Day 51- Congressman Flake Refuses to Debate Wil Cardon

Congressman Flake Ignores Wil’s Debate Challenge
Flake Also Refuses Independent Debate Invite

Phoenix, Arizona – 51 days ago, Wil Cardon’s campaign sent a letter to Congressman Flake challenging him to a head-to-head debate.


But wait… there’s more.

Congressman Flake flat out refused a debate invitation from the AZ Republic/KPNX-Channel 12 – a news organization that had plans to report on and televise the debate statewide.

Why is Congressman Flake Running Scared?

It’s become evident that Congressman Flake is afraid to discuss his past of lies, flip-flopping and supporting a liberal agenda in DC.

But his refusal to debate Wil Cardon hurts Arizonans.

In the past several months, there have been numerous candidates forums across the state. Wil has participated in many of them. Congressman Flake, however, has ducked many of them, sending a surrogate to read a letter instead. Now that the race has become so competitive, Wil wants a head-to-head debate with Congressman Flake. Unlike a candidates forum, this kind of debate allows for the two principal candidates to interact with each other – it’s an important difference that allows voters to contrast the candidates.

Arizonans deserve to know all they can about the candidates to make the best decision in August. But, it seems Congressman Flake disagrees.



  1. The latest poll shows the other candidates only 7 points behind Cardon. So why should they be excluded again?

  2. Last time Cardon debated Flake he looked like someone hit him with a water balloon. Never seen a guy sweat like that, it was both disgusting and fascinating. Why would Wil want to go through that again?

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