County Attorney Andrew Thomas Speaks Out

Here is the video coverage of County Attorney, Andrew Thomas, correcting the prosecustion of The New Times


  1. kralmajales says

    Enjoy the investigation you are about to get Mr. Thomas. I think you will find that the State Bar can be as tenacious in its investigations as you are.

  2. Happy Jane says

    A good public anal exam would be good for Andy. He needs to be brought down a few notches.

  3. The previous comment on here by “Happy Jane” is inappropriate for a public website and should be removed. It sounds suspiciously like something one would read in a Phx New Times article. Their motto is if you can’t come up with intelligent arguments, resort to crude shock value.

    Am listening to fat gasbag Steven Lemons “the Bird” from Phx New Times on the Ankarlo show. Ankarlo is putting him in his place.

    Ankarlo: Just because someone commits a crime doesn’t make it ok to commit another crime.

    Lemons: No response to counter that except to say he’ll continue breaking the law.

    Lemons is out of control, it’s ridiculous there is nothing that can be done to stop the dirtbag from continuing to trash the law. Lemons reminds one of “the Dude” from the movie The Big Lebowski.

    It’s surprising to see “conservatives” at the Goldwater Institute talk about standing with the New Times on this. Make sure you don’t drown in the mud. Just because Osama bin Laden agrees with the Democrats on most issues like the environment and the war in Iraq doesn’t mean the Democrats are proudly standing next to him declaring their joint support on those issues.

  4. kralmajales says


    You have to admit that what Thomas and his hentchmen tried to do is the antithesis of what we call a free republic. The fact that he even tried to get the names of people who visited that site is seriously reprehensible. It looks like bullying…and it violates our freedom to associate …as well as the freedom of the press.

    We can argue some about “what if it is a terrorist”…then it becomes civil libertarians versus those that want to protect us. But all most here are left with is attacking the messenger…the New Times…when the real damage to our democracy was perpetrated by the Office of Andrew Thomas.

    I hope that they enjoy the investigation that they are about to get by the State Bar.

  5. It fills me with contempt to see anyone standing up for Thomas’ abuse of power and obvious political use of his discretionary power. No conservative worth their salt should stand for such behavior from any public servant, especially not from one of their own.

    Thomas further darkens the reputation of conservatives everywhere as corruptible, overtly partisan, and untrustworthy of the power and authority conferred by public office.

    Conservatives should be leading the charge to unseat and punish Thomas, but their partisan reflexes have become so hair-trigger from years of defending a constitutionally dilatory GOP Congress and an over-reaching and corrupt Presidential Administration. Conservatives need to do some soul searching and decide whether they really believe in limited government after all.

    What is especially egregious about the Thomas case is that he holds the levers of a very dangerous machine – the criminal justice system – the very touch of which can destroy lives and reputations. No one who has lost the public confidence can be entrusted with such a delicate charge. Given the stakes for millions of citizens of Maricopa county, and the abuse of trust already demonstrated, conservatives should, and some thankfully are, calling for Thomas to be removed from the position of trust for which his no longer fit.

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