Crisis in Confidence

Amazing stuff from the latest Gallup poll.



Only 14% percent of the people have have “a great deal of” confidence in Congress or “quite a lot, which is the lowest ever.  A lot of the blame lies with the political elite’s failure to deliver (social security reform) or to listen to the overwhelming majority of Americans (“comprehensive” immigration reform), but more blame rests on the media and Hollywood elites. 

We are fed a non-stop diet of government corruption, business greed, a sense of entitlement and a belief that you have the right to never be offended.  I doubt a day goes by without the US and European media criticizing our democratic institutions in general, America in particular or the Republican Party in detail.

Yet a large majority of Americans tend to reject that perception.  Afterall, confidence levels in the media are lower than President Bush’s approval ratings.

Notice also that the groups that complain the least, the military and church, do much better than the constant whiners, Congress and the media.

The great Tony Blair lays out the problems with the media in the Wall Street Journal.

Second, attacking motive is far more potent than attacking judgment. It is not enough for someone to make an error. It has to be venal. Conspiratorial. Watergate was a great piece of journalism, but there is a Ph.D. thesis all on its own to examine the consequences for journalism of standing one conspiracy up. What creates cynicism is not mistakes; it is allegations of misconduct. But misconduct is what has impact.

A brave German discusses the “big lie” of anti-Americanism held European media elites. 

As far as Hollywood goes, I for one would pay a lot of money to see a movie where US government agents, Christians or big business were portrayed positively and were not part of some grand conspiracy to subvert our freedoms.

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