County Attorney Blasts Opponent for Record Amount of Contributions From Criminal Defense Lawyers

ACLU Tim Nelson, Democrat candidate for County Attorney

Thomas Says Dangerous Alliance is More Evidence that ACLU Attorney Nelson is Soft on Crime; Demands Full Accounting of Criminal Defense Contributions, Influence

So who are the lawyers of murderers, polluters, rapists, molesters and white collar criminals supporting for Maricopa County Attorney?

Tim Nelson.

A review of the ACLU lawyer’s campaign contribution reports show a record amount of support — and a shocking alliance with – lawyers representing Valley criminals (See below).

“The Democrat primary is over. And it’s time to shed some light on who Tim Nelson really is. He’s soft on crime. I am not. He’s supportive of policies and people that will endanger our citizens and make neighborhoods unsafe. These contributors want to see me replaced with a County Attorney who will be friendlier to their cause. Mr. Nelson’s dangerous alliance with lawyers representing Valley criminals should be a concern to every neighborhood and person in Maricopa County,” Thomas said.

During the Democrat primary Nelson himself committed to rolling back Thomas’ policies to reduce plea bargains. He acknowledged that lawyers for Valley criminals were giving large sums to his campaign because they disagree with Thomas’ hard- line policies against plea bargaining, saying they are not “just.” Thomas severely curtailed plea bargains and what he called sweetheart deals for crimes after taking office in 2005. For example, Thomas required that violent offenders plead guilty to the highest charge and accept the tough prison sentences that come with that or go to trial and risk getting sentenced longer. In the real world, this means a rapist who breaks into a house no longer can plead guilty just to burglary, but must plead guilty to sexual assault and get a severe prison sentence.

There may be other criminal defense attorney contributors not identified by Thomas. Furthermore, numerous criminal defense attorneys have hosted fundraisers or otherwise raised money for Nelson.

It is illegal for Arizona state legislators to accept campaign contributions from lobbyists during the legislative session. To accept so much money from lobbyists for criminals with active interests before the County Attorney’s Office is even more alarming, Thomas said.

“We have not been able to find any candidate for County Attorney who has ever raised so much money from so many criminal defense lawyers. If someone can prove otherwise I will be happy to change our description of Nelson’s support from record-setting to merely obscene. In the meantime, Nelson must release a full accounting of all that criminal defense attorneys have raised for his campaign so the public can have the most complete picture of their unprecedented support,” Thomas said.

Nelson is now working at the law firm of Osborn Maledon, well-known for its criminal defense work, including those with cases now before the County Attorney’s Office.

“Our policies, combined with those of Sheriff Arpaio and outstanding efforts by local law enforcement have reduced Valley crime over the past four years. Mr. Nelson wants to eviscerate these efforts and return to the days of soft sentences for criminal defense attorneys and their clients,” Thomas said.

Thomas said the Arizona media and public do not yet have any idea how soft and how offensive Tim Nelson’s entire criminal justice record has been.

Thomas said his campaign would be releasing additional information throughout the campaign, as well as defending his own successes during his first term and articulating why his re-election will mean a continued reduction in crime.

List of criminal defense attorneys and their spouses who contributed to Nelson (NOTE: $390 is the maximum contribution allowed by law)

Dale Baich -$390
Alan Baskin-$100
Melanie Beauchamp-$390
James Belanger-$390
Michael Black-$390
Antonio Bustamante-$250
Michael Buxton-$390
Zachary Cain-$100
Colin Campbell-$390
David Cantor-$390
Harla Davison-$100
Hector Diaz-$250
Stephen Dichter-$390
Timothy Eckstein-$300
Bruce Feder-$100
Carmen Fischer-$390
Tracy Friddle-$35
Stacey Gottlieb-$390
Benjamin Green-$100
Larry Hammond-$390
Leslie Hatfield-$390
Melissa Ho-$100
Bret Huggins-$200
David Kephart-$150
Michael Kimerer-$390
Jason Lamm-$390
Jess Lorona-$390
Norma Martens-$390
Daniel Maynard-$200
Craig Mehrens-$390
Jeffrey Mehrens-$390
Alicia Morrison-$100
Alex Navidad-$100
Phil Noland-$390
Ed Novak-$390
Frederick Petti-$390
John Phebus-$390
Rebecca Potter-$40
Christopher Rapp-$390
Jon Sands -$390
John Sandweg-$390
Gary Scales-$390
Douglas Schwab-$200
Margarita Silva-$50
Lee Stein-$390
E.Sharon Storrs-$200
James Tinker-$200
Peter Wand-$200
Robert Weeks-$200
Alan Zimmerman-$100
Their spouses
Joo Cantor -$390
Frances Hammond-$390
Jennifer Lorona-$390
Timothy Martens-$200
Heather Novak-$285
Total: $15,560.00

Attorneys in the above list have represented such people as Sammy “The Bull” Gravano, convicted child murderer Don Beaty, murderer-rapist Robert Comer and convicted child murderer Kevin Roscoe, among many others.

This list is based on information found in the public domain including the Arizona State Bar website. This list doesn’t include attorneys who handle criminal cases as only part of their practice.

For more information or to arrange interviews with Mr. Thomas please call Jason Rose or Jim Sharpe at 480.423.1414.


  1. Conservative Activist says

    That’s a LONG list of criminal defense lawyers. Especially for a guy who’s done nothing but civil law and political advising his entire career. Civil law attorneys and criminal law attorneys don’t overlap much. When I practiced civil law I never met criminal law attorneys. Totally different world. Most civil attorneys spend all their time in their offices, not in the courtroom. Obviously these aren’t just “friends” of his but there is something motivating them to contribute to him.

  2. Crime rates are finally decreasing all over the Valley thanks to the tough policies of Thomas and Arpaio – you think we want to change midstream? No thank you, I am tired of being one of the worst states in the nation for crime, where everyone I know has been a victim of ID theft and burglary/auto theft.

    I recognize some of those names on that list. It should have been pointed out that Jason Lamm represents child pornographers – That goes right along with the criticism I’m hearing of Nelson that he would be soft on NAMBLA because of his work as an ACLU attorney.

    From Lamm’s website:

    Over the last several years Mr. Lamm has become recognized as the leading defense criminal defense attorney in the defense or child pornography charges and has handled dozens of cases not only in Phoenix and throughout Arizona, but all around the country.

  3. L. De Marino says

    Is that a picture of Thomas or Nelson?

  4. Why do we assume that everyone charged with a crime is guilty? This isn’t France, this is the USA where innocence is presumed until guilt is established by a court of law.

    Being a defender of people who are charged with crimes doesn’t make you a person who agrees with the alleged misbehaviors.

    In fact, the point of ‘defending’ those so charged is to ensure that there is no miscarriage of justice.

    I suspect that the writer of this blog would want the best defender his money could buy if he or a family member were charged with a crime. Because he purchases such a defense does not make his defender a co-conspirator in the charge which is being defended against.

  5. Wooden Teeth says

    Hmmm. Tough-on-crime-Thomas is the one responsible for those defense lawyers having jobs, so shouldn’t they be trying to get Thomas re-elected?

    Oh, wait, since Thomas eliminated plea bargains and so few are willing to take their chances at trial, those defense lawyers are not going to be making much money in the Thomas administration. Now this is starting to make sense.

  6. Nelson has it all wrong!

    He’s not supposed to take money *from* lawyers, he’s supposed to steer contracts *to* his former law firms and employers.

    Call it “The Thomas Manifesto.”

  7. Precinct Committeeman says

    You know, Andy Thomas is my choice for County Attorney, just like he was four years ago.

    But, your list of lawyers and defendants is just poor taste. Remember when that Democrat Terry Goddard went after those Republican politicians with criminal charges? Each of them was exonerated in some way, from minor, unrelated plea agreements to having the charges tossed. Those guys were all defended by attorneys who do, (gasp), criminal defense work.

    This type of attack is typical of the other side. Why would you jump into it?

    The Sonoran Alliance is becoming something I did not know before. It’s making you less credible when we need you the most.

  8. Wooden Teeth says

    PC, the “other” side has been criticizing and the media has been publicizing Thomas for taking some campaign funds from attorneys. I see this press release as merely a response to that.

    It says more about where Nelson is going to get his funding. He says he wants to do a better job protecting the public, but most of his money is coming from people being paid to keep their clients out of prison.

  9. Conservative Activist says

    Check this out from Lamm’s website – I find it telling that he doesn’t state that his client was INNOCENT:

    Our Experience as Child Pornography Lawyers
    On August 2, 2002, child pornography attorney Jason Lamm successfully argued to a Maricopa County Superior Court that Arizona’s law prohibit child pornography is unconstitutional. A judge then DISMISSED ALL 16 COUNTS of sexual exploitation of a minor against our client and then ordered that he be immediately released from jail after he had been held for 10 months awaiting trial.

    In March of 2002, child pornography lawyer Jason Lamm also obtained a DISMISSAL OF 14 COUNTS of sexual exploitation of a minor on behalf of a client. Mr. Lamm has again distinguished himself as the preeminent criminal defense attorney in Arizona in this new and complex area of criminal law.

    Guess there was no harm done to the underage kids who were exploited in the pictures, and feeding the pervert’s appetite was also harmless.

  10. Precinctcommitteewoman says

    Did you see the Repugnant interviewed Lamm in its article on this today? Pretty sad if that’s the poster child Nelson is using for his contributors! Did the Repulsive realize who Lamm was when they chose to interview him to defend ACLU Tim?

    Jason Lamm, a Phoenix criminal defense attorney, believes that Thomas is more driven by agendas that cater to popular opinion rather than running the prosecutor’s office. That’s why he donated the $390 maximum to Nelson.

    “He’s certainly not going to be a pushover, if that’s what Mr. Thomas is insinuating. All anyone is looking for is a fair shake from the system.”

  11. Antifederalist says

    Thomas is a fascist and I’d rather not vote for some ACLU-loving Dem. Looks like this would be a second race that I’d have to refrain from voting in, or choose the Libertarian.

    I hate to say it, but 8.5M is right. Our Founders built SEVERAL criminal law protections into our Constitution because they feared the power of government. I remind you that President John Adams defended the British soilders involved in the Boston Massacre because he believed everyone deserved a fair trial. Now, I’d like to see all child-molesters and rapists shot, but I don’t want one single innocent person convicted. Even our Founders believed it was better to let a thousand guilty individuals go free than to convict one innocent. Everyone deserves a fair trial…and in our judicial system, I doubt that the deck isn’t stacked against those accused but the jack-booted Nazi thugs many call “law enforcement officers”. Prosecutors and cops see enough crime on a daily basis to attribute criminal actions to EVERYONE except themselves. They are not unbiased. Judges also see a parade of prisoners, cops, and prosecutors every day. Judges tend to side with the government…their very paymaster. This creates an unholy triumvirate between judges, cops, and prosecutors: they’re all out to get anyone who a cop feels like charging with a crime. And no judge is going to take a defendant’s word over a cop’s.

    In the end, defense attorneys are a VERY thin line between the common man and the government throwing anyone in jail on a whim. We should APPLAUD their work. I think it’s criminal that Public Defenders’ officers aren’t funded on par with prosecutors’ offices. The politicians that make the decision to fund prosecutors more than defense attorneys should themselves be thrown in jail for being aligned against their constituents.

    I’m all for enforcing laws against rape, murder, robbery, burglary, etc., but that’s not what we see cops being used for. We see them most often being used to generate revenue. In other words, the government uses cops as another form of taxation, a way of confiscating your hard earned dollars. It’s disgusting. When politicians stop using their thugs for shaking down the people, I’ll give cops some respect. Until then, they’re all tools who sleep well every night after raping the public. I spit on them all, politicians, cops, judges, and prosecutors alike.

  12. Thank you, Anti. Well spoken.

  13. “So who are the lawyers of murderers, polluters, rapists, molesters and white collar criminals supporting for Maricopa County Attorney?”

    Awesome! You just earned a bookmark!

  14. Add to my Bookmarks 🙂

  15. andrewthomasisacareercriminal says

    What hole do you idiots live in??? You don’t honestly think Andrew Thomas is an even slightly honest person do you? I HOPE YOU ALL ENJOY BENDING OVER AND GETTING IT STUFFED DRY, U STUPID SENILE PIECES OF SH%& , CAUSE THAT’S HOW ANDY LIKES TO. GIVE IT


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