David Schweikert: Mitchell, Return Tainted Campaign Money

The David Schweikert Campaign released the following press release regarding the receipt of campaign contributions made to Harry Mitchell from Charles Rangel and Nancy Pelosi.

For Immediate Release: October 1, 2008                   
Contact: J.P. Twist
Schweikert Calls on Mitchell to Return Tainted Campaign Contributions
Scottsdale, AZ – Congressional candidate David Schweikert is calling on Harry Mitchell to return nearly $50,000 in tainted campaign contributions from two of his embattled Democrat House leaders.
“The people of the Fifth District expect a certain level of competence and integrity from their elected officials,” Schweikert said.  “In a very short period of time, Harry Mitchell has let them down repeatedly.”
Campaign finance records show that Mitchell has accepted $20,000 in Political Action Committee dollars from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.  Pelosi is under fire today after news reports surfaced showing that she directed nearly $100,000 from her “PAC to the Future” fund to a company owned by her husband.  Mitchell’s campaign received money from that same PAC. 
In addition, Mitchell has accepted $28,000 from House Ways & Means Committee Chairman Charles Rangel, who is under ethics investigation for failure to pay taxes over a period of 20 years. 
Accepting tainted political contributions was a practice that was at the heart of corruption allegations leveled at congress in 2006.
“This is more than mere hypocrisy, this is arrogance,” Schweikert said.  “Charles Rangel heads the committee that writes U.S. tax law, but he’s under an ethics probe for not paying his own taxes.  Nancy Pelosi has diverted money to her husband’s business from a campaign committee she controls.  Funds from these tainted sources are paying for Harry Mitchell’s campaign.  Voters in the Fifth District deserve better than this kind of disregard for ethics.  It’s been six days since Mitchell was called upon to return tainted donations and the response has been a deafening silence.  He should return these funds and dispel the air of hypocrisy that hangs over his campaign.”


  1. Harry Mitchell Watch has revealed that Harry Mitchell actually received $28,000 in campaign money from Nancy Pelosi. That brings the grand total amount received from Charlie Rangel and Nancy Pelosi to $56,000.

    Harry Mitchell Watch has also discovered that it appears that Harry Mitchell did not fully disclose his entire income on his personal financial disclosure forms.

    Visit Harry Mitchell Watch for more…

  2. kralmajales says

    The only watching that is going to happen is the watching of Mitchell win this race by about 5%.

    Schweikert is pulling the age old “give back the money” ploy to gain himself attention. That is because nobody knows who the heck he is!!!!!

    Raising name rec at this stage of the game is a sure bet on losing this election.

    Yall should have dropped the race against Giffords and Mitchell and sunk your dough and know how into CD1. YOu will lose that one too now…Hay has no chance.

  3. Some stats for my PR piece:

    Harry Mitchel was mentioned 8 times.
    I was mentioned 4 times.

    We’re doing it wrong.

  4. kralmajales says

    THAT will raise your name rec!

  5. Fake Harry Mitchell says

    You gotta like my liberal pals posting on conservative blogs. They know that my record of higher taxes and sucking up to union bosses is popular with conservatives. My pal Kralmajales seems to spend nearly all day posting – smart move because he is winning conservatives over every day. He’s a real wiz at campaigns, same goes for fake Schweikert, just between you and I, he’s a staffer of mine. It’s the key to victory.

  6. Dear staffers of mine,

    My criticisms are only meant to be constructive. You think I want to lose my own race? That’d be unconscionable.

    If my staffers would spend more time proofing their PR releases and less time posting as Fake Harry Mitchel, I might be able to win this race.

  7. kralmajales says

    Damn it Fake Harry Mitchell

    You were not supposed to out me as your staffer!

  8. Fake Harry Mitchell says

    Sorry SA, my Fake David Schweikert staffer was meant to be original, but alas he is now just cribbing from my posts, that sure isn’t what I’m paying him for. I’m going to have a talk with him and straighten him out, he’s not even original anymore.

    Now a confession to make to the dear readers of SA. You have to understand, the crazy liberal blogs are already in the bag with us – just between you and me, they are even more liberal than I am. So in an effort to reach out to conservatives who are the majority in this district, Fake David Schweikert and I met at a local trial lawyer’s office in Tempe and devised this plan. Of course we had to run it by my boss’s staff in Pelosi’s office in DC. If you saw the bailout vote, you know I don’t do anything without her consent. BTW, she’s one tough broad – I kind of like a tough woman. But I digress. I will straighten out fake David Schweikert and get him back on track. It’s one thing to be a liberal posting on SA, but he should at least try and be original.

    PS, my hopes aren’t high for him. I am going to give him one more chance, but the rest of my staff thinks he’s kind of a dim bulb

  9. Is every Schwiekert press release about Harry Mitchell should do.

    I wonder if Schwiekert wakes up in the morning and says “Harry Mitchell probably didn’t have a balanced breakfast this morning. David Schweikert says Harry Mitchell needs to remember that breakfast is the most important meal of the day!”

    And then the nice men in white coats take him to room with soft walls.

  10. kralmajales says

    hahahahahaha Klute.

    As you and I both know, know one knows who the hell he is. Its the only way that he can possibly raise his name recognition.

    He is hoping the press will catch on and write a story about one of these many things he plunks down.

    He, my guess, will actually try to work WITH the press to get his message out and not refuse endorsement interviews like Thomas, Arpaio, and Antenori.

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