crAZy on tape

I thought this guy was going to resign. Now the 911 tape has been released. Read about here and listen to it here. Now would really be a good time for the Arizona Democratic Party to remove their crAZy web site.


  1. Reflection, distorted says

    I recommend people listen to the mp3. I found it helpful in understanding the situation. Note she and he had been out together without the kids (both under 10 if I remember). Was there a babysitter? Politics aside, this is maybe a DV situation no one will be comfortable with. Anyway, you can hear him tell her “I’m going to go ahead and divorce you” and then during the 911 call she say’s “honey, you shouldn’t be driving right now” and she asks the operator asks if she can put him on the phone. And she does. And the operator asks him to stay put because the officers are on their way and there’s a fight going on and he says why and then “because she tried to…”

    Look, people, this is a unique situation maybe so please keep the facts close at hand.

  2. Sonoran Alliance says

    The facts are pretty apparent. Our main point is this is not the best time for the Democrats to be making fun of the personal shortcomings of Republicans. Bad things can happen from either party.

  3. A sad situation all around. This is a mostly political blog, so the strange politics wouldn’t be ignored. Neither party holds the moral high ground, so its good that the Arizona Republican Party doesn’t try to claim it and its obviously wrong that the Arizona Democrat Party does. I also can’t figure out why this guy hasn’t resigned yet?

    At the personal level, let’s pray that they work things out and heal whatever needs healing. They’ll both be better off that way, as will their kids.

  4. With all due respect, why would they remove it when you keep giving them free publicity about it?

  5. Mari, not likely that too many folks from this website are venturing over to the Dem Party’s website.

  6. Sonoran Alliance says

    Mari you raise a good point. It does give us a good chance to point out what total hypocrites the Democrats are. Their message consists primarily of bashing Republicans while one of their own slaps around his wife. What are the for?

  7. Ken Jacobs says

    The website is a write up of some particularly ridiculous policy positions and votes by some Republicans. If you believe these positions are “personal shortcoming” then your beef is with the politicians, not the method of advertising them.

  8. ….”change my pitch up….”

  9. Listened to it. Sad situation indeed. Hope he can resolve his personal issues. And honor his promise to resign.

    So where is the AZGOP Dem attack website?

    There’s got to be plenty of dirt on Grijalva, SUV-driving Giffords “we need to blade the Sonoran Desert to establish more solar panel fields”. “Pay no attention to my gas guzzler, we–meaning you guys–need to use less gasoline”. “I heart Al Gore-type hypocricy” Spin away, just like the donkeys. Glassman the understaffed police will just have to “suck it up” right before a police officer was killed in the line of duty. Gotta soften up these knuckleheads, esp Glassman, before they get momentum in their political careers like they should have done with SUV Giffords before she she ever got to the point of running for congress. Jim Pederson? Hello… like you think he’s never going to run again?

  10. Oh, yeah, and Tom “LD29 Lunger” Craaaazy.

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