Conservative Student Recruiter Assaulted by ASU Professors

Here’s something you won’t read in the Arizona Republic or East Valley Tribune.

Last Friday, Emily Mitchell was on the campus of Arizona State University on behalf of the Leadership Institute recruiting new members for an Caucasian American Men of ASU chapter.

Two ASU women professors approached Ms. Mitchell to engage her in a heated argument. Emily Mitchell asked each woman if she could record the discussion and both consented. As the discussion continued and Emily began to record, one of the women attempted to take the camera away from Emily. Apparently, the woman tried to break the lens of the camera by pushing her thumb against it. This same woman also dug her fingernails into Emily’s hand resulting in blood being drawn. Needless to say, it was a traumatic experience for Emily.

After failing to destroy or steal the camera from Emily, they were both asked for their names. Neither one would provide the information but did disclose that they both worked as professors in the College of Fine Arts.

Emily Mitchell has decided to pursue legal action by filing assault charges against the woman. ASU Campus police are currently working on identifying both women.

So where was this story in the Arizona Republic? While the Arizona State Press ran a story four days after the incident, it only covered the recruitment activities of CAMASU and failed to cover the censorship attempt and assault on Emily.

Apparently, when it comes to free speech, Emily Mitchell’s rights stop at the boundaries of ASU and the doors of the Arizona Republic.

Look for both ASU professors to be identified as this story develops.


  1. The State Press did a front page article on the incident today. Mitchell has also posted two videos of the incident on YouTube. One of the women did try to cover the camera, but to me it looks like Miss Mitchell was doing most of the harassment. I wish I was around longer on Friday, I am the chapter prez of the ACLU at ASU and our table is visible on the YouTube vid. I actually had a chat with Emily probably a few hours before this happened. She gave me her e-mail address so she could receive updates about the chapter.

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