Convicted felon Wolfswinkel about to get huge settlement from County Supervisors

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Friday, April 26, 2013

UNBELIEVABLE. Will Supervisors award him $5 million, even more than Mary Rose Wilcox? 
Judge repeatedly ruling against Wolfswinkel’s lawsuit against Maricopa County over “stress” from being prosecuted, so he turns to County Supervisors for settlement   

Convicted felon Conley Wolfswinkel You can’t make this stuff up. Convicted felon Conley Wolfswinkel, who was disgraced former County Supervisor Don Stapley’s business partner, is demanding $5 million from county taxpayers over Sheriff Arpaio and former County Attorney Andrew Thomas attempting to prosecute him. The Phoenix New Times exposed Wolfswinkel’s dishonest land swaps with Stapley a few years ago.

We’ve been told that Wolfswinkel’s lawsuit against the county hasn’t been going so well, the judge has been ruling against him on everything. Realizing he’s going to lose and not get even one cent of our money, Wolfswinkel has turned to the County Supervisors, who have a pattern of handing out millions of taxpayers’ dollars to anyone who disagrees with Arpaio (and Thomas), in order to make them look bad. Any whistleblower who tries to put a stop to their taxpayer-funded political vendetta spending spree is fired, as happened to poor Deputy County Attorney Maria Brandon.

Will the County Supervisors repeat their generous handouts of taxpayer money and award convicted felon Wolfswinkel millions of dollars, simply to make Arpaio look bad? How many more people have to lose their jobs, reputations, and live savings simply because they tried to put a stop to this kind of corrupt activity? The Supervisors are meeting this morning at 10 a.m. to discuss his settlement.

Contact the Supervisors NOW and tell them you do not approve of them handing out OUR money to corrupt politicians in order to shame Arpaio.

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