David Schweikert Pulling Further Ahead!

This just in.

As the Maricopa County Recorder continues to count the provisional ballots, CD-5 congressional candidate David Schweikert’s total vote is trending upward!

The number of votes separating Schweikert and Bitter-Smith is now just under 1,000 votes at 985.


  1. Roger Maris says


  2. Annie Hoyle says

    Go David!! Woo Hoo!

  3. Susan…

    Leave with honor. Do the right thing and concede.

  4. I agree Capt. Ron.

    Susan needs to go away with some dignity left and start helping David raise the money he needs to beet Harry. The fact that she has not yet conceded means that she is only in this for herself and not the party.

    Susan, do the right thing and condede. It is time to move on and rally behind Schweikert.

  5. Ha! She may want to get back on the JD Hayworth show and recant some of those predictions. Just a thought…

  6. Annie Oakley says

    Okay, Ms. Bitter-Smith, it’s time to concede! Beating Mitchell is going to be tough enough without you delaying our best candidate, David Schweikert, from getting on the road to victory!

  7. What makes you all think Bitter-Smith wants Mitchell to lose? Like Hillary if Obama loses, it may serve Bitter-Smith better if Schweikert loses. This is about her after all.

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