crAZy update

Busy Friday for the Democrats. At least he has not been charged with beating her.


  1. Kenny Jacobs says

    But he is heterosexual, and Arizona Republicans like Tim Bee are now on record that heterosexuality is requisite for equality under the law. That’s crAZy!

  2. GOP Boomer Gal says

    Why should he take personal respnsibility? He’s a Democrat, so he believes it’s government’s responsibility to raise and support his son.

  3. GOP Boomer Gal says


    Republicans believe everyone is equal under the law; just don’t believe in the RADICAL gay agenda.

  4. Gretchen says

    To GOP Boomer Gal Says–

    Your first statement–Where are your data that show that Democratic men are more likely not to pay child support then Republican, Green Party, or Libertarian men?

    Your second statement–You statement is inherently contradictory. If you support a law that would disallow gay couples from getting married, then obviously you do NOT believe in everyone being equal under the law. Slavery abolistionists and supporters of the women getting the vote were also deemed “radical” in their day.

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