Corrupt AZ Bar Disciplinary judge teaching ethics to GOP lawyers!

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Monday, July 8, 2013

Arizona Republican Lawyers Association hosting ethically challenged judge who targets conservative lawyers 

Why would Republican lawyers promote a dishonest judge embroiled in numerous scandals who also goes after Republicans? 

Unbelievable. Arizona Bar disciplinary judge William O’Neil has made a career of targeting Republican lawyers, and now some Republican lawyers group is having him teach them ethics! Have their heads been buried in the sand the last couple of years? O’Neil is so crooked he has nothing posted on his calendar, looks like the Supreme Court is finally about to dump him. Mark Dixon, a former friend of O’Neil, has been exposing O’Neil’s deep levels of corruption, from the illegal short sale of his mother-in-law’s house, to allowing a DUI offender who killed a women to practice law while in prison, to stacking his disciplinary panels with his friends and neighbors, to participating in a loan transaction with Dixon’s ex-wife which involved forging Dixon’s name on the paperwork. And there’s much, much more. Dixon has been compiling a list of all the conservative and Republican lawyers this tyrant has targeted. It’s not just Andrew Thomas and his former deputies. There are plenty more, and the Pinal County Chief Criminal Deputy is next, simply in order to get him out of the way so he can’t prosecute O’Neil, as a warning to his replacement.


Please email the Arizona Republican Lawyers Ass., below, and ask them to rescind their invitation to this monster. If they don’t, RSVP and show up and ask O’Neil about his crooked behavior and targeting of conservative lawyers.



Arizona Supreme Court Presiding Disciplinary Judge William O’Neill will address the 11:30 am, July 18 Arizona Republican Lawyers Association (ARLA) luncheon at Snell & Wilmer, 400 E. Van Buren, Phx.  Ethics credit will be available. RSVP

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Above the law

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