It’s far too early to suggest the government can’t be fixed by normal channels when voting still works. The November 2010 elections are proof that that power of The People still exists. How peculiar to be arguing isolation and despair when the 2012 elections are just ahead, a BIG chance to make CHANGE at the BALLOT BOX.

PATIENCE is a VIRTUE. We need to remind ourselves of this in this instant gratification age.

There is NO SUBSTITUTE FOR HARD WORK.  If people want change in 2012, they will have to work together with a lot of other poeple to achieve that at the ballot box.  It means putting aside petty differences and functioning as a national team, the PEOPLE acting through the Constitution to preserve their Constitutional rights.

It is not right to discourage people into believing government is not changeable through lawful processes. That’s simply not true at this point in time. Further, unlawful processes have no backing by the majority of the People. If the system is torn down, there is no consensus as to lawful means of gaining power. Then chaos and anarchy rule, and usually the toughest, baddest prevail, precisely NOT what people wanted.

This is also unBiblical to advocate non-cooperation, as God commands to “obey the authorities.”   The teachings of Christ constantly state that the kingdom is in heaven, NOT on earth.  Earth will be problematic, be challenging, be hard.  Any preaching to establish a kingdom on earth is heresy, one of the three temptations Satan put to Jesus Christ to intice him off his purpose.

Even in a tyranny, any nation is in a better state after a lawful removal of leaders than by an unlawful removal of leadership. Honduras was an excellent example of the RIGHT way to deal with presidential unlawfulness because they established a CONSTITUTIONAL CONSENSUS amongst the branches of government.  Devastated Liberia and Sierra Leone are grim warnings that unlawful seizing of power, even with the seductive excuse of a corrupt government creates WORSE problems. Usurpers may have self-righteously removed the heads of state, but tiem and time again prove by wretched failures that they have not captured the CONSENT of the PEOPLE.

That said, “grumpy isolationists” and their alarmist rhetoric haven’t yet demonstrated they deserve being lumped in with “terrorists” who are designated as such by a proven record of murder and mayhem. It seems to diminish the guilt of the historical and contemporary terrorists who are blowing up people and chopping off heads, while inflating the threat of people who spent most of their time spouting high-falutin’ rhetoric without doing much else that actually bothers anyone else.   Just trying to argue and convince to win people to the debate side isn’t enough.  That’s just free speech.

The Constitution discusses the right of dissolving offending governments by the consensus of the people, which means VOTE.  Until THAT mechanism is totally taken from the PEOPLE, it is the way to orderly and lawful changes of goevrnance.


  1. Rule of Law is more valuable than gold.

  2. Oberserve says

    What MEASURABLE RESULTS has the “win” of 2010 produced?


  3. Oberserve says

    This is an UTTERLY FALSE and misleading statement:

    *This is also unBiblical to advocate non-cooperation, as God commands to “obey the authorities.” *

    As has been explained in great detail by Pastor Chuck Baldwin, american patriot, here:

  4. Oberserve says

    This is an UTTERLY FALSE and misleading statement:

    *This is also unBiblical to advocate non-cooperation, as God commands to “obey the authorities.” *

    Also, when did you read the Declaration last?

    Seems like you need to read it again to alleviate yourself of your profound ignorance

    Unless you are trying to say that the founding fathers went AGAINST God’s wishes.

  5. I am not saying anything beyond what the scripture states. Its truth transcends any and all earthly governments. Do I need a pastor to read for me what I can read for myself?

    A man can have lived a life as a slave on earth, but be a prince in heaven. A prince on earth could end up in hell. No matter what role we have been given on earth, how we carry out God’s will within that framework is what matters most.

    There is a profound reason for the exortation. A decade ago, we stood on the street in Abidjan in Ivory Coast with a friend from Liberia as we observed the euphoria of the Ivoiriens after the ouster of corrupt President Bedie. Our friend, in exile from Liberia’s civil war, said, “They are happy now, but they do not know what they’ve done. They will regret. They’ve opened the gates of hell. We were all just like that too, but we learned. The hard way.”

    A decade of increasingly bloody conflict followed, still not resolved.

    • Oberserve says

      You are utterly a) misquoting the scriptural word and b) utterly falsely interpreting what it says.

      That’s called blashphemy by the way. You are a blashphemer.

  6. Oh grow up.

  7. Phillip the Great says

    Perhaps this is the exchange that completes the unbookmarking process for me. The newer, worser layout. The ads. The oversized top banner. Can someone create a new site that has a real editor? I expect total crap on sites during the summer of the election, but this is just weirdness.

    A dream is a dream, unless you are awake which makes it a hallucination.

  8. Can you be more specific?

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