David Schweikert: Entire Base of Grassroots Support Schweikert

To All Interested Parties:

Congressman Ben Quayle has decided to move Congressional districts and primary fellow-Republican David Schweikert in his distirct, AZ-06.

  • Quayle’s home isn’t in AZ-06, it’s in AZ-09
  • Quayle’s campaign office isn’t in AZ-06, it’s in AZ-09
  • Quayle’s Congressional office isn’t in AZ-06, it’s in AZ-09

As this primary challenge gains attention, the choice for Arizona conservatives is clear. They support the Republican who lives in AZ-06 and who has served that very same community for 30+ years.

Since Ben Quayle’s announcement to “carpetbag” into Schweikert’s district, Arizonans have responded in backlash. This week the Schweikert campaign rolled out several prominant endorsements.

  • Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery
  • Phoenix City Councilman Sal DiCiccio
  • Phoenix City Councilman Jim Waring
  • Scottsdale Mayor Jim Lane
  • State Senator Michele Reagan
  • State Representative Michele Ugenti
  • State Representative John Kavanagh

David’s campaign office opened this morning with a record-breaking volume of volunteer participation. In 2010, Schweikert’s ground operation was widely noted as being a model for campaigns across the country.

It is clear that David has the entire base of grassroots support in AZ-06 behind him.

Included is a polling memo for your interest. Please feel welcome to circulate. Of particular note are the favorable ballot numbers at the very bottom of the memo. Arizona primary voters who “like” both David and Ben choose David 56% – 31%. Even more impressive is the informed ballot of Arizona primary voters who have an “opinion” of David and Ben, either “favorable or unfavorable” choose David 57% – 31%.


PS: When you hear reports about the Schweikert/Quayle primary, please help us keep the facts straight, and if you need information or have a question, please don’t ever hesitate to ask!


  1. The most disengenous part of this arguement is that, when the original draft maps came out of the Independent Redistricting Commission in October, Schweikert’s Fountain Hills home was in CD-4 instead of CD-6, but he announced that he would likely still run in CD-6. So if the Independent Redistricting Commission hadn’t moved Fountain Hills into CD-6 in the final map, Schweikert would be in the same exact position as Quayle. It’s pretty lame to attack Quayle for doing something that Schweikert himself was going to do until the Democrat controlled redistricting commission changed its mind and put Fountain Hills in CD-6.

    For those of you who have forgotten:

    • Grandpa Patriot says

      Did you see that tentative map that had Fountain Hills removed from the adjacent community and included with Lake Havasu City? NOBODY would have run in that district if they lived in Fountain Hills. It was a ridiculous proposal!

    • No guts, no glory says

      Weak argument. Talk is one thing, actually doing what Quayle did illustrates that he is not a team player. During the last primary Quayle would have lost had there not have been 10 candidates in the CD 3 race. A one on one race against a real conservative equals a Quayle defeat. This could have been avoided Ben.

      • CD5 Conservative says

        No guts…you have NO WAY to prove your assumptions. The fact is, he did WIN in a 10 way race against much more proven political heavy weights and a millionare.

        As for team player, what world do you the live? This is politics. If David was a team player he wouldn’t have staked claim to what was not rightly his to begin with. Or if he was a team player he would have listend to the NRCC and other leadership groups asking him to run in his true home district which is now CD9.

        You guys really like twisting reality.

        • AnObservation says

          His true home district? You realize Schweikert lives like thirty miles away from CD 9 right? Not to mention his campaign office and official office are in CD 6?

          It honestly boggles my mind that there are Quayle supporters who are seriously suggesting David should have run in district nearly thirty miles from he lives to clear the way for their golden boy. Who is really twisting reality here?

  2. How about Quayles spokesperson (or campaign manager) Jay Heiler who is now on the AZ Board of Regents looking out for the interests of our big spending universities, or his former role as the lobbyist for the photo radar company that raked in millions for themselves, but little for AZ govt. Those photo radar tickets were great! Since most everyone driving got one at one time or another, that whole boondogle was very unpopular, but i will bet the lobbyist got paid quite a bit.

    • You know who else lobbies for photo radar? Matt Salmon. And who lobbies for ASU – one of those “big spending universities?” Matt Salmon. Guess who’s transition team Jay Heiler served on? Jan Brewer. You know who runs Jan Brewer’s campaign? Highground. Can you think of another campaign Highground is running? Matt Salmon. Know who endorsed Matt Salmon? David Schweikert. So, clearly, using your logic, David Schweikert supports both photo radar and big spending universities.

      • Tiny, thats mighty big of you to use logic to confuse me.
        But no one knows what it means, its provocative. It gets the people goin!

  3. Congressman Schweikert – you sound desperate. Please try to focus on the issues this early in the cycle.

    • AnObservation says

      If I were Ben Quayle, I wouldn’t want talk about the issues with David Schweikert…. its no-win situation for Quayle.

      • Grandpa Patriot says

        Schweikert will make Quayle look like a 12 year old running for student body president. Please, please, please, Ben, get in there and debate with Schweikert. Schweikert knows his base and knows his numbers. There aren’t any congressman smarter or better than Schweikert. He is the real deal.

  4. Sooo does that mean Sheriff Joe runs a bunch of campaigns in AZ? His name is always on an endorsement list.

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