Crunch Time.

     Up to this point we have held back on the Comprehensive Immigration Reform bill (S.1348) and Senator Kyl’s involvement. We can no longer ignore the facts. The current bill as written is flawed. It provides immediate legal status to millions of people who illegally entered the U.S. and does little to insure that security issues along our borders will finally be fixed.

     Do not just take our word for it. Many leading intellectuals have spoken of the flaws of this bill: Figures like Thomas Sowell, Newt Gingrich, and Hugh Hewitt all agree that this bill either needs to be fixed or scrapped. The Heritage Foundation has pointed out the flaws of the bill and has an article titled Kennedy Dupes Republicans on Immigration Bill.

To the Hon. Senator Jon Kyl,

     Senator Kyl we beg you, we implore you, we beseech you to fix the security flaws in this bill and reverse the immediate Z-Visa residency amnesty or else work to kill this bill. There are innumerable other security flaws that should be fixed as well, one among many is that illegals from “countries of interest” have access to the Z-Visa.

     One final concern. We have not wanted to raise it because it pales in importance to the security of the nation but we mention it now. The future of the Republican Party in Arizona is also on the line. If you, of all people, can sell out the conservatives on such an important issue then whom within the party can we trust? You are one of the last major figures that can still unite the party. The deep divide within the party has negative implications for next years legislative as well as congressional races. Will the CD-5 Republican primary devolve into a fight over border security that will only serve to cripple the eventually nominee? Will the border security wing of the party find it necessary to run a separate candidate in the CD-8 race and damage the current de-facto nominee? For this and for the security of our nation please fix or kill S.1348.

To our patient and loyal readers,

     Please contact Kyl’s office once again and stress that the many flaws in S.1348 need to be fixed or the bill should be scrapped.

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  1. According to CNN, the bill contains language that requires the U.S. Government to “assist” the Mexican government with providing better access to health care for its citizens and a host of other improvements, IN MEXICO! Not good news for U.S. Taxpayers.

  2. It is under a section that is supposed to deal with helping Mexico create an environment that people won’t be so desperate to escape from. We (the U.S.) are also supposed to make it as easy as possible for Mexicans to remit their U.S. income back to Mexico. Wanna bet these parts of the bill say “shall” while the enforcement stuff mostly says “may”?

  3. OVD,

    Thank you for your dignified and diligent efforts. Through this whole debate you have made an effort to stay on the subject and not wallow in the mud. Yours is an example many would do well to follow.

    Oppose the bill, state your positions, and do not attack personalities or people. The country is watching how our party responds and the Dems are waiting for us to implode.
    Unfortunately, some are giving them so much fodder they can just sit back and take notes, pull it all out next November, and away WE go!

  4. Oro Valley Dad says


    Thank you for the kind words. We try.

    BTW we average about 320 visits per day and yesterday got about 475. Our philosophy is a lot like Rush’s. Attract and retain an audience.

  5. Villamova says

    Wallow in the mud, Ann? The real “mud” is the Z-Amnesty, legalizing 20 million lawbreakers, which is being shoved down America’s collective throat by our elected representatives. When we yell, “Uncle,” is that your definition of wallowing?

    The truth is Democrats want to increase their voter registration rolls with more folks who are grateful for the increased government programs and subsidies. The Republicans, unfortunately, are no better, since they are desirous of placating the business community, seeking an ever lower cost work force at the peril of America’s citizens. Is concern over sustaining our already faltering social security system or exorbitant Medicare costs with additional millions drawing from these programs, wallowing?

    Is making the case that in a post 9/11 world our priority should be national security, rather than the fallacious argument of “compassion” or the apparent “dignified” civility you admire, wallowing? If so, allow me to get into the so-called mud.

    We will become a Third World nation while you slip on your white gloves and sip tea.

  6. Villamova,

    You have not perceived my intentions correctly. Just because I do not adhere to the use of obscene gestures imposed on the likeness of an esteemed senator or use words like traitor and liar does not mean I would rather “sip tea”.

    The ability to communicate a valid interest and intelligent debate does not require such behavior. Righteous indignation based on reality not perception is not the same as wallowing in the mud. My point was that OVD has used this venue to inspire others to make use of their ability to communicate in a positive yet forceful way. The use of such easy tactics as name calling and guilt by association is something we should be used to but not a part of. I would hope our positions against this bill would have more merit than to use such mindless ploys as our ammunition.

    Do not sip tea; do oppose this bill in its current form. Just use decency, intelligence, and positive communication lest you be perceived as mindless, simple, and ineffective.


    Fax is the most effective way to actually be recognized. The huge numbers of emails tend to get bogged down while the actual stack of papers is a visual tool in itself. If sending an email, make sure the subject line tells your story in a very few words. The odds that all of it would be read are probably slim but the subject line will be obvious.

  7. Hometown Guy says

    The citizens of this country are simply fed up with the duplicity of our elected officials.

    The frustration level is very high. Many of us have worked for our GOP “leaders” over the years. I was one who dedicated a great deal of sweat equity as well as monetary donations. That mistake won’t be repeated.

    No problem whatsoever with OVD, by the way.

  8. I hear ya’ brother! But I do not want that frustration to be merely overlooked as rabid, equally duplicitous behavior. We have all been so frustrated with the scandals and acts of indecency while in office that it is no surprise this brings such outrage. Ours should be the party of honesty and integrity.

    But just what is the goal? To see a change in this measure that brings about true immigration reform and secure borders or to position oneself as a leader in the revolt against the issue itself with no results? Being the face of the anger is of no importance if there is no legitimacy behind the actions intended to symbolize efforts of change. It is the actual exchange of ideas in an understandable and acceptable format that will be effective. Making your point with absolute clarity and emphasis does not require name calling and threats.

    A snarling dog might keep the junkyard safe but that’s about it.

  9. Like the AZGOP folks are saying, hate the bill, not the Senator. If he ultimately votes for it, then you can have at him, but in the meantime we want to change his mind!

  10. Hometown Guy says

    True immigration reform was what Ronald Reagan assured us we would have in 1986 when there were 3 million illegals given amnesty. Now we have at least 20 million and are in far worse shape. At least Reagan had the forthrightness to call his ill-conceived gift to those who disrespect our rule of law and sovereignty, exactly what it was. He called it AMNESTY.

    Our elected representatives are selling us down the river and expect our continued loyalty. If you believe these measures will give us security and “true immigration reform,” I’ve got a bridge to sell you. Those of us who are furious are acting on behalf of our children and grandchildren who deserve a country at least as good as the one we were given by those who came before us. I don’t want to leave a third world country peopled with those who think this is their land.
    Please watch this short video for clarity:

  11. Reagan also later said that he regreted that bill more than any other! Yet so few have learned from his lesson…

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