David Schweikert launches television ad

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Monday, June 21, 2010

David Schweikert, the leading Republican candidate for Congress in District 5 against Democrat Harry Mitchell, has launched a television ad featuring the primary differences between himself and Mitchell. David is tough on border security, opposed the bailouts and stimulus spending that Mitchell voted for, and would work to repeal the Obama healthcare bill. Please consider a contribution to his campaign against Harry Mitchell, to keep this ad on the air.

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  1. Has there been any polling on this race since the one showing Schweikert trouncing all the other candidates in both the primary and the general? Doesn’t seem like the other Republican candidates are getting any traction.

  2. Dick Ross says

    I like this Schweikert guy. I spoke to him one-on-one last night at his event. David Schweikert impressed me. He answered all my questions, and I was tough on him!

    Here’s what I find most interesting: I was also tough on Jim Ward who couldn’t take the heat and didn’t answer my questions. He just said to go to his website. Crazy thing too – Jim Ward didn’t know the connection of the 14th Amendment to the immigration problem.

    This is a Congressional race! We need a smart leader like Schweikert. We need a candidate with tested expertise not a cocktail schmoozer who wastes my time!

    Schweikert has my vote and my dollars! Bye Bye Harry!

  3. I like Schweikert and Ward… I supported schwikert last time and my only hesitation this time is his ability to run a successful campaign that can win. This ad does nothing to help that. Who is doing his ads? Starts out good but way to many “no, no, no”… turn those into some positives, swing voters dont like the no candidate

  4. Mitchell will have no problem beating this wannabe…just like he did the last election cycle. Is this really the best we have?

  5. Schweikert easily has the momentum, and don’t think it matters that he lost to Mitchell once before, that was a Democrat year and Republicans all across the country like Schweikert were targeted and lost. This year, the Dems are scattered, have no money, and have all but given up on that seat. Schweikert is the most electable of the Republicans running in the race, and he’s run an incredible campaign so far, he’s out pounding pavement every day and I see him issuing statements practically every day. Let’s get behind him and support him!

  6. Stephen Kohut says


    If you ddn’t like your choices you should have either run yourself or recruited a different candidate. Otherwise pick your horse in the race and don’t whine.

  7. Conservative trooper says

    Excellent video ad. Just the message we need out there – spending and border security. Looks very professional, unlike some of the other television ads I’ve seen from Congressional candidates (Paulina Morris’s ads running in District 3 comes to mind – very poorly done).

  8. Ward has been ahead or close in a number of the more recent straw polls I have seen, probably because he now has the endorsements of John Shadegg, Chandler Chamber of Commerce and others. Schweikert hasn’t shown he can beat Mitchell in spite of his name recognition locally, and Ward is a political outsider and businessman who is appealing to people who want some new faces representing AZ.

  9. Jim Ward shows up everywhere with a ton of supporters in tow, that is how he is able to manipulate straw polls. Straw polls are meaningless, since they’re subject to manipulation like that. Ward strikes me as a carpetbagger from San Francisco who has 0 political experience and never voted in his life until now. He says he is going to vote like a conservative, but can you trust him? He’s hooked up with the McCainiacs. That tells you everything you need to know. He claims to be this outsider but has tied himself to McCain. No thanks.

  10. Jacobite says

    The circumstances in District Five have changed substantially since 2006 and 2008.

    To begin with, this primary isn’t all that nasty like the last one and Schweikert will have money in the till should he win in August. The party won’t stiff him this time due to his immigration enforcement stand.

    On the other hand, Mitchell will not have the funding from the DNC that he enjoyed in the last two elections as both Boxer and Reid are in deep doodoo and funds have to be spent elsewhere.

    And on top of it all, the electorate is trending right!

    A bad omen for Dems and RINOs!

  11. Stephen Kohut Says:
    June 21st, 2010 at 2:14 pm


    If you ddn’t like your choices you should have either run yourself or recruited a different candidate. Otherwise pick your horse in the race and don’t whine.


    Really. I didn’t vote for him the last time, and I REFUSE to vote for him this time

  12. Schweikert has always seemed stiff and awkward to me. He has been running for office every year since I moved here in 2003.

    I prefer Jim Ward’s resume and his personableness. I was at an event and several of us decided after hearing both, that we would be voting for Ward.

    We want new blood and someone who can beat Harry Mitchell.

  13. Politicalanimal says

    David rocks! Jim ward is wrong, arrogant and trying to buy his way to Congress.

  14. MaryAnne says

    Marcy – you sound like a paid consultant for Jim Ward, because I’ve never heard anyone say they like his personality. All I ever hear is “arrogant,” “arrogant,” and more “arrogant.” David Schweikert, on the other hand, comes across as interested and dynamic and really gets to you know. David has ran for office and won twice as far as I know, state legislature and County Treasurer. Only lost the one race to Mitchell two years ago. Why don’t you get your facts straight if you’re going to bash him.

  15. VoiceInTheWild says

    David needs to get a real job. Oh yeah, he does right now, capitalizing on the misery of others by slamming repo’s and short sales and flipping them.
    Aside from that, he has never served in uniform, has been a politician most of his young life and is merely building more government pension time. What is the difference between him and the Dem – the Dem is “granddad” and the kid is out twice going for three times.
    It’s Ward or Bitter Smith. Not sure which. Salvino needs to stick to medicine, but at least he’s a Veteran and I respect him for that.
    David is all about David. Name me someone who supported him that David later turned around endorsed or gave money to? He’s only given $30 to the Realtors PAC – it would seem a guy who is making commissions on the misery of others could afford a bit more?
    No, David is selfish and will never get my vote or support. He needs to go home. He disappointed us with his legislative voting record and he admitted that the career bureaucrats run the county treasurer’s office – he simply kept them on.

  16. Conservative PC says

    I know who VoiceInTheWild is. I heard Jon Altmann talking the other day to someone saying those exact same things about David Schweikert. Not difficult to figure out why. It is because Jon is close with Susan Bitter Smith who is running against David. She was his campaign manager when Jon unsuccessfully ran for legislature.

    Jon, a word of advice: if you are going to attack your opponents with such sleazy accusations, at least watch who you say it to, because it will come back and bite you. Susan Bitter Smith is a slimy lady with lowbrow tactics (pretending Sheriff Arpaio is endorsing her when he no longer is) and you’d be wise not to get caught up in them.

  17. David Schweikert blows all his opponents away. We need to elect him to beat Harry Mitchell. David has my vote.

  18. Jon Altmann, PC, State Committeeman LD11 says

    TO CONSERVATIVE PC – Let’s set the record straight.

    I found your comment recently from Jun 22.

    First, I am my own voice and my record is clear when I blog on this or other sites I do it under my own name, not others.

    Second, Susan Bitter Smith is absolutely a long-time friend for more than 20 years. I have known David Schweikert almost as long. I donated money to his race for Treasurer. When David & Susan both chose to run, I sent David a polite message and told him I would be backing Susan. No secrets. David & I have enjoyed an up-front relationship.

    Third, Susan Bitter Smith was never a campaign manager for me. I have employed campaign consultants in the past and my public filings state clearly who those were via payments made to them for mailers and such. I have managed my own campaigns with advisors.

    Fourth, did you know that in a previous David Schweikert campaign, David used Susan and her husband for his campaign and paid them quite a bit? So if you are saying that Susan is something other than an honorable person, then why did David use her services in days gone by?

    So, “Conservative PC”, come out of the bushes when you blog on my name – and be on the record.

    Best wishes, whoever you are.

  19. Jim Ward is an AMAZING candidate! How fresh and talented can one be? Schweikert is a gonner – a two time loser. It’s time that we all huddled around the candidate that can win!

    Too bad that primaries divide us as a group. We should all be supporting the candidate tht can BEAT Harry Mitchell in the fall!


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