryan and Associate Superintendent Marty O’Shea to not rile the Bee brothers while start-stop funding for the high school was on legislative tables, O’Shea said.

    “Doug came into my office and told me to back off,” O’Shea said. “He told Denise Ryan the same thing. This is when we were talking to Keith Bee about the late rent and the expired lease. You know me; I like to have the document. We didn’t have a lease.”

    O’Shea said Hughes, who sells school textbooks, said he was not solely focused on Tim Bee’s vote to preserve funding for the high school, but for educational funding in general.

    State policy prohibits members of school boards from issuing individual orders. Directives must be approved by the full board in open session.

    But it worked. Tim Bee subsequently did not recuse himself from a key vote on funding for the high school, which has caused civil war in Tanque Verde and prompted a recall drive of Board President Dr. Sherrylyn Young.
    Neither Hughes nor Tim Bee returned calls from The Weekly.

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